Vicky kisses X Factor contestant on TV and things get REALLY awkward

She’s been linked to Alex Cannon, Spencer Matthews and Mario Falcone in recent months, but it looks like Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison has a new guy on her mind.

Appearing on The Xtra Factor last night, the 28-year-old reality star confessed she’s developed a pretty serious crush on X Factor hopeful Christian Burrows.

“I love him me,” Vicky told hosts Rylan Clark and Matt Edmondson.  “He got us all hot down the collar in that green room.”

After reminding the Geordie of a tweet she wrote in which she claimed she wants to “marry [Christian] and kiss his face forever”, the presenters then brought the 19-year-old singer into the studio and asked Vicky if she’d like to kiss him.

According to The Sun, that’s when things got really awkward.

As the former I’m A Celebrity… winner followed Matt’s instructions to give Christian “a little peck on the check”, the young performer buried his face in his hands with embarrassment.

But that didn’t stop Vicky – who at this stage was also turning red – from hugging and snuggling the focus of her affections.

Thankfully Christian seems to be over the initial shock of being kissed on live television as after the show he tweeted: “I actually love her to bits.  She's a right sort.”


Feat image: Scoopnest