David McIntosh writes an open letter about cheating on Kelly Brook


David McIntosh, former fiancé of Kelly Brook has spoken out about a story printed about him in The Sun newspaper yesterday.

The story reported that David had been cheating on Kelly with his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Harper, as well as allegations of drug use.

David has now issued an open letter, which tells his side of the story as well as declaring his love for Kelly, with whom he split on Friday.

David says in his letter that while he did go on a few nights out with Sarah before dating Kelly, but said that they were never together at that time: “I can confirm that Sarah and I did go on a handful of nights but it was NOT on a regular basis … Our so-called ‘closeness’ lasted for about four months, after which her constant partying and (self-admitting) drug use grew very tiring.”

The former Gladiator also denied drug use, despite a photo that appeared in the paper: “In today’s article in The Sun, there is a picture of me purportedly ‘posing’ over what appears to be whitle powder on a table. I did not take any drugs on the night … I merely (and in hindsight, very stupidly) posed for a “fun” picture at Sarah’s request. I was clearly intoxicated with alcohol in the picture and acted naively.”

Finally, David makes a bid for Kelly, declaring his love for her, saying: “I did not cheat on Kelly what so ever! Kelly is my World and, other than my son, she’s the only person I’ve ever truly cared about in my life … Since being with Kelly, I’ve been so happy. I’ve been focused and working hard to become the best man I can be. I’m absolutely devastated that Sarah’s lies have caused Kelly to end our engagement but am even more deeply upset that the woman I thought loved me and was literally me life would not stand by me.”

He also took to Twitter after the letter's release and thanked his supported:

David certainly sounds like a very sorry man – but will it be enough for Kelly to take him back?