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Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohan Leighton Meester and Adam Brody made a rare public appearance last night, and guys… we still can't get over these two are together.

We grew up watching them on Gossip Girl and The OC, and as any TV fanatic will know, when two shows crossover (whether in real-life or fiction) it's something we need to totally fan-girl over.

However, Leighton and Adam are famously private, and last night was their first public appearance since 2014!

Adam and his beau were out on the red carpet to promote his new show StartUp, in which he plays the main character, Nick Talman.

The 10-episode drama follows Nick and his two associates as they try to launch a tech company featuring a new, government-free digital currency. Martin Freeman stars as FBI agent, Phil Rask.

Leighton and Adam secretly married in February 2014 after a three-month long engagement, and shortly after welcomed a baby girl, Arlo Day into the world.


Yesterday, the gorgeous London-based actor, Ed Westwick celebrated his 29th birthday, and we are so thankful for those years. 

Ed first stole our hearts playing the billionaire bad-boy Chuck Bass, in our favourite TV show EVER, Gossip Girl, and frankly we've been hooked on him ever since.

The Bass character was most famed for his on again / off again relationship with Blair Waldorf, played by Leighton Meester and the pair won numerous awards for their portrayal of the New York love birds, including Entertainment Weekly's Best Dressed TV Characters of 2008.

In celebration of this beautiful creature's birthday, we just want to stare in amazement at stunning pictures of him – simply to get the blood flowing this morning, you understand.

Like, can we talk about those CHEEK BONES for a second? 


Ed is a man of many talents,with a substantial modelling career (obviously) under his belt.

He has been trying his hand at a music career with his band The Filthy Youth – Think The Rolling Stones meets The Doors and The Kings of Leon are invited too. This man literally ticks all the boxes! 

Ed is set to feature in two movies this year, Take Down and Jekyll Island, and we personally cannot wait. 

Happy Birthday, Angel xoxo 



It has been four years (yep, that long) since Leighton Meester hung up her Gossip Girl hat, and she's finally making her way back to TV. Yay!

However, her latest role is quite different from anything else she's played before.

This time she's going back (and forward) in time, has a gun and makes hats out of bears. We kid you not.

Fox unveiled the first trailer for Making History this week, a new time travel comedy which sees a man travelling back in time to try keep American history on the right course.

Leighton plays a rebellious colonial woman, and we have to say, she's quite the opposite from her GG days, and we're not sure how Blair would feel about it.

Making History is produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller (the same team responsible for The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street), which means it's going to be good. 

But you'll have to wait a while, because the show doesn't premiere until next year.


Yesterday, we brought you confirmation that Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer pretty much couldn't STAND each other while on the set of Magic Mike. 

But it seems hese two are not the first and most definitely not the last on co-stars to fall out behind the scenes. 

We usually hear about celebrities falling in love on the set of movies, but it seems that it is just as common for celebrity co-stars to fall out.

1.  Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling in The Notebook 

The Notebook is almost 10 years old (we know, we feel old too!) but it was only last year that the film's director actually revealed that the two on screen lovers just did not get on in real life. 

Yep, the pair may have gone on to date for nearly four years after the film, but while on set Ryan wanted Rachel to be fired! 

Apparently throughout the filming process, Ryan complained about Rachel and their lack of chemistry. We wonder what changed his mind? 

2. Claire Danes and Leonardo Dicaprio in Romeo + Juliet 

Despite their perfect performances on screen, insiders from the movie reported that Claire Danes got very frustrated with the young Leonardo throughout filming. 

She found him so immature that she would do her best to avoid him when not doing a scene together. However, in hindsight Claire noted that the friction may have been caused by more than just Leo's boisterous personality. 

"There was definitely a spark, but I don’t think either of us knew how to handle it. So, we sometimes sort of ignored each other. It was too big for us to really accept." So that chemistry was REAL. 

3. Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrell in Sex and the City 

Despite playing the ultimate in best friends on screen, this pair were far from it in real life. Apparently these two did not get on from day one of filming the popular Sex and the City franchise. 

Though they decided to be civil towards one another, these two were defo not out getting cosmos after a long day at the office. 

