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Once the exclusive territory of 'Dublin girlos' with hoop earrings and spice bags and teenagers stressing over the Leaving Cert, the 'hun bun' is being resurrected as one of this years hottest hairstyles.

Whether you're heading to the gym, doing the weekly shop, or even hitting the town for a night out, the hun bun can be a saving grace when you just don't know what to do with your 'do. 

It's also a savior for two or three day old hair that needs a wash but you just can't bring yourself to wield the blow dryer.

One spritz of dry shampoo and a hun bun later, and everyone's none the wiser.


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Superstar Irish actress Saoirse Ronan paid homage to the hun within and opted for a tousled hun bun at the Screen Actor's Guild Awards earlier this year. 

The slightly deconstructed bun looked like it was twisted atop her head without a second thought (though we're sure there was a glam squad involved) and it's this casual, laissez-faire style effect that makes the hun bun so popular. 


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All you need to achieve the look is a hair tie, bobby pins and a spritz of finishing spray, if you're feeling fancy.

Hungover hair has never been so stylish. 



It been a long day. You get home, grab a makeup wipe, get the bra off and shimmy into your favourite fleecy PJs.

And inevitably your hair is scraped back into a messy topknot.

That routine is what a lot of us associate with when we think of a messy bun but the topknot has actually become a catwalk staple and all-round consistent beauty trend. 

So here’s how you can embrace the glorious topknot in all it’s wondrous forms.


1) The Classic Topknot

The trend: The classic messy bun should look like you pulled your hair up into a bun three days ago and left it. It conveys minimal effort and maximum style. 

Get the look: Tip your head over and pull all your hair to the front of your head. Let strands fall loose along the way. If you have very sleek or straight hair, use a salt spray to add texture. Secure the hair into a pony tail.

Next, wrap the hair in a circular rotation until you have the desired topknot effect, secure and use a spritz of hair spray. Pull strand loose as desired. Yes, I woke up like this… 


2) The Fearless Topknot

The trend: The fearless topknot leaves very little to the imagination. It is all about pulling the hair back so you can serve optimum face, darlings. 

Get the look: Use a serum to smooth the hair and straighten. Pull the hair up into a very secure and severe ponytail positioned at the tip of your head. 

Use hair wax to further smoothen and matte the hair around the face. Take the sleek ponytail and wrap tightly around into a bun shape. Secure with bobby pins and hair spray any stray strands into submission. Use a wet look spray for added shine and drama. 


3) The Half Down Topknot

The trend: The latest celeb favourite is the half down topknot. Ideal for day to night and even better if you just have particularly greasy roots that day! 

Get the look: Separate the hair into two sections and secure the top section into a high ponytail. Pull out any strands you want to leave around your face. Taking another bobbin wrap the pony around into a bun style and secure.

Wear the loose hair as you like! 


4) The Boho Topknot

The trend: Ideal for those ladies with a fringe, this look means loads of loose strands around the face, a messy style and an even bigger and better bun. 

Get the look: Use a texturising spray. Back comb the hair around your face before pulling back hair into a ponytail and securing. Pull down your fringe or loose strands to frame your face.

Back comb the ponytail before securing into a very loose bun. Add volume and texture by pulling the hair apart until you reach your desired style (if you have thin hair, use a thickening spray or a donut bun!) 


5) The Fashionista's Topknot

The trend: The fashion topknot requires a bit more work and design. It definitely makes the topknot more accessible for a night time look. 

Get the look: One example of this style is to do a plaited topknot. Pull hair back into desired ponytail at desired height. Plait the hair in the ponytail and secure at the end. 

Wrap the hair around, gradually allowing it to get higher until you achieve a beehive effect. Secure with bobby pins. 


Plus the key products to help you master the trend…

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McDonald’s have recently seen a huge surge in the sales if their famous Egg McMuffins, and it’s all down to just one minor change of ingredients.

The fast food giant has stopped using margarine and instead, is spreading old fashioned real butter on its muffins.

And this little trick is working a treat for McDonalds and its customers alike, with a 0.9 per cent growth in sales across the US.

The fast food restaurant has also started toasting its buns longer (to get that little extra crunch!) and amending the way they grill their burgers too.

According to Forbes, chief brand officer Steve Easterbrook said: “People have more choices than ever about where to dine.”

“We want to give them more reasons to dine at McDonald’s by recommitting to hot fresh food, fast friendly service and a contemporary restaurant experience.”