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The silly season is well underway.

Getting into the festive mood, Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal decided to prank Ryan Reynolds.

The two lads told Ryan that their Christmas party had a dress code – i.e. stick on the Crimbo jumpers.

Of course, the actor turned up to the celebration with a stunning present jumper.


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To his delight, he arrived with Jake and Hugh laughing at him.

The pictures are absolute gold and Ryan captioned the photos: "These f*cking assholes said it was a sweater party."

Hugh and Jake look chuffed with themselves.


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Fans will know that this latest prank is just one in a series of jokes the boys play on each other.

Ryan and Hugh have been messing with each other for years.

We just get to enjoy the fall out of their trolling.


Niall Horan is no stranger to the Ellen De Generes studio set, and yet he still finds himself blindsided by the chat show's host unconventional approach to her interviews at times.

While appearing on the show this week, Niall fielded the standard questions; career, love-life and his relationship with the four guys he travelled the world with as part of One Direction.

Lulling him into a false sense of security, Ellen got Niall chatting about Liam, Louis and Harry before pulling a stunt which left the Mullingar-native shrieking in his chair.

"I honestly… eh… cardiac arrest nearly happened there," a distinctly uncomfortable-looking Niall told Ellen after having the bejaysus scared out of him in front of a live audience.

"Why is it not just straightforward on this show?" he asked Ellen who looked pretty damn proud of her 'Harry' stunt.

And if you suggest, for even a moment, that that didn't scare the life out of you, you're lying.

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We get it. It's the Euros. And nearly every man in Ireland is getting giddy with excitement.

First, we had these two lads prank their mother by painting their WHOLE house green, white and orange. And now, we have this lad, who decided to prank his girlfriend.

Liam Kehoe from Co Louth text his girlfriend Rachel, pretending that he won tickets to Ireland's first game in the competition next Monday.

Being the supposedly loving boyfriend that he is, he then asked if she was free.

Rachel quickly responded, "Is this another prank?" before telling Liam that she's off on Monday.

However, Liam, who owns a bar, then hit her back with "Will you cover the bar for a couple of hours??" OUCH.

After the prankster uploaded the messages onto Facebook, he said: "I would imagine she is going to find some way of getting her own back or sweet revenge."

Oh, don't worry Liam, we bet she's plotting something brilliant for you.



No matter how much you love someone, there's always great fun to be had in winding them up a little. Or a lot.

Endless tickling, jumping out from behind wardrobes, or NEVER forgetting that one time he talked about loving S Club 7 in his sleep… whatever it takes to set your other half on edge, you'll happily do it for sheer mischief.

Here are a few things every boyfriend/girlfriend has no doubt resorted to from time to time…

1. The finger-in-the-mouth-when-they-yawn trick


2. Calling your other half up when they're with their friends and insisting they call you by your pet name
"Don't think I caught that boo bear, can you say it again?"


3. Farting in confined spaces (us ladies tend to skip this one)
Dear God, why?!


4. Taking sneaky photos of them when they're alseep
Not because they look cute, mind you, but because they have dried drool on their chin and they look hilarious


5. Using cold feet to your advantage in bed
One touch and BOOM, you've reclaimed your half of the mattress.


6. Anything that causes short-term pain, really
Including, but not limited to: pinching, poking, tickling, and of course scalding their arm (briefly!) with the hot spoon from your cup of tea


7. Also, anything that will give them a MASSIVE fright
"How long have I been hiding in the laundry basket? Oh, only two hours."


8. Stealing food off their plate even when you're not hungry
Careful, this tactic has been known to end even the most solid of relationships…


9. Basically, anything that'll wind your other half up
Because that's true love, y'know?




Ever thought the sections in your local bookshop needed some hilarious updates? No, us neither, but prankster Jeff Wysaski has made us think otherwise.

Over on his Tumblr page, Obvious Plant, Jeff has been showing off some of his sneakier pranks – one of which includes changing the section titles in a Los Angeles bookshop to more truthful and honest descriptions.

Cookbooks? No. Meals You Intend To Make But Never Will? Yes.

This one is perfection:

Who knew a book called Big City Bags could be the answer to one of life's big questions?

And if you're looking for something really off the wall…

Jeff hasn't just been showing off his pranking skills at his local bookshop though – we love the "improvement" to his gym's towel basket, too:

All hail Jeff!



Ellen DeGeneres is a real prankster and her latest victim was Cameron Diaz.

While she was discussing her very first movie, The Mask, with the TV host, Cameron shows us all that she is still a little jumpy when it comes to that green face.

We’d scream too if it happened to us.



Talking to reporters at the London premiere of Monuments Men, George Clooney said it was really hard to get Matt Damon to the set because he “drinks a lot”.

George is not usually one to be mean about his friends but he went on to add that the 43-year-old was the most difficult to work with on a daily basis.

He said: “It is hard to get him out of the trailer sometimes. I don’t like to use the word ‘diva’ or throw that around, but you know what I am saying.”

Now before you get all stroppy and defensive about the poor Matt, George was actually only joking – he really is a big kid at heart and he is well known for his prankster ways.

When he was filming Ocean’s Twelve with Brad Pitt, the 52-year-old stuck bumper stickers on Brad’s car.

One sticker said “Small Penis on Board” and according to Matt Damon:  “People were honking at him and waving and he thinks it’s because he’s Brad Pitt and he’s waving back”.

The three celebs sound like they have the best fun ever.