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Boots has always sold lubricants, pregnancy tests and condoms at the end of the family planning aisle, but that was about as exciting as it ever got. Zero steam, zero playtime, zero fun. Until now…

The brand has now launched an online "sexual pleasure and wellbeing" category, and the selection is pure FIRE. 

From bullet vibrators, wand vibrators and vibrating cock rings to G-spot vibes and Lovehoney frisky rabbits; there's something for every horny person on the website.


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The post on their website reads; 

"Say yes… yes…YES to our lust-worthy collection of adult toys to create a buzz in your sex life. Durex’s pleasure rings intensify the sexperience for you both.

"Or why not try So Divine’s discreet vibrating eggs or bullet vibrators? Smile Makers have given wand vibrators a makeover and we’re sure you’ll love their chic, pastel designs. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re going solo or having fun with your partner!"


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Research conducted by Boots has discovered that people dedicate 86 percent less time and 60 percent of our money and effort into our wellbeing, compared to any other aspect of our wellness lifestyles.

Sex and masturbation has dozens of known emotional and physical health benefits, so why not invest some time into your pleasure?

In Boot's survey, 45 percent of people said they're comfortable with buying/receiving gifts such as sex toys for or from their partner. These toys will be available in selected stores and you can order them online in discreet packaging.

Lovehoney's rabbit vibrator is a great toy for beginners, seeing as it's not too big and intimidating.

The 'ears' target vibrations to your clitoris while the shaft is designed to stimulate your G-spot at the same time. It's also waterproof so you can use it in the shower, if that's your thing.

Smile Makers The Fireman
Boots, €50

Smile Makers are renowned for their body-safe, phthalate-free sex toys, and creative flair.

The Fireman Personal Massager is described as a "uniquely-shaped clitoral vibrator for an extended stimulation of the whole vulva." Hot damn.

"The house may be burning but this helmeted stud isn't afraid of an intense situation," the description reads. It's quiet, waterproof and has four speeds and two pulsation modes. GET IT

The So Divine Magic Wand is a powerful, dual-motor vibrator that adds to your passion with three speed options and seven pulsating patterns.

It's described as the strong but quiet type that's easy to charge up, and is discreet too. It's water-resistant, latex and phthalate-free, made of premium silky soft silicone and powerful, why not give it a go?

The So Divine Vibrating Rabbit is infamous for its clitoral stimulator and gently contoured shaft.

"The vibrating silicone rabbit has both your clitoral and G-spot orgasm needs covered for an intense blended orgasm," the website description reads.

"Both the stimulator and shaft can be operated separately and with three speeds and seven pulsating patterns, you'll be reaching new highs in no time." Yes, please.

Kiss Kiss also has a heat function, warming up to a body temperature of 37-38 degrees for a lifelike feel that will leave you with a warm, happy glow. Don't forget that dual motor, and it's latex-free.

The stretchy, snug-fitting Lovehoney ring is designed to prolong your fun, offering constriction, climactic textures and relentless single-speed vibrations for two.

"Lovingly crafted from velvety silicone, this petite treat offers mutual arousal in a pocket-sized, travel-friendly package." It's waterproof too, for showertime fun.

It's high time you treated yourself (and others) to some sex toy fun. Get out of your comfort zone and broaden those sexual horizons.

It's not just penetrative sex that gives pleasure, gals and guys. Shop the entire Boots sex toy collection here.

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For those of you who may not know, today is World Sexual Health Day.

With that in mind, sex and relationship expert, Tracy Cox, decided to share some of the benefits a roll in the hay can have on the mind and body.

From burning the same amount of calories as 15 minutes on a treadmill (approximately 200, fact fans) to increasing your lifespan, regular sex can have an incredibly positive impact on your life.

Tracy, who has her own range of sex toys with online retailer Lovehoney, is here to enlighten us as to why we should be indulging in more sex, and frankly, we're all ears.

Let's take a look at the benefits, shall we?

1. Regular sex can make you look five to seven years younger

Sex boosts the levels of a human's anti-ageing hormone DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) – a key factor in keeping us young.

After an orgasm, levels of DHEA in the blood rise to five times the normal level.

A study found that couples in their sixties who still have regular sex look between five and seven years younger than those no longer having sex. 

2. You live longer 

Regular sex (twice a week) has been linked to an increase of 3-8 years in a person's life-span.

3. Makes men more fertile

The quality of sperm improves when men have regular sex.

In fact, tests show that sperm quality lowers through abstinence, particularly after 10 days.

 4. Protects against colds

Having sex once or twice a week raises the level of immunoglobulins (IgA) in the body, increasing protection against colds and flu.

Couples who have regular sex have 30 per cent higher levels of IgA than abstainers.

5. Sex keeps you trim

Sex can keep you fit. Quickies of 20 minutes weekly mean 7,500 calories annually, that's as much as you burn jogging 120km. A sex session can burn about 200 calories.

Ladies, this is like running 15 minutes on a treadmill – just saying, is all.

  6. Makes you more attractive

The more active your sex life is, the more attractive for the opposite sex you are.

High sexual activity makes the body release more pheromones, chemicals that attract the opposite sex

7. Sex can cure PMT for women 

Many women say they feels less pre-menstrual pain if they have intercourse before their cycle.

Muscle contraction that occurs during sexual arousal releases tension in the muscles of the uterus, which are responsible for menstrual pain.

Women who regularly have sex also have more regular periods. Sex contributes to more balanced hormone levels, including those that regulate the monthly cycle.

