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90’s kid listen up!  The blinking balls of weirdness once affectionately known as Furbys are about to make their highly anticipated comeback.

And the modern day update of the 90’s furriest phenomenon is equipped with superpowers his creepy little ancestors could only ever have dreamed of having.

As well as being able to say around 1,000 phrases, the new Furby Connects will be able to link to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth so that they can keep their lucky owners up-to-date with music, videos and current affairs.

When Furby is ready to reveal whatever new content is available on his app, his antenna will light up so his owner will know it’s time to turn his LCD eyes towards their tablet screen.

Once watching whatever magical content we’re sure Furby will suggest, the peculiar little toy will laugh, move and react to whatever’s happening – bringing a whole new level of creep to the hairy creature.

A Hasbro representative told PC: "With Furby Connect, kids can develop a relationship with their Furby while laughing at videos and singing songs together…like they would with any other friend."  

The best thing about the new Furby?  He can actually be put to sleep using an eye mask so at least he won't be able to invade the dreams of another generation.



Growing up in Ireland, we had a LOT of toys to choose from. Here are some of the toys that have made the list of our favourites:

1. Micro Scooters
They were all the craze for those 10- and 11-year-old birthday gifts. And nothing was quite as cool as scooting along your estate showing everyone what you got. They are still in fashion as you will know if one rolls over your foot on your walk to work. 


2. Power Rangers
The variety of colours, the TV show, they dominated the '90s. Go, go Power Rangers! Were you the pink or yellow ranger?! 

ToyPreview01 (1)


3. Polly Pocket
The smallest little woman in the smallest little house in the world. Almost immediately after opening, Polly Pocket was lost forever but we did love her.



4. Super Soaker
Essential for a sunny day on the estate green. 

06 - Copy

5. Furby
Even though their constant ‘FURBY’ noises did get annoying, they were the toy of the '90s. Coming in different colors and designs, they were a child’s dream.


6. Troll Dolls
These little guys were weird and naked and had no function but we loved their smiling faces. Nawww.



7. Barbie
The disproportionate blonde bombshell that gave every girl unrealistic expectations about hair, make-up and waistlines.


8. Bop It
This piece of equipment gave us kids our first high pressure situation. BOP IT!

hasbro_bop_it-400-400 - Copy

9. Tamagotchi
This toy taught us how to look after a fake animal that was needy. Was the lesson responsibility or… let something die so you don’t have to deal with it?


10. POGS
The loom band of the '90s. 


11. TalkBoy/Girl
The recording device that saved Macaulay Culkin's life in Home Alone 2. It could speed up OR slow down your voice.

2545349_orig - Copy

12. Pokemon Card
Our moms really hated that we had to catch em' all. 




13. TY Beanie Babies
Great stocking fillers and have been said to be quite the collectors item. Don’t throw these babies out, they could be big sellers on eBay in a few years.

beanie - Copy

14. Buzz Lightyear Action
This little hero sent parents into a frenzy one Christmas (’95 perhaps…?) as every little boy and girl had their eye on this man after seeing Toy Story 1.

BuzzLightYear - Copy

15. Hula hoop
A simple design that some kids could master while others looked like a clapping seal.


16. Hungry Hippos
Parents everywhere cursed the day this game was born. The Hungry Hippos just made unnecessary noise and the balls found their way down the couch.

hungry-hungry-hippos-game - Copy


17. My Little Pony
The lucky ones got a mini hairbrush to style their Pony’s hair.



18. Operation
Call the doctor, it’s so much fun to play!

2267249_Image_ProductDescription - Copy

19. Slinky
Simple, yet genius

14534_SLINKY - Copy

20. Yo-Yo
Dominating the school yard, ‘walking the dog’ meant something magical when it came to a yo-yo!



21. Roller skates
Before you were allowed the big boy/girl roller skates/blades, you had to test these bad boys out. Highly uncomfortable and dangerous on the wrong feet.


22. Play-doh
The only time play-doh was its true colour was when it JUST came out of its little pots. Then it all melded together and turned a brownish pukey green. It melded into the carpet or your friends hair… it smelled great though.


23. Rubik cube
Genius design blah blah blah … way to make kids feel stoopid.


24. Etch A Sketch
Brilliant design, the best part of it being the swoosh sound when you shook it clear.



25. Game Boy
Mario brothers, Tetris, Frogger; Game Boys kept many a child quiet during a long car journey.



26. Lego
Lego is the king of creation and, while it hurt like hell to stand on a single piece, it was still the thing that kept us busy for hours.


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