8 of the stupidest things a guy can ever say to a girl

There are some things us girls just do NOT want to hear from boys. Here they are:

1. “You’re wearing too much make up”
We KNOW you prefer us without make-up which means we aren't doing it for you, we're doing it for ourselves (ok, other girls).

2. “You’re pretty clever…for a girl”
Excuse me, do you know who run the world? That's right, girls!

 3. The answer “Yes” to the question “does my bum look big in this?”
Have you EVER seen any movie EVER?! 

 4. “Girls have it easier”
Do you know what we have to put up with?! A few perks is exactly what we deserve. 


5. “Yeah, you could do with losing a few pounds”
Any guy that says this shouldn't be within a ten-mile radius anyway so steer clear!



6. “You should talk about sex more”
Code for: "We should have more sex."

7. Openly slate women drivers in front of another woman

 8. “You should be flattered I’m stalking you”

via our content partner CT