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Strictly Come Dancing has revealed the next contestant in their celebrity lineup. In a first for the show, a YouTuber will hit the Stricly dance floor this season.

Vlogger and author Joe Sugg has been confirmed as the fourth contestant. 

“My knowledge of dance isn't the best, so I'm just going to go into it completely open minded,” he said.

Joe did admit that he’s feeling slightly nervous about all the tan and lycra he’ll have to wear:  “I do feel pretty nervous about it. I just hope they have child sizes as I'm tiny!”

Strictly confirmed Katie Piper as the first contestant yesterday morning.

The mum decided to take part in the show to boost her confidence: “'I think it gives a wider message, my past is irrelevant, to be able to go forward and do these things is a bigger wider message. That’s something I want to take forward, and it’s nice to be part of something so light-hearted!''

Star of stage and screen Danny John-Jules will also be hitting the dancefloor. The Red Dwarf star said he is thrilled to be taking part in the BBC show.

Joining Joe, Katie and Danny will be popstar Faye Tozer. The Steps member said being part of Strictly is a dream come true: “I’m going to relish every moment.”

Strictly will continue to reveal more contestants in the coming weeks. Rumour has it the launch show will air on Saturday, September 1.

We are so excited for the show to return to our screens!



One 18-year-old beauty vlogger is teaching us not to judge a book by its cover.

Michaela Davert has a rare genetic disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which is a condition that makes her bones very fragile and fracture easily.

As a result of this, she is just over two feet tall and uses a wheelchair to get around and has an assistance dog named Chloe.

However, Michaela's size hasn't stopped her achieving her dreams of pursuing a career in beauty

With her Instagram page and her YouTube channel, she is breaking the stigma in the beauty industry for women with disabilities. She shares her make- up tutorials and reviews with her 30,000 YouTube followers.

She is also very open to talking about her condition and has several videos discussing it. She keeps her followers up to date with her surgeries and how she is recovering from them. 

In a recent interview, Michaela discussed being different and how she doesn't let it define her.

"I find it strange that people say that we look different, and it's because we are different, in reality we're all different," she surmises.

She says that she has had people call her ugly but that she doesn't care because she is now happy and comfortable in herself and how she naturally looks.

She wants to share her message with girls around the world and inspire them to see themselves as beautiful.

Michaela proves that when it comes to achieving your goals, size really doesn't matter!


Cartoon creators have long been criticised for their limited depiction of female beauty, but over the last few years Disney has made a notable effort to introduce greater ethnic diversity into its productions.

While this move has received much praise, many people still believe that not enough body types are represented by the much-loved Disney princesses.

Because of this situation YouTube star Loey Lane decided to film herself dressed in a Little Mermaid style bikini.



tell me we're dreaming

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In a video which had been viewed more than 160,000 times since March, the plus-size fashion and beauty vlogger explains why having curvy Disney princesses or Barbies to look up to as a child would have made her feel more comfortable with her own body.

The self-proclaimed "Not So Little Mermaid" reflects back on one childhood experience in particular when she visited a Disney centre on a youth trip and realised that the Little Mermaid character who best represented her frame was the evil villain Ursula.

Check out her video below:



Oh, boy.

When it comes the average Irish man, he isn't the best with grooming or beauty. We doubt most even know the difference between contouring and baking (and no lads, we don't mean baking a cake).

But this very brave Irish woman allowed her boyfriend to do her make up one day – and the outcome is HILARIOUS.

Roisin, a fashion vlogger from Glaway, made a video of the event and it really is a must-see. She gave Dave, her boyfriend, no help at all so the whole look was really all up to him.

Would you be brave enough?





Vlogger Zoella, otherwise known as Zoe Sugg, is rumoured to be the new host of the Xtra Factor.

The YouTube sensation is apparently being scouted as a presenter in order to attract a younger crowd to the talent show. 

A source told The Sun today: ''Simon wants ideas that are different and is really thinking outside the box when it comes to shaking up the show.''

Last year, the Xtra Factor was hosted by Sarah-Jane Crawford, but she only lasted one season.

It is reported that she has left the show due to a clash in scheduling but it seems she will still be tuning in: "Wishing the new team the best of luck," she said on Twitter earlier this month. "I can't wait to watch you all."

Also rumoured to be in the running for the job is Big Brother star and Co. Kildare-native Brian Dowling. According to sources, Brian has been interviewed already for the position and is eager to make a return to television. 

Meanwhile, Zoella has a following of more than 8m on social media and Simon is hopeful that she would draw a huge audience to the programme, which is now in its 11th year.

Apparently the millionaire music mogul has already met with the young star and ''he is keen to hear how she developed such a huge online following with young people''.




If you hadn’t heard about Zoella before last week, we can’t say we would have blamed you. However, after the furore of recent days, it’s safe to say everyone has heard of her.

YouTube star, Zoella released her debut novel, Girl Online, in November where it sold 78, 109 copies in the first seven days alone, leaving the YouTube star speechless and on  a great high.

However, it wasn’t to last and now Penguin and Zoella have both confirmed that she did not write the novel alone, using a ghostwriter, which has led to much criticism. A rep for Penguin Random House told the Sunday Times: “to be factually accurate you would need to say Zoe Sugg [Zoella] did not write the book Girl Online on her own.”

Zoella, meanwhile, took to Twitter and said: “Thanks for all the positive feedback about Girl Online and for the doubters out there, of course I was going to need help from Penguin’s editorial team in telling my story, which I talked about from the beginning. Everyone needs help when they try something news. The story and characters of Girl Online are mine. I want to thank all of you who have taken time to support the book.”

Now, the criticism has obviously taken its toll on the rising star and she tweeted earlier: “Bare with me on vlogmas. I’m taking a few days out and off the internet because it’s clouding my brain. Thanks for understanding.”

It has been rumoured that an author named Siobhan Curham may be Zoella's ghostwriter due to a blog she had posted about writing a book in six weeks which has since been deleted. The book is believed to have been Girl Online by many speculators. 

Will her young career be able to get up and move past what has undoubtedly been a very bad week for her?