Kelly Brook lashes out on Twitter over her fiancé


Eek – don’t look now but Kelly Brook and Chanelle Hayes are gone all Mean Girls on Twitter.

Kelly clearly had enough of Chanelle bad-mouthing her fiancé, David McIntosh, who is currently on Celebrity Big Brother, and decided it was high time to defend him (or herself).

The whole thing started when Chanelle (of course) spoke to The Sun about David (of course), whom she had previously dated: “She could have her pick of anyone but she’s settling for a fame-hungry scrounger.”

Chanelle was also outraged at the fact that she had to pay for her meal during a date with David…at Pizza Hut. Oh dear.

Kelly proved she wasn’t having any of this carry on from Chanelle, however, and tweeted: “Hang on…she slept with him even after he refused to buy her a pizza? #shame. I waited for diamonds.”

Chanelle then replied with a rather catty tone: “haha babe I definitely did NOTTTT sleep with him diamonds or no diamonds. Good luck with the prenup xxx.”

Ouch… we bet that one hurt, eh Kelly?

The successful model obviously regretted her decision to indulge Chanelle, later tweeting: “feels like I just threw a dog a bone” while Chanelle is still going (no serious, go look, she is): “I hit the nail on the head today.Truth hurts, clearly touched a nerve is he on cbb so he can contribute  more than £10 to the wedding?” … “well to say I’m shocked a certain “lady” is so bitchy is an understatement. Awkward would hate to be his most recent ex.”

This could go on for a while…where’s our microwave popcorn?