Things are back on for this star and her man!

Things are getting very interesting between Kelly Brook and David McIntosh!

The couple split up nearly three weeks ago following allegations that David had cheated. Earlier this week Kelly posted a series of cryptic tweets which seemed to be in reference to her broken heart. "I’m sorry for how I’ve behaved. I really loved you," read one of the messages.

Now though, it seems the pair might be giving things another go! After being spotted out for a meal in West Hollywood on Wednesday night, the two were spotted leaving Kelly's home together the following morning.

Hmmm… sounds like it was more than a friendly get-together!

It's strange that the lovebirds have reconciled so fast, given how much they've been lashing out at each other on social media of late. When Kelly reached out to David on Twitter last week to warn him that some intimate photos from her iCloud account had been leaked, his response was less-than-sweet:

Kelly then slated her ex's immaturity, saying "Your Ego is beyond. David all my US iCloud pics are online not just of you. Be a grown up." Awkward!

The couple, who started dating last New Year's Eve, have already split up twice in the ten months they've been together. We hope they can work things out once and for all!