4. Lea Michele and Naya Rivera in Glee 

There is not room for TWO divas on one show as this feud demonstrates. Back in April 2014, it was reported that these two actresses simply did not get on while filming Glee. 

Apparently Naya was sick of Lea being a total diva and the young actress is planning to spill all the beans in an upcoming book. We wait with bated breath.


5. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing 

Patrick's wife let us in on all the goss in his posthumous biography and the actor revealed that there was a lot of tension between these two stars while on the set of Dirty Dancing. 

It seems he got more than a little impatient with her. 

"She seemed particularly emotional, sometimes bursting into tears if someone criticised her. Other times, she slipped into silly moods, forcing us to do scenes over and over again when she’d start laughing.  I didn’t have a whole lot of patience for doing multiple retakes."

6. Blake Lively and Leighton Meester in Gossip Girl 

These two started out as bosom buddies just like their on screen characters. But also like Serena and Blair, Blake and Leighton were not immune to the odd off screen altercation. 

It has been reported that these two cut friendship ties for good when Blake failed to reach out and congratulate Leighton on her engagement to Adam Brody. 

We assume she didn't get a wedding invite so… 



We're sure Leighton Meester and Adam Brody are currently over the moon as they have some very exciting news to announce.

The Gossip Girl star is expecting her first baby with the O.C. star.

The pair went out for lunch in LA over the weekend and that was definitely not a food baby that Leighton was showing off.

They couldn't stop grinning as they walked to the car afterwards and Leighton proudly showed off her growing baby bump in a tight grey t-shirt. 

Suspicion had previously been growing about Leighton being pregnant after she was spotted with a small bump, but this has confirmed it. 

The pair married in a secret ceremony in February 2014.

What an exciting chapter in their lives.

We bet Blake Lively is thrilled about a bestie for little James. 



Whether it’s scarlet, ruby or cherry, red has always been known as a powerful colour – and now psychologists have found that wearing it actually enhances a woman’s sex appeal and makes her seem warmer and more approachable.

The researchers, from Wuhan University in China, also found that red adds to a woman’s overall impression of competence. The colour’s effect was measured by asking participants to rate how attractive they found photos of men and women wearing blue, white or red.

The study discovered that the colour also makes men seem more attractive, but the effect isn’t quite so potent.

So ladies, it seems red is the perfect choice next time you’re looking for an outfit to make you stand out from the crowd! Here’s a few tips for how to work red into your outfit without going too full-on:

1. Print perfect
Mix a red-based print into your outfit for a touch of sexy style. Tartan is a great casual way to work red into your look, or go for a demure floral white and red print like Kelly Brook:

2. Get accessorised
Statement bags, shoes, belts or jewellery are a great way to work a pop of red into your look without going too Jessica Rabbit. Miranda Kerr’s red bag really livens up an otherwise simple outfit:

3. Pick one
Try livening up more muted tones with a touch of colour for just one part of your outfit, like Leighton Meesters’s stunning black, cream and red ensemble:




Chris O’Dowd showed what a perfect gentleman he is after he gave his Broadway co-star, Leighton Meester a gift

The duo are currently working together on Broadway show, John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men in New York.

Chris gave the Gossip Girl star a show t-shirt and Leighton decided to thank Chris by sharing a Instagram snap of herself wearing the new shirt: “Thank you @bigboyler my tee!! #miceandmenbway represent!”

Not sure what Leighton’s famous alter ego, Blair Waldorf would think of the shirt from the Boyle man but at least Leighton seems to love it.




It’s the ultimate teen drama crossover dream – Gossip Girl’s Queen Bee, Blair Waldorf and The OC‘s lovably awkward Seth.

Adam Brody has been snapped with a wedding ring placed securely on his finger while walking through the airport.

The photographic evidence was taken by a friend of OC fan Holly Withers, who stopped the actor and asked if he’d pose for a quick picture with her.


After posting the picture on Instagram, things kicked off when fans spotted what is clearly a wedding band on Adam’s ring finger.

This follows another picture going around in which Leighton Meester looks like she’s dressed in Hen Party attire.

News of their engagement broke in November, so we thought we’d have more time before the wedding happened, but apparently young love just couldn’t wait.

Congratulations to the happy couple!