Drama for X Factor as star is accused of lying about age!


There is drama in The X Factor camp once again after it has emerged that Xtra Factor star Sarah-Jane Crawford is not the age people have been led to believe she is…

Apparently, Sarah-Jane is actually 33-years-old, rather than the originally believed 29. It is thought the discovery was made when certain dates didn’t add up; for instance, Sarah-Jane appeared on the reality TV show Shipwrecked in 2002, meaning she would have only been 16 years old, when contestants had to be over 18 to participate on the show.

It was also said that the presenter did her GSCE in 1997, which would have made her 12 at the time. However, The Sun says that while Sarah-Jane may not have revealed she was 33, she certainly did not lie: “People just assumed she was 29 and she has never corrected them.” Fair enough…

It has also been reported that Sarah-Jane may have been under pressure to appear younger than she really is, as particular companies aim to appeal to younger audiences.

Either way, we’re sure audiences love Sarah-Jane – after all, it's only four years!