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We've been anxiously waiting for Disney/Pixar to reveal more details about the highly anticipated Toy Story 4, and they have finally delivered.

Keanu Reeves has been cast as Duke Caboom, "Canada's greatest stuntman", and he's revving to go. As are we.

The teaser clip shows Reeves' character in a commercial for "the greatest toy that Canada has ever seen" (according to the theme song).

It becomes immediately, and hilariously, clear that he is not quite as talented as the advert claims him to be…

The Canadian stuntman is reminiscent of cult favourite characters like Super Dave Osborne and Evel Knievel, and is very nostalgic of the 1970s.

Duke Caboom is always prepared to show off his stunt posing with swagger and confidence, leaving the other Toy Story 4 characters confused and with many questions.

Woody quickly notices that Duke has an Achilles heel: he can't actually do any awesome stunt work which is advertised in his personal toy commercial.


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As it turns out, Duke has been sitting in an antique store, reliving the tragic personal failures of times gone by. 

The fourth Toy Story offering is directed by Josh Cooley and features the voice talents of Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Annie Potts, Tony Hale, Keegan-Michael Key, Maddie McGraw, Jordan Peele, Ally Maki, Don Rickles and Christina Hendricks, among many others.

Toy Story 4 will "crash into theatres" on June 20 of this year, so it's not long now to wait to see our beloved heroes once more.

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Toy Story 4 is making its big return in the summer of 2019, coming to screens this June, despite the fact that most fans feel a satisfying ending has already happened.

The commercially-acclaimed Toy Story 3 ended the franchise on a perfect note, seeing Andy off to college and saying a tearful goodbye to Woody and the gang.

The fourth instalment really does appear to be the finale of the iconic Pixar movies, centring around toys who come to life. 

In the latest series of teaser clips, Bo Beep has announced her big return to Woody and Buzz' gang, thank God. We love a bitta female representation. Especially when they're wielding a large stick.

Tom Hanks, the voice of Woody, has said that he couldn't even look at the rest of the team and cast while recording the ending to the movie. My EMOTIONS.

Bo Beep has got a new-look, and she's looking badass AF. They've also introduced two new (adorable) characters, Ducky and Bunny.

Even better, Ducky and Bunny are being played by the HILARIOUS veteran comedy duo, Key and Peele (Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key)

Famed for their portrayals of Barack Obama and his 'anger translater' Luther, these two will bring some humour to the already-classic franchise. 

WE CANNOT WAIT. Bring on June 21 2019.


Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep are breaking the Internet today with their versions of each other's best film roles. 

The pair of iconic actors will be featuring together in upcoming film The Post, and were on the show to detail their upcoming roles. 

However, in typical Ellen fashion, the talk show host offered them the opportunity to put their own spin on each other's stand-out roles.

Meryl named Tom's lead role in Forrest Gump as her favourite performance of his, and gave a pretty epic rendition of his famous line: 'Life is like a box of chocolates.' 

Tom then gave Meryl's role as Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada a shot, and his version was uncanny, albeit emphasised. 

Donning a wig, he then delivered her icon lines from The Iron Lady.

Check it out for yourself below:



Following the release of his debut book, US actor Tom Hanks, has revealed that it was the beloved Irish author, Maeve Binchy, who inspired him to start writing.

The 61-year-old has just published a collection of 17 short stories called Uncommon Type – each  in some way involving a different typewriter.

But it seems it was the Dubliner's novel, Light A Penny Candle, that sparked his passion for fiction.

According to The Irish Sun, the actor said: “I fell in love with it. We all went nuts for her and I read Tara Road, Circle of Friends — I ended up going on a massive Maeve Binchy thing.”

In fact, Tom was such a big fan that he even took the time to send Maeve a letter detailing how much her loved her work.

“I actually wrote her a fan letter and I got a letter back,” he said.

The legendary novelist passed away in 2012 at the age of 73, though her influence on the world of fiction writing can still be felt today.

Uncommon Type is available to purchase from Amazon and book shops across the country.


Oh we are SO excited about this news! 

Our favourite little elephant is set to hit the big screen once again, in a live action remake of Disney's Dumbo

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Tim Burton, the genius behind The Nightmare Before Christmas, is planning to produce this reboot, and is already approaching some of Hollywood's biggest actors.

Image result for will smith

This week it was confirmed that Will Smith is in talks with the producers of the film, to play the father of children who form a bond with Dumbo.

Image result for tom hanks

Tom Hanks is also being considered for the role of the movie's villain, which would certainly be a change from his typical roles. 

Image result for dumbo

We certainly cannot wait to see this elephant fly!



Unlike so many Hollywood stars, Tom Hanks is a man of the people.

From photobombing wedding snaps, acting as a human lost-and-found and enduring hideously awkward conversations with drunk people, Tom Hanks is the celebrity of everyone's dreams.

So while we weren't especially surprised he reached out to a fan recently, we couldn't help but be touched by his gesture.

After receiving a sketchbook containing pictures of his various movie roles courtesy of artist Denise Esposito, Tom not only responded to the package but even sent a present in return.

Sharing the exciting moment on Facebook, Denise wrote: "For those who don't know the story – I'm trying to make it really short – nearly a month ago I gave him as a gift a Moleskine sketchbook with all his filmography drawn inside."

"He was so impressed that he gave me a present as well," Denise continued. "How amazing life is when your favorite actor sends you a typewriter and a thank you letter? How unbelievably cool is that?"

"I can't stop staring at all of this. When a gesture is worth a thousand words.. and this man really left me speechless."

Paying tribute to Denise's talents, Tom, who is a collector of vintage typewriters, wrote: "Denise Espostia, for your lovely book of sketches of all those movies."

"Here is a typewriter to do with whatever you need. Make more art! And many thanks."

How badly do we want to impress Tom Hanks?!




Look, we're not claiming we'd keep our cool if we met Tom Hanks in person, so we're not judging Harry Styles right now, but we are cringing for him after comedian Kathy Griffin shared an exchange which took place between Tom and Harry back in 2014.

In Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index, the popular comedian recalls an awkward moment which played out backstage at an Eagles gig when an intoxicated Harry made a beeline for Tom in an effort to, you know, shoot the breeze and talk movies.

Documenting the moment in eye-watering detail, Kathy may as well have transported us back in time as we watched Harry do what we all would have done in the presence of greatness.

Harry: Re-membah when you wuz savin’ Private Ryan and had to bring ‘im back to ‘is mum? Re-membah?

Tom Hanks politely replies with caution: Yes.

Harry: Re-membah when you wuz in Cappin Phillips? And the other guy sez, ‘Oim’ the capn’ now”? ‘Membah?

Tom, trying go figure this young man out: Yes, yes, I do remember.

Harry: Was that scaarrry?

"Even I wasn’t expecting that question. I turned to Tom: Yeah, Tom, was that scary?" Kathy wrote.

Tom, clearly trying to save Harry Styles from himself (in a way Kendall Jenner never could): Harry, have you met my friend, the comedian Kathy Griffin? (Tom really hit the word comedian hard.)

Harry was unfazed and returned his attention to the great Tom Hanks again …with the questions. It was like he was doing a memory brain teaser.

Harry: Re-membah when you wuz Forrest Gump? ‘Membah? ‘Membah?

Tom, still indulging: I was, yes.

Harry: You wuz always runnin’? Membah?

At this point, Kathy took a break from relating the exchange to chime in and remind her readers: "Yes, he was asking Tom Hanks if Tom remembers playing the role of Forrest Gump, for which he won the Academy Award."

"I can’t point out here enough how Harry Styles seemed to think it was him mission to make sure Tom Hanks did not forget the names of any of his films or the fact that he had starred in these films."

Kathy then returned to the narrative, and we're back cringing into our sleeves as Harry lumbers on with the conversation.

Harry: That was a good film.

Tom: I do remember.

Without explanation, Harry Styles turned and pivoted away. Tom Hanks had been pretty much frozen in the same sport during this magical and epic exchange. Tom’s answer was perfect and delivered very dryly:

Tom: Sometimes, I just want to drive them to rehab myself.

And that, ladies, is what happened when Harry met… Tom.



Tom Hanks is a man of the people – we all know this.

From reuniting a Fordham University student with her ID to posing alongside a sleeping college student in a rowdy pub, the Forrest Gump actor is the kind of star you might actually feel comfortable approaching for an autograph.

Or – if you're super lucky – cosying up with during the most exciting photo shoot of your life as one couple in New York discovered this week.

While posing for their wedding shots in Central Park, Elizabeth and Ryan made the acquaintance of the Oscar-winning star who decided to get involved in their celebrations, and Instagram is (unsurprisingly) having a field day.

Sharing a collage of the incredible moment, photographer Meg Miller wrote: "Yesterday's wedding was so beautiful! Elisabeth and Ryan you planned one amazing celebration."

"The icing on the cake was @tomhanks stopping in Central Park to wish them congratulations."

From shaking the hand of the groom to kissing the hand of the bride, Tom played an absolute blinder, and nabbed himself countless more fans in the process.

"Totally awesome…Love Tom Hanks!" wrote one on the photographer's Instagram while another added: "Mr Tom Hanks is simply the best! And best wishes for happy and lucky couple."

How jealous are you right now?!



Tom Hanks' mother, Janet Marylyn Frager, has passed away.

The actor took to Instagram last night to share the sad message about his 84-year-old mother and also paid her a loving tribute.

Sharing an old picture of Janet, he captioned it: "This beauty? My mom. She was the difference in many lives. Many lives. We say goodbye to her today. Safe crossing, mom! Hanx."

After the picture was posted, his fans flooded to his social media accounts to offer words of condolences: "Sorry for your loss and so close to your birthday, Tom. Condolences."

Another one said: "And we can thank her for all the lives made better by your peerless humanity. Millions and millions. She raised a fabulous son."

Our thoughts are with Tom and his family.


Chester ‘Chet’ Hanks the son of actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita, revealed that he was checking into rehab for drug addiction issues last week.

Previously known as Chet Haze, the aspiring rapper used his social media accounts to announce that he would be checking into rehab. He took to Instagram to say that he had become addicted to cocaine and needed help to work through his issues.

Tom, 59, has since praised his son for seeking guidance. He explained to Entertainment Tonight:

“As a parent, you love your kids unconditionally. You support them every step of the way.”

He added that he thinks he has to “applaud the bravery and honesty when it actually comes out of your own house.”

In the video clips posted to Instagram, 25-year old Chet said that he had become so addicted to cocaine that he “couldn’t even snort it up my nose anymore.”

"I just really had to take a look at myself and my life and the way shit was going and all the crazy stupid shit I was doing and just finally admit to myself that it wasn't working."

Chet also added that he found his dad’s fame put a lot of pressure on him growing up and his addiction struggles do stem from the challenges he faced trying to “fit in”. In the videos he also admitted to selling cocaine.

He explained in one video: "It's been a long journey discovering who I am because all the pressures that I've dealt with in my life – you know, being the son of my dad and everything."

Meanwhile, the other Hanks family members are competing with each other for box office fame.

Colin Hanks, Tom’s son from his first marriage to actress Samantha Lewes, will see his documentary All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records be released on the same day as his dad’s film Bridge of Spies.

Tom admitted that his son’s film made him cry and he’s hoping to have a “tweet-off” on the day their films are released to the public.


One school in California came up with a very creative theme for their homecoming dance. They decided they wanted to base it on Tom Hanks movies, because why not.

Apparently, it wasn’t until they were buying themselves some life-sized cut-outs of the Forrest Gump actor that they realised they could try and get the man himself in on the action. In the middle of deciding which of Tom’s films they wanted to be shown, the idea of actually asking Tom himself to come along dawned on them.

So they did what anybody does these days, they started an online campaign: #TomHanks2HermanHC.

They took their hashtag all over social media in the hopes of getting the Oscar winner to take notice.

Local news channels heard about the campaign and decided to lend the school a hand with some publicity.

After just under a week, it looks like things have worked out, because the actor took to Twitter with a special message for the school.

Teachers and students alike are all delighted with themselves, and Tom, with their success.


Our PE teachers think it's a "BIG" deal @tomhanks #TomHanks2KermanHC

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We reckon we would be too. The students were obviously serious Tom Hanks fans, because they were interviewed by local news crews, they had some great quotes at the ready. Including one of our favouites:

"Life is like a box of chocolates and it will be even sweeter if you come to Kerman's homecoming."

Could this be another social media trend? Will someone will be able to get TSwift and her power squad to rock up at their debs? It looks like it could be worth a try!


Is this just the best birthday present or what?

Mindy Kaling knows exactly how to celebrate her birthday in comfort. The Office star marked her 36th birthday by having a pyjama party and watching the horror flick, It Follows with a bunch of friends and a whole load of McDonald’s.



Part of my birthday is we got to wear pajamas and we are watching It Follows at lunch.

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This sounds like the perfect birthday party to us!

And what present did the actress really want for her birthday? Why, a Dubsmash from friend Lena Dunham, of course!

Mindy tweeted her special request saying “I would also love a dubsmash of @lenadunham doing a portion of @tomhanks iconic “there’s no crying in baseball” speech.”

Sure enough, the talented  Ms Dunham obliged.


Your bday wish is my command @mindykaling

A video posted by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on

But it wasn’t all about Ms Kaling as the kind-hearted writer also tweeted asking fans what their favourite charities were so as that she could donate to them.

“For my birthday I’d like to go shopping. What are your favourite charitable organizations and why? Tweet me link & I will give!”

This is just so sweet! All in all, this sounds like a seriously great birthday to us.