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It's time to say goodbye to the Xtra Factor!

It has just been confirmed that the spin-off show will not be coming back this year, with reports indicating it has been going downhill for years now.

The show, which was most recently presented by Rylan Clark-Neal and Matt Edmondson, is instead going to move online, and will feature short clips and extra content.

Reports also suggest that it had nothing to do with the two presenters – the format was just not working anymore.

Rylan took to Twitter earlier today to tell his followers: "After an amazing series, I just want to say what an honour it was to finally host The Xtra Factor alongside the lovely Matt and naughty scamp Roman.

"It was always a one year gig (LOLS) and a full 360 for me and I'm grateful I had that opportunity.

"I propose a wake alongside Matt, Roman, Rochelle, Melvin, Sarah, MattR, Caroline, Olly, Konnie, Fearne, Holly & Ben where we can all wear black and mourn as one. God bless Xtra and all who sailed her. Sleep well girl x."

Matt also took to social media to share his thoughts: "I wanted to write a quick something about my time on Xtra Factor, and the news it's not coming back this year…

"I had an absolute blast working on the show – it's honestly the most fun I've ever had at work, and it's thanks to the best production team in the world.

"Xtra had been on the decline for a few years, but we pulled out all the stops to make a show I am massively proud of.

"The feedback was amazing, and as a fan of The X Factor, it was a joy to be involved in some small way. I loved working with Rylan and Roman, and I've no doubt we'll get to do something fun together in the future.

"There aren't many shows on telly that are live and silly, but I'm so glad I got to sink my teeth into this one."

Richard Holloway, managing director at Thames TV, who makes The X Factor, said: "In the past year there has been an increase in digital engagement and online audiences around The X Factor.

"In light of this, ITV's strategy to focus their efforts on digital means The Xtra Factor on linear television has come to its natural end."

Ah, we'll miss it.


She’s been linked to Alex Cannon, Spencer Matthews and Mario Falcone in recent months, but it looks like Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison has a new guy on her mind.

Appearing on The Xtra Factor last night, the 28-year-old reality star confessed she’s developed a pretty serious crush on X Factor hopeful Christian Burrows.

“I love him me,” Vicky told hosts Rylan Clark and Matt Edmondson.  “He got us all hot down the collar in that green room.”

After reminding the Geordie of a tweet she wrote in which she claimed she wants to “marry [Christian] and kiss his face forever”, the presenters then brought the 19-year-old singer into the studio and asked Vicky if she’d like to kiss him.

According to The Sun, that’s when things got really awkward.

As the former I’m A Celebrity… winner followed Matt’s instructions to give Christian “a little peck on the check”, the young performer buried his face in his hands with embarrassment.

But that didn’t stop Vicky – who at this stage was also turning red – from hugging and snuggling the focus of her affections.

Thankfully Christian seems to be over the initial shock of being kissed on live television as after the show he tweeted: “I actually love her to bits.  She's a right sort.”


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We have to admit, it's coincidental timing but Laura Whitmore is being lined up as the new host of the Xtra Factor.

Laura quit the I'm A Celeb spin-off this week after five years of presenting the show and in her statement said it was time to move onto something new.

The Irish Mirror is reporting that current hosts Melvin Odoom and Rochelle Humes are getting the axe and the Bray native is now in the forefront to snatch the job.

“It’s no wonder Laura is being considered for the part – she’s beautiful, smart and has no shortage of experience when it comes to presenting,” an insider told the paper.


He's in the notoriously tricky Overs category – not to mention that he doesn't get a whole load of love from the X Factor judges either. 

But it seems that the wider public is really getting behind Anton Stephens: leaked figures show almost a quarter of voters (23 percent) gave him the nod a week ago – meaning he beat bookies favourite Louisa Johnson (13 percent) by almost two-to-one.

Still, his most recent offering prompted the four-strong judging panel to throw a load of negative comments in his direction.

Indeed, Mr Stephens, who is being mentored by Simon Cowell, has now admitted even he wasn't a fan of the performance.

On the Xtra Factor the singer, who sang a mash of Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass and Jessie J’s Bang Bang, explained: "I hated it. When I watched it back I just thought, 'Oh My God'.

"All that gold, and very little of me!"

And speaking about the song choices, Anton described singing them as like "wearing shoes that aren’t your size".

Nick Grimshaw had earlier stated that the staging as "like watching a really bad musical". "Those two songs are the worst songs you could have done," he added.

The same figures, obtained by The Daily Star On Sunday and collected on October 31, show that Seann Miley Moore made it into third place – just 1 percent behind Louisa.

However, despite this initial popularity, shockingly he went home last night as part of double-elimination special. 




