Rihanna hits back at TLC in the best way ever


Rihanna has seriously outdone herself this time!

The superstar singer used her Twitter account to majorly hit back at TLC’s claims that she sells sex and is always naked.

While Rihanna may have a revealing clothing style, it would seem that the ’90s girl group are being a little bit hypocritical.

And who better to demonstrate that than RiRi!

The singer changed the cover photo of her Twitter account to an old photo of the pop group showing a LOT of nudity. She also uploaded a funny image of herself, writing: “When there’s no changing the fact that I’m me, and they’re well … they’re them.”

We knew she wouldn’t let them away with it!

To make things even more hilarious, her profile photo right now is Kanye eating an ice-cream cone. Oh, Rihanna.