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Just weeks after Chantelle Connelly got her boyfriend's name tattooed on her neck, he decided to publicly dump her on Facebook.

But it looks like Tommy Sayers is seriously regretting his decision now.

With Chantelle reportedly having quit Geordie Shore in order to make a go of things with Tommy, his harsh rant against the reality star on social media made for some very uncomfortable reading, and he now knows it.

Taking to Facebook (again), Tommy apologised to his former girlfriend and set the record straight on a number of reports which were born of his earlier post.

"This status isn't about slagging or ranting it's clearly to apologise to Chantelle Connelly for the way a went on on my previous statuses," he began in a post last night. (sic)

"I was just so angry and couldn't think of any other way to hurt her as I felt so hurt myself," he explained. "She's not selfish one bit, the opposite in fact, she's helped me loads with my shop, and also helped me when I've had not a penny."

Setting the record straight on pretty serious aspect of his former post, he continued: "As people have been saying I said 'she was off a head on drugs', that's a lie, I ment she was mortal on jagerbomband tequila." (sic)

In one particularly gallant move, he added: "Mainly I'm sorry for doing what I did, ano we are completely over as we both agreed on, not just me, if anything she got rid of me," (SIC)

"Why hold grudges against someone especially someone you've been best friends with since we were kids," he asked. "I wish ya all the best for ya clothing range ‪#‎getthattrend‬, and what ever else you have for the future, hope we can be pals again."

Signing off the post which has received hundreds of likes, Tommy admitted he was mortified by the whole sorry situation, writing: "Am cringed to f*ck writing this status wow."

Oh, the humanity.


Chantelle Connelly of Geordie Shore fame has just been dumped on Facebook.

The former stripper left the reality show because she wanted to concentrate on her new relationship with Tommy Sayers, but it has just ended – badly.

Just days ago she had 'Tommy' tattooed on her neck, and after wearing a diamond ring on her wedding finger, rumours went flying that she was engaged, however that's far from the truth.

In a massive rant on Facebook, Tommy blasts the reality star as being a "low life selfish coward" and says she cares about nothing but fame.

"I normally take this on the chin but not this time.

"The whole fact that we went for a meal last night and bumped into the lasses from housewives of chesser (sic), so she never leaves there side but leaves me standing like a mug (sic) so [I] left.

“Then [she] rings that off [her] head, blames it all on me, am not a one for these mug statuses but am getting me point across that this time it wasn't my fault, and I deserve a lot better!!

“Enjoy ya come down Chantelle you low life selfish coward, never felt so devastated and mugged off in all my life."

OUCH. He certainly didn't hold back.


Chantelle Connelly is barely out the door of the Geordie Shore house and she's already throwing some serious shade at her former housemates.

On Friday the news broke that the 26-year-old reality star had quit the MTV hit show as she chatted online about catching a flight when she was supposed to be filming in Kavos with the rest of the cast.

Now the former exotic dancer has taken to Twitter clarify why she left and – in true Geordie Shore fashion – stir some serious drama in the process.

Along with a picture of her and her on-off boyfriend Tommy Sayers, Chantelle tweeted: “Let’s jus say I couldn’t live with 2 faced snakes…would rather be with the love of my life any day!” [sic].

The tweet was quickly followed by: “Fame and money isn’t everything….Health and happiness is!!!”

The Twitter rant continued later in the day as the Geordie threatened to reveal what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling.

"Can't wait to tell it how it really is!!! You's don't have a Fkn clue! Well I'm about to tell all #keep #it #real you's will be surprised."

"Ppl have to much to say yet they don't no the facts!!! Well I do just wait till I let it all out what actual happens not what u watch!" [sic].

And the first wrong Chantelle wants to put right?  Her on-screen virginity.

She wrote: "Never slept with anyone EVER on the show."

Good to know girl.  Thanks!

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Things seem to be going from bad to worse in the Geordie Shore house as MTV newbie Chantelle Connelly has reportedly become the latest cast-member to quit the reality show.

According to the Newcastle Chronicle, speculation around Chantelle’s departure began after a comment on one of her Instagram posts referenced being on a plane at the same time she was supposed to be filming in Kavos with the rest of the crew.

Chantelle posted a picture to her social media account this morning under which she replied to friends: “On the plane ready to take off will call you’s soon as am back as would like a proper convo!”


Soul mate

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The Sun has since reported that Chantelle quit to get back with her former flame Tommy Sayers.

A source said: "Chantelle’s heart hasn’t been in it since the cast started filming the new series."

"She has a lot of history with Tommy and it was either him or the show so she decided to quit for love."

Thankfully Sophie Kasaei is set to make her reality TV comeback so at least some of the original Geordies will still be on our screens.