Kelly Brook’s controversial comments anger fans


Kelly Brook has angered a LOT of people after comments she made on This Morning yesterday.

The model was promoting her new autobiography called Close Up when she talked about punching two of her former boyfriends, Danny Cipriani and Jason Statham.

Viewers accused Kelly, who is currently engaged to former Gladiator, David McIntosh, of being inappropriate when discussing the incidents, and making light of what is essentially domestic violence.

Many people on Twitter did not agree that it was okay for Kelly to laugh and joke about hitting her boyfriends, with viewers tweeting things like: “Kelly Brook justifies hitting her ex’s by telling This Morning ‘These are big men I’m going out with – I’m not going to do them any damage’” and “Disappointed with @itvthismorning 4 laughing along with Kelly Brook RE her hitting boyfriends in the face! Domestic violence isn’t funny!”

Hmm, it certainly would have been a different story if a man had sat on the This Morning couch and laughed about hitting a woman – she better do some damage control soon!