Experts say red is the most attractive colour – here’s how to wear it!


Whether it’s scarlet, ruby or cherry, red has always been known as a powerful colour – and now psychologists have found that wearing it actually enhances a woman’s sex appeal and makes her seem warmer and more approachable.

The researchers, from Wuhan University in China, also found that red adds to a woman’s overall impression of competence. The colour’s effect was measured by asking participants to rate how attractive they found photos of men and women wearing blue, white or red.

The study discovered that the colour also makes men seem more attractive, but the effect isn’t quite so potent.

So ladies, it seems red is the perfect choice next time you’re looking for an outfit to make you stand out from the crowd! Here’s a few tips for how to work red into your outfit without going too full-on:

1. Print perfect
Mix a red-based print into your outfit for a touch of sexy style. Tartan is a great casual way to work red into your look, or go for a demure floral white and red print like Kelly Brook:

2. Get accessorised
Statement bags, shoes, belts or jewellery are a great way to work a pop of red into your look without going too Jessica Rabbit. Miranda Kerr’s red bag really livens up an otherwise simple outfit:

3. Pick one
Try livening up more muted tones with a touch of colour for just one part of your outfit, like Leighton Meesters’s stunning black, cream and red ensemble: