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Boots has always sold lubricants, pregnancy tests and condoms at the end of the family planning aisle, but that was about as exciting as it ever got. Zero steam, zero playtime, zero fun. Until now…

The brand has now launched an online "sexual pleasure and wellbeing" category, and the selection is pure FIRE. 

From bullet vibrators, wand vibrators and vibrating cock rings to G-spot vibes and Lovehoney frisky rabbits; there's something for every horny person on the website.


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The post on their website reads; 

"Say yes… yes…YES to our lust-worthy collection of adult toys to create a buzz in your sex life. Durex’s pleasure rings intensify the sexperience for you both.

"Or why not try So Divine’s discreet vibrating eggs or bullet vibrators? Smile Makers have given wand vibrators a makeover and we’re sure you’ll love their chic, pastel designs. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re going solo or having fun with your partner!"


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Research conducted by Boots has discovered that people dedicate 86 percent less time and 60 percent of our money and effort into our wellbeing, compared to any other aspect of our wellness lifestyles.

Sex and masturbation has dozens of known emotional and physical health benefits, so why not invest some time into your pleasure?

In Boot's survey, 45 percent of people said they're comfortable with buying/receiving gifts such as sex toys for or from their partner. These toys will be available in selected stores and you can order them online in discreet packaging.

Lovehoney's rabbit vibrator is a great toy for beginners, seeing as it's not too big and intimidating.

The 'ears' target vibrations to your clitoris while the shaft is designed to stimulate your G-spot at the same time. It's also waterproof so you can use it in the shower, if that's your thing.

Smile Makers The Fireman
Boots, €50

Smile Makers are renowned for their body-safe, phthalate-free sex toys, and creative flair.

The Fireman Personal Massager is described as a "uniquely-shaped clitoral vibrator for an extended stimulation of the whole vulva." Hot damn.

"The house may be burning but this helmeted stud isn't afraid of an intense situation," the description reads. It's quiet, waterproof and has four speeds and two pulsation modes. GET IT

The So Divine Magic Wand is a powerful, dual-motor vibrator that adds to your passion with three speed options and seven pulsating patterns.

It's described as the strong but quiet type that's easy to charge up, and is discreet too. It's water-resistant, latex and phthalate-free, made of premium silky soft silicone and powerful, why not give it a go?

The So Divine Vibrating Rabbit is infamous for its clitoral stimulator and gently contoured shaft.

"The vibrating silicone rabbit has both your clitoral and G-spot orgasm needs covered for an intense blended orgasm," the website description reads.

"Both the stimulator and shaft can be operated separately and with three speeds and seven pulsating patterns, you'll be reaching new highs in no time." Yes, please.

Kiss Kiss also has a heat function, warming up to a body temperature of 37-38 degrees for a lifelike feel that will leave you with a warm, happy glow. Don't forget that dual motor, and it's latex-free.

The stretchy, snug-fitting Lovehoney ring is designed to prolong your fun, offering constriction, climactic textures and relentless single-speed vibrations for two.

"Lovingly crafted from velvety silicone, this petite treat offers mutual arousal in a pocket-sized, travel-friendly package." It's waterproof too, for showertime fun.

It's high time you treated yourself (and others) to some sex toy fun. Get out of your comfort zone and broaden those sexual horizons.

It's not just penetrative sex that gives pleasure, gals and guys. Shop the entire Boots sex toy collection here.

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Remember those egg-shaped digital pets that everyone had and didn't care proper care of?

If you don't, then you most likely weren't born in the 1990s…Those were the days. With the Spice Girls and Westlife touring, not to mention all of the live-action Disney flicks, nostalgia is in vogue right now.

The cherry on the cake: Tamagotchi digital pets are coming back into our lives, whether you like it or not. They're the EXACT replicas of the ones we knew and adored in the 90s.


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Tamagotchi digital pets are now on sale on Amazon, and the general public and internet communities have lost their damn minds, understandably.

The description on Amazon's website reads: "The Original Tamagotchi digital pet you loved back in 1997 is back with the original programming!"

"Feed it, turn lights on/off, play with it, give it medicine, flush after it's used the bathroom, check it's health and discipline your Tamagotchi if he bothers you when he's happy, fed and all cleaned up."


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It continues; "Raise your Tamagotchi from egg to child to adult and how you take care of it will decide which of the seven adults you'll get." What an absolute chore…we want them all.

Japanese company Bandai created Tamagotchi's 20 years ago, and first released them in 1997. They became one of the most popular toys of the 90s at rapid speed, and taught kids about basic responsibilities.

Pretty much every one of us had to deal with the digital death of our pets, but all was grand because of that sweet reset button at the back. Reborn and rejuvenated…here we go again.


