These 8 things are the WORST any girl has to go through

Okay, we say the WORST, but we do realise things could be much, much more awful. Nevertheless, these things really grind our gears.

1. Wet Nail Varnish

Waiting patiently for them to dry while you sit there and feel totally helpless, realising that your phone is in your pocket, reaching in to get it and BAM. Your nails are RUINED! Now we have to get the remover out and we can’t find the remover. Typical.


2. Bare legs on a cold seat

It’s very difficult to hide that face when a group of you goes to sit down at a table and the chair you sit on is FREEZING. It sends a shiver all over your body, and not a good one.


3. Hair Bobbin Snapping

This usually happens when you’re in a bad mood. Now, whether that’s just the cruel bitch that is the universe at work, or the fact that you’re handling it more aggressively than you perhaps should be, we’ll never know.  What we do know is that it’s super annoying and almost painful. It’s usually followed by flinging said broken hair bobbin as far as it will go while calling it something as offensive.


4. Wearing Mascara

We could say that mascara running is the worst, but actually wearing it is pretty bad as well. When you’re tired, you can’t rub your eyes. If you’re walking in a cold wind, it’s more than likely all over your face by the time you reach your destination. Wearing mascara, while it makes a massive difference to your face, in fairness, it’s just the worst.


5. When your bra straps are too long

It’s like little creatures sneak into your room at night and readjust your bra so that the following day your boobs are all over the shop. The worst part about this situation is that you usually have to ask someone to fix them for you. It’s a pretty intimate thing, probably the most action you get for weeks and yet it’s from a random girl in work. Forever alone.


6. Tampon Transportation

To this day, I still don’t know why tampons have to look like something you stick on your bike to be seen better at night. Why can’t they just be black? This way, when you’re trying to sneak one up your sleeve before you go to the toilet, the whole room can’t see it beaming out of your bag.


7. Hair in lipgloss

You look great, your make up went on right, your outfit is fab, you step outside to get your taxi and you get a mouth full of hair. Hair doesn’t just stick to the lipgloss, the lipgloss actually has very strong forces at work that attracts the hair, sucking it in like a jellyfish. Yell out ‘Noooo’ all you like, it’ll only attract more hair.


8. Untangling Jewellery

Okay, so it’s probably our own fault for not having one of those jewellery separator things that all organised girls seem to have. When you’re just about to walk out the door and you reach into that little box for your favourite Topshop necklace and then… Rage. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN. Men get pissy when they have to do the Christmas lights. Lads, we have to do this daily.

Via our content partner, CT