Ellen's hidden camera pranks are legendary at this stage, but we reckon this is the best one we've seen in a long time.

The chat show host teamed up with Adele this week to totally take the mickey out of US juice and smoothie chain Jamba Juice. With Ellen in her ear telling ehr exactly what to say, we have NO idea how she managed to keep a straight face for this.

"We have something similar in Britain; we call it Swishy Chug," Adele exclaims at one point, going on to explain how in England their juices are made from "beets and potatoes."

She then snips off around  €30 worth of wheatgrass and shoves it in her mouth, before trying to convince the staff to add a shot of whiskey to her juice while her assistant brushes her hair.

Amazing. If your Thursday's looking dull, this will cheer you up in a snap.