Vlogger Zoella, otherwise known as Zoe Sugg, is rumoured to be the new host of the Xtra Factor.

The YouTube sensation is apparently being scouted as a presenter in order to attract a younger crowd to the talent show. 

A source told The Sun today: ''Simon wants ideas that are different and is really thinking outside the box when it comes to shaking up the show.''

Last year, the Xtra Factor was hosted by Sarah-Jane Crawford, but she only lasted one season.

It is reported that she has left the show due to a clash in scheduling but it seems she will still be tuning in: "Wishing the new team the best of luck," she said on Twitter earlier this month. "I can't wait to watch you all."

Also rumoured to be in the running for the job is Big Brother star and Co. Kildare-native Brian Dowling. According to sources, Brian has been interviewed already for the position and is eager to make a return to television. 

Meanwhile, Zoella has a following of more than 8m on social media and Simon is hopeful that she would draw a huge audience to the programme, which is now in its 11th year.

Apparently the millionaire music mogul has already met with the young star and ''he is keen to hear how she developed such a huge online following with young people''.




It has been reported that Sarah-Jane Crawford has had an emergency surgery after a lump was found in her womb.

According to The Sun, the decision was made to remove the lump in case of further complications: “If she didn’t treat it the lump could have become very dangerous and potentially affect her fertility.”

The presenter has been forced to miss tonight's National Television Awards as she recovers. 

Shock news of her health comes a year after Sarah-Jane underwent surgery to remove a lump from her breast. Thankfully, the lump was found to be non-cancerous. The presenter has since said that she is in a ‘high risk’ category and needs to be checked once a year.

We really hope she feels better soon, we’re sure this is a traumatic ordeal for the young star. 



There is drama in The X Factor camp once again after it has emerged that Xtra Factor star Sarah-Jane Crawford is not the age people have been led to believe she is…

Apparently, Sarah-Jane is actually 33-years-old, rather than the originally believed 29. It is thought the discovery was made when certain dates didn’t add up; for instance, Sarah-Jane appeared on the reality TV show Shipwrecked in 2002, meaning she would have only been 16 years old, when contestants had to be over 18 to participate on the show.

It was also said that the presenter did her GSCE in 1997, which would have made her 12 at the time. However, The Sun says that while Sarah-Jane may not have revealed she was 33, she certainly did not lie: “People just assumed she was 29 and she has never corrected them.” Fair enough…

It has also been reported that Sarah-Jane may have been under pressure to appear younger than she really is, as particular companies aim to appeal to younger audiences.

Either way, we’re sure audiences love Sarah-Jane – after all, it's only four years! 



Uh oh – there’s trouble ahead for new ITV2's Xtra Factor presenter, Sarah-Jane Crawford after she let slip a big secret!

Sarah-Jane accidentally let it slip on Twitter that former Xtra Factor presenter, Caroline Flack, is joining BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. Oopsie.

Needless to say, this was set to be a big reveal for the show and so bosses over at BBC are said to be fuming over Sarah-Jane’s tactlessness.

The accidental reveal came about when Sarah-Jane tweeted: “Lovely catching up with @carolineflack1 this AM, drinks soon twinkle toes? Now smash Strictly #girlpower.”

The tweet was swiftly deleted, but not before the damage was done… The presenter then replaced the offending tweet with something a little more acceptable: 

Poor Sarah-Jane, not a good way to start off her new job!

The mistake also looks very bad for Caroline, as rumour has it there are strict instructions for all involved in the show not to tell a soul about their position.

Loose lips and all that, Caroline!

We’re sure it will all blow over soon. 

It was also confirmed that Pixie Lott will be trying her hand on the dancing sho – so be prepared to see a lot more of those endless legs!



We were all pretty shocked when Xtra Factor presenter Caroline Flack announced that she was leaving the show.

Caroline said it was just time to “pass on the baton” to another presenter, in this case, radio host Sarah-Jane Crawford.

But what she failed to mention was that she had her eye on another massive TV gig – Strictly Come Dancing!

Caroline is a big fan of the show, and has reportedly been approached by BBC bosses to be the new presenter for the next series.

Caroline knows it could be her next big step and it would be an extra boost to beat her ex-boss Simon Cowell in the ratings!

While nothing has been set in stone yet, Strictly Come Dancing star Brendan Cole revealed he’d love to see her on the show.

“She’d be great, definitely. That would be amazing,” the 38-year-old dancer said.

Interesting move Caroline!


It’s been rumoured that Matt Willis will not be returning to the Xtra Factor this year. This leaves us with one question, who will join Caroline Flack as her co-presenter?

We’re excited to hear that one well-loved TOWIE star is in the running for the job and has even bagged himself a screen test. Watch the video for more.