8. Wards off heart attacks

Studies have shown that regular sex can help prevent a heart attack.

Studies in Belfast showed that sex three times a week could halve the risk of a heart attack or stroke. A separate study found that women who had at least two orgasms a week were 30 per cent less likely to have heart disease than women who did not regularly have  sex.

While having sex, the heart rate goes from 70 beats per minute to 150, a good training for the heart. Having sex three times a week decreases the risk of heart attack by half. Also during sex, the breath is deeper, meaning  better oxygenation. 


9. Relief for a stuffy nose

Sex is a natural antihistamine. It can even help combat hay fever and asthma.

 10. Flattens facial wrinkles

During sex the body significantly increases the production of estrogen, a hormone that tightens the skin and smooths fine lines on the face, and it's especially useful after menopause in women. 


If you follow the exploits of Ilana Wexler and Abbi Abrams on Broad City, you'll know that when it comes to sex and relationships, very few things are off-limits.

Adventurous, curious and liberated, the two characters navigate their respective sex lives in a manner which has resonated hugely with a generation of viewers.

So, it is perhaps no surprise that the show has now been given its very own range of sex toys which features some of the show's most recognisable slogans and catchphrases.

The items are the product of a collaboration with sex toy retailer, Lovehoney, and include lipstick vibrators and masturbation eggs.

‘Lovehoney is thrilled to partner with Abbi and Ilana for the Broad City collection launch,” said Neal Slateford, Co-Founder of Lovehoney.

“When we collaborated on the collection, the design and naming process was so fun, and we hope these high quality toys appeal to fans of Abbi, Ilana and the show and beyond."

"Lovehoney is proud to be sex positive, inclusive, and most of all to recognise that sex should be fun," he continued. "The Broad City range embodies this completely and the collaboration felt like the perfect fit."

"The response to the collection has been overwhelming – we’re so glad we’ve been able to share a little bit of sexual happiness amongst the Broad City fans in the UK."

And just an FYI ladies, but there's currently 20 per cent off the range for a limited time only…

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So, the weather is heating up, and according to new research so too are our sex lives.  

A new survey has revealed all the unusual places we love to have sex – and there's a few surprises.

Sex toy retailer, Lovehoney, asked 1,000 people where they liked to get hot and heavy outside the bedroom and the results showed that couples are becoming more and more adventurous.

The shower proved to be the most popular location, aside from the bedroom, with 92 per cent of couples revealing they have indulged in the act.

In second place – the sofa (84 per cent) followed closely by in front of the television (74 per cent).

When it came to locations outside of the home, many couples admitted to getting it on in some rather risqué places.

Just over one third of us have been intimate in a greenhouse or garden shed while 26 per cent of us have gotten frisky in a garage.

Sex on a train was the next favourite with around 15 per cent of couples revealing they had used the opportunity to indulge in a little alone time.

Meanwhile, only one in ten of us can claim membership of the Mile High Club.

Check out the full list below.

1. In the shower – 92% of couples
2. Bath – 89%
3. Sofa – 86%
4. In front of TV – 74%
5. Kitchen table – 65%
6. Garden – 58%
7. Car – 57%
8. Stairs – 47%
9. Greenhouse or garden shed – 37%
10. Garage – 26%
11. On top of the washing machine – 21%
12. Train – 15%
13. Plane – 11%

A spokesperson for Lovehoney said: "Couples are becoming increasingly adventurous – and that has to be good thing."

"Sex in the shower was the runaway winner and we find that tends to get even more popular as the weather heats up."

“In the last month searches on the Lovehoney site for ‘Shower Sex’ and ‘Sex in the Shower’ have rocketed by over 700% – suggesting that when the sun comes out, we look at more risque places to have sex including the shower."

The research also revealed that couples who have a satisfying sex life, actually have a more fulfilling relationship overall.

"All Lovehoney research shows that couples who are happy in the bedroom have better and more fulfilling relationships."

According to Tracey Cox’s Guide To Sex In Adventurous Places, we would all benefit from opening our minds to sex in non-traditional locations.

“Just as there are certain sex acts that shouldn't be missed, there are places you should have been naked in.”

“Garden sex is fun, especially on a swing… Some claim the only time our bodies are truly at peace is when the sun beats down on us because the sun's and body's biorhythms are the same.”

You've just got to be sensible about it. She recommends you leave on as many clothes as possible and have an exit strategy planned in advance.


So for those of you who didn’t know, today is Sexual Happiness Day.

And what better way to bask in the glory of our collective sexualities than discuss the bedroom habits of other people?

Tapping into most people’s desire to know how often other people are getting down and dirty, sex toy retailer, Lovehoney, conducted a survey into the very topic, and the findings confirm the theory that the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon appears to do more for women than men.

In general, more women than men have tried all of the most popular bondage activities while 75% of women have tried spanking in comparison to 66% of men.

Momentarily setting the kink aside, researchers then investigated the standard turn-ons and turn-offs for both men and women, and it looks like both tribes agree that sexy eyes will always be up there.

Humour was the number one turn-on for women, followed by sexual confidence, kindness, sexy eyes and a warm smile while for men, sexual confidence was the biggest turn-on followed by sexy eyes, good looks and kindness.

And the similarities don’t end there, with both sexes asserting that sex from behind is their favourite position.

Commenting on the significance of Sexual Happiness Day, Lovehoney co-owner Richard Longhurst said: “It is an annual celebration of the benefits of great sex with the hope of inspiring and encouraging people all over the world to talk, experiment and find out what it is that makes them blissful in the bedroom.