Kelly writes loved-up tweets to David…and deletes them


Hmm, it would seem this Kelly Brook-David McIntosh saga isn’t quite as ‘over’ as we thought.

The model, who is currently based in LA had finished her relationship with the former Gladiator, but it seems she really misses him.

Perhaps his open letter did some good after all? 

In a series of tweets which were reportedly later deleted, Kelly wrote: “@devildawg85 Truth is we talk everyday and Miss each other. I’m sorry for how I’ve behaved. I really loved you x.”

Kelly also reportedly shared a snapshot of missed Facetime calls from her former fiancé on the social media site.

However, David wasn’t the only one Kelly is said to have tweeted (and deleted!)…

She also sent a message to his rumoured girlfriend, Metisha, writing: “@Metisha Darling you have no idea. I wouldn’t want to be you right now. Have some self-respect and compassion. We just broke up.”

This can only get more awkward…