WTF?! Reese Witherspoon doesn’t actually think Ava looks like her


If ever there was a mother/ daughter duo that could pass for twins, it's Reese Witherspoon and her teenage daughter Ava.

(Sorry Kris Jenner, but it's true.)

And while the internet is awash with photos that would leave most die-hard Reese fans struggling to identify who is who, it doesn't sound like Reese has any idea where the rest of us are coming from on this one.

While appearing on Ellen this week, the 40-year-old actress chatted about her three children as images of Ava, Deacon and Tennessee flashed behind her.

Pausing at a snap of Reese and her eldest child, Ellen told the Sing actress. "She looks just like you. I know everybody keeps saying that." 

"Really?" Reese responded in a move which has us questioning the Oscar-winner's eyesight.

Clearly taken aback by the star's less than agreeable response to the comparison, Ellen pressed again: "Do you think she looks just like you?" 

"She and I are always like 'we just don't see it'" Reese responded.

"You look like, I mean, you look so young!" Ellen said.

But the Walk The Line star just failed to see the uncanny likeness between herself and the 17-year-old daughter she shares with ex-husband Ryan Phillippe.

And if anyone needs us, we'll be lying in a darkened room.