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Peter Jenkinson, resident toy expert, was interviewed by LADbible a few years ago and said;

"It was the first truly 'real time' toy – you didn't need to make it do stuff, it did stuff that you then had to react to. It was always on, always with you, you had little/no control over it and it was without doubt the first truly virtual pet that behaved like it had its own personality/destiny. In a way, a very early example of how AI might pan out."

"It was ahead of its time and although tech has evolved hugely this past two decades, our love of nostalgia hasn't diminished."

Dive back into your childhood and check out the multi-coloured options available online, with prices starting from around €22. It costs to go back in time, evidently.

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Toy Story 4 is making its big return in the summer of 2019, coming to screens this June, despite the fact that most fans feel a satisfying ending has already happened.

The commercially-acclaimed Toy Story 3 ended the franchise on a perfect note, seeing Andy off to college and saying a tearful goodbye to Woody and the gang.

The fourth instalment really does appear to be the finale of the iconic Pixar movies, centring around toys who come to life. 

In the latest series of teaser clips, Bo Beep has announced her big return to Woody and Buzz' gang, thank God. We love a bitta female representation. Especially when they're wielding a large stick.

Tom Hanks, the voice of Woody, has said that he couldn't even look at the rest of the team and cast while recording the ending to the movie. My EMOTIONS.

Bo Beep has got a new-look, and she's looking badass AF. They've also introduced two new (adorable) characters, Ducky and Bunny.

Even better, Ducky and Bunny are being played by the HILARIOUS veteran comedy duo, Key and Peele (Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key)

Famed for their portrayals of Barack Obama and his 'anger translater' Luther, these two will bring some humour to the already-classic franchise. 

WE CANNOT WAIT. Bring on June 21 2019.



Sega Genesis, Scalextric, Subbuteo… it may sounds like we're reading out a Dear Santa letter from 1989, but the reality is far more exciting, and a little more current.

Dublin's Fumbally Exchange is has just launched its pop-up toy museum and exhibition. running from today, March 22 until this Friday, March 25.

The mini-museum features toys and games from the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s, and visitors are encouraged to "get stuck in and play."

So if you fancy yourself a dab hand at the Sega, or just fancy tooling around with a dolls' house or a FisherPrice farm on your lunch break, get down to the Fumbally Exchange at 5 Dame Lane in Dublin 2 between noon and 5.30pm any day this week.

According to Fumbally Exchange founder George Boyle, the exhibition and musuem aim to inspire kids of all ages to get in touch with their imaginative sides – and away from their screens.

"Taking a playful approach and being open to a little mischief-making is a wonderful way to spark inspiration and creativity," he adds.

The exhibition and mini-museum are free – simply show up to check it out. More information on the Fumbally Exchange website here.



It was announced earlier this year that a talking Barbie doll is on its way – and now she's very almost here. 

Yes, Hello Barbie is the brand new, soon to be unleashed Mattel doll that will be able to speak back (we bet she's sassy). 

And while the 'cool or just plain creepy' debate has raged since the announcement was made back in February, the doll is nevertheless sure to be top of numerous Christmas wish-lists in the run-up to the festive season. 

"Hello Barbie is by far the most advanced to date in a new generation of AI toys whose makers share the aspiration of Gepetto: to persuade children that their toys are alive—or, at any rate, are something more than inanimate," wrote the New York Times earlier this year.

Hello Barbie will also be programmed to connect to the Apple Cloud, just like Siri. 

Her language will evolve too as you speak to her, and she can also adapt her language preferences. 

How exactly? Well, the chic necklace on Hello Barbie will feature both a microphone and a speaker that will help enable the conversations. 

Of course, she does require a Wi-Fi connection to talk, though kids (big and small alike) can naturally enough continue to play with the doll the old-fashioned way when the internet is down.




Growing up in Ireland, we had a LOT of toys to choose from. Here are some of the toys that have made the list of our favourites:

1. Micro Scooters
They were all the craze for those 10- and 11-year-old birthday gifts. And nothing was quite as cool as scooting along your estate showing everyone what you got. They are still in fashion as you will know if one rolls over your foot on your walk to work. 


2. Power Rangers
The variety of colours, the TV show, they dominated the '90s. Go, go Power Rangers! Were you the pink or yellow ranger?! 

ToyPreview01 (1)


3. Polly Pocket
The smallest little woman in the smallest little house in the world. Almost immediately after opening, Polly Pocket was lost forever but we did love her.



4. Super Soaker
Essential for a sunny day on the estate green. 

06 - Copy

5. Furby
Even though their constant ‘FURBY’ noises did get annoying, they were the toy of the '90s. Coming in different colors and designs, they were a child’s dream.


