‘I can’t get with that’ Lea Michele has NO time for Tom Hiddleston


Considering the speed with which some celebrities dip in and out of relationships, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's break -up could definitely be considered old news at this stage.

And yet, it looks like the drama which surrounded Tom since sparking up a romance with Tay tay back in the day isn't far from Lea Michele's mind.

While appearing on Ellen this week, the former Glee star was asked to choose between male celebs for, know, wining, dining and general merriment, and while she was super gracious about the vast majority of those 'on offer', her defences went up when it came to Tom.

"He's got too much going on, Tom Hiddleston," she said with a dismissive wave of her hand.

"I can't get in – I can't get with that. I can't. It's a lot," she insisted.

And while Ellen sought to reassure her the door had been closed on the love story that was Hiddleswift, Lea wasn't having any of it

Check out the magic moment here.