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While we may have been guilty of a quick sneaky peek through a partner's phone in our time, the thought of having an ex taking total charge of our phones after we had broken up is enough to send shivers up the spine. 

And while we may be curious to see exactly what he's up to now that things are over, we reckon rooting through an exes phone would cause more harm than good. 

So basically, we would rather just not know. 

But for these former couples assembled by Elite Daily, they not only had the opportunity to root through a former partners phone but could also take total control of it. 


While one girl received confirmation that breaking up with that boy was the best thing she ever did, for others, the chemistry between the former pairs was palpable. 

Watch the interesting results of the video below:



The cardinal rule in any healthy relationship is to ensure the past stays in the past.

That means no Facebook-stalking of his exes (okay, just that one time), no comparing yourself to previous girlfriends and most definitely NO contact with any of your other half's old flames.

But last week one lad took matters into his own hands and decided to introduce ALL of his exes to one another… via WhatsApp.

Yup, all of Tom's ex-girlfriends were brought together via the joys of smartphone technology so he could wish them a Merry Christmas, or, in this case, a Merry Ex-Mas.

Here are the results, as shared by Lad Bible…

"I just thought you might want to share some memories of me with each other," wrote Tom, in what has to be the most reckless relationship move we've seen in a while.

Unsurprisingly, it didn't go too well.

And a few catfights broke out…

But in the end, it seems Tom's stupidity paid off, as he might have managed to score a reunion drink with one of the ladies:

A job well done, in fairness.



Kelly Brook has revealed that she hit two of her ex-boyfriends. 

In one extract in her upcoming book Close Up, Kelly reveals that she lashed out at two of her ex-boyfriends, Jason Statham and Danny Cipriani.

Kelly started dating Jason in 1998, and they were together for seven years, but there was trouble when they went to Madonna's wedding to Guy Ritchie. 

Kelly said she saw red when she saw him talking to Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow. 

She said, "Jason started to swing his hips from side to side and do a little jive with his arms, saying: "Gywnnie, Gwynnie, Gwynnie. Sexy, sexy, sexy!..He turned round, only to be met with my fist in his face."

Danny also faced Kelly's wrath after they were at the Spearmint Rhino strip club together in Las Vegas and Kelly discovered her beau had given her number to a stripper. 

She said, "As I headed back to the table, I saw Danny walking towards me. "Babe", he said, "I've been looking for you!" I punched him straight in the face."

Kelly revealed that four bouncers leaped on her, before she tried to have another 'pop' at her boyfriend.

Woah – temper much Kelly?



Prince Harry is in for a birthday bash to remember, after sis-in-law Kate invited two of his MAJOR exes!

The Duchess of Cambridge is organising a party at Kensington Palace on September 15th to celebrate Harry’s big 3-0!

And his old flames Cressida Bonas AND Chesly Davy are both on the guest list.

Kate has also invited Harry’s new love interest, charity worker Camilla Thurlow.

Harry has kept in close touch with Chelsy, who is now dating jeweller Charles Goode, since their six-year romance ended in 2010, but hasn’t been seen out with Cressida since they split in April.

Fireworks ahead?!

Kate has been overseeing arrangements for the bash with help from hubby Wills and Harry’s BFF club owner Guy Pelly.

They are planning to give one of the rooms in Kensington Palace a nightclub theme, with sexy dancers and a cocktail mixologist.

We wonder how this will go down with the rest of the Royals!




So you’re finally starting to feel comfortable in your relationship and all of a sudden you’ve hit another milestone – meeting your boyfriend’s ‘people’. Eeeek!

If you can survive these meetings, you can survive anything.

The Parents
The most nervewrecking of all, especially meeting his mother. You must walk in having just been told how great they are while also being aware that you are no where near the expectations that they have for their precious little boy.

Pressure rating: 5/5


The Best Friend
You’ll also need to hit it off with the best friend – they will know your other half inside out including the things that you are never likely to hear. More often than not they will be fairly similar in personality to your squeeze but will the jealousy kick in when you take away some quality time from them? Tread softly and you’ll get the blessing you require.

Pressure Rating: 3/5


The Brother/Sister
This will go one of two ways, they’ll love you or hate you. There’s no lukewarm or in between feeling here. I’ve seen it from both sides, having both loved and hated my brothers girlfriends and seen girlfriend’s siblings both hate and love me. They ones that latch onto you will be more devastated than your other half when your relationship ends whereas the ones that hate you probably hatched the devious plan that caused the break up in the first place or at the very least are extremely happy to see the back of you…

Pressure Rating: 3/5


Work Colleagues
They see your significant other on their best behaviour day in day out and only the tame side of what they are capable of (depending of the nature of your job of course)….The work colleague will know little of the venting that is done in your vicinity once home time comes. Chances are you will have heard much about them before you meet them. It’s also a gauge of seeing if you’re spoken about outside the relationship, and are you thought highly of… but other than that they have no where near the influence of anyone else on this list…unless it’s a family business.

Pressure Rating: 1/5


The Ex
They’ll either be stalker-like or happy for their ex to have moved on and found someone like you. If they’re the latter then the actually might be fun to talk to or at least bearable should you ever happen to bump into each other. If they’re the former, you may need the cops on speed dial or perhaps keep a hurley inside the door of your gaf. Either way, obviously there are reasons why it didn’t work out for them and if those reasons aren’t volunteered to you, do you really want to know them?

Pressure Rating: Anywhere from 1 to 5 depending on current psychiatric stability….


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If you want to enjoy some bedroom romance with your other half, here are some of the things you should probably avoid doing or saying – unless of course your aim is to turn him off.

Don’t bring up parents
Never bring up parents. You may like the fact that you two are connecting, but the last thing he wants to hear is how much his parents would love you.

Don’t bring up exes
This won’t make him step up his game. If anything, it does the complete opposite.

Don’t use baby talk
Really? There is nothing about baby talk that will turn him on. Just drop it altogether.

Don’t cry
If the joy of spending time with him brings tears to your eyes, keep it to yourself.

Don’t show up sick
There is nothing arousing about a sniffling lady. No matter how sexy you are, a cough and a blocked nose will not turn him on.