6. Troll Dolls
These little guys were weird and naked and had no function but we loved their smiling faces. Nawww.



7. Barbie
The disproportionate blonde bombshell that gave every girl unrealistic expectations about hair, make-up and waistlines.


8. Bop It
This piece of equipment gave us kids our first high pressure situation. BOP IT!

hasbro_bop_it-400-400 - Copy

9. Tamagotchi
This toy taught us how to look after a fake animal that was needy. Was the lesson responsibility or… let something die so you don’t have to deal with it?


10. POGS
The loom band of the '90s. 


11. TalkBoy/Girl
The recording device that saved Macaulay Culkin's life in Home Alone 2. It could speed up OR slow down your voice.

2545349_orig - Copy

12. Pokemon Card
Our moms really hated that we had to catch em' all. 




13. TY Beanie Babies
Great stocking fillers and have been said to be quite the collectors item. Don’t throw these babies out, they could be big sellers on eBay in a few years.

beanie - Copy

14. Buzz Lightyear Action
This little hero sent parents into a frenzy one Christmas (’95 perhaps…?) as every little boy and girl had their eye on this man after seeing Toy Story 1.

BuzzLightYear - Copy

15. Hula hoop
A simple design that some kids could master while others looked like a clapping seal.


16. Hungry Hippos
Parents everywhere cursed the day this game was born. The Hungry Hippos just made unnecessary noise and the balls found their way down the couch.

hungry-hungry-hippos-game - Copy


17. My Little Pony
The lucky ones got a mini hairbrush to style their Pony’s hair.



18. Operation
Call the doctor, it’s so much fun to play!

2267249_Image_ProductDescription - Copy

19. Slinky
Simple, yet genius

14534_SLINKY - Copy

20. Yo-Yo
Dominating the school yard, ‘walking the dog’ meant something magical when it came to a yo-yo!



21. Roller skates
Before you were allowed the big boy/girl roller skates/blades, you had to test these bad boys out. Highly uncomfortable and dangerous on the wrong feet.


22. Play-doh
The only time play-doh was its true colour was when it JUST came out of its little pots. Then it all melded together and turned a brownish pukey green. It melded into the carpet or your friends hair… it smelled great though.


23. Rubik cube
Genius design blah blah blah … way to make kids feel stoopid.


24. Etch A Sketch
Brilliant design, the best part of it being the swoosh sound when you shook it clear.



25. Game Boy
Mario brothers, Tetris, Frogger; Game Boys kept many a child quiet during a long car journey.



26. Lego
Lego is the king of creation and, while it hurt like hell to stand on a single piece, it was still the thing that kept us busy for hours.


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Every young Irish person lived through these crazes during the ’90s – from Pokemon to Bebo, we loved them all!

1. Pokemon
Pokemon was probably the biggest craze of the ’90s; from video games to collecting cards, you had to catch them all! Sorry…


2. Yu-Gi-Oh!
Slightly less popular (or cool) as Pokemon, nonetheless this craze had a massive following back in the ’90s and early ’00s.


3. Polly Pocket
Every girl had a Polly Pocket – and all the cool girls had LOADS of Polly Pockets. Looking back, those small parts cannot be good for kids to play with.


4. Tamagotchi
These were supposed to be like having a pet without actually having a pet. When they got abandoned after a week, we finally realised why we weren’t allowed to get a dog after all.


5. Light-Up runners
These made you run faster. Fact. Not good to wear during Hide n’ Seek.


6. Scooters/Skateboards/Rollerblades
These are all still pretty cool, but our tricks have gotten a little rusty.


7. Learning to draw this
And it was always way cooler of your name began with an ‘S’!


8. Paper fortune tellers
It didn’t matter how many of these were confiscated, you can always make more.


9.Polyphonic Ringtone
When you give out about teenagers blasting their annoying music over their phones, remember that you used to be one of them. Except you were ten times more annoying because it was ringtones you were blasting!


10. Crazy Frog

Historically the most annoying sound on the planet.

11. Snake
This amazing game is still so addictive and fun if you can find an old enough Nokia to play the original on!


12. Scoubidou bracelets
They look so intricate but once you get the hang of it you give one to everyone you know. Including you nan.


13. Charity Wristbands
Not just for a good cause, if you had these, you were the coolest kid around.

charity wristbands

14. MSN
Aww, staying up till midnight chatting over messenger to ‘that boy’ – we really hope those convos have been deleted forever.


Bebo stunnahhs 2k07 4eva oh yeah!


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We all got a little bit crazy during some of these fads. The only hope can be that you didn’t lose too many friends over any of them, and that scare from the fight you had with your best friend over a Charizard Pokemon card isn’t that noticeable anymore.