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There is not better way to wake up on a Sunday morning than to the mouthwatering scent of a few rashers and sausages sizzling on the pan downstairs. 

However, we're not sure we're committed enough to our full Irish to wear a tribute to it around our necks. 

ASOS has created a piece that does just that. 

The online fashion giant has been amusing Twitter users with its latest choker offering.

The sterling silver chain, which is going for €20.00, simply says the word "sausage."

The product description gives no explanation for the extremely random term, so we can only assume that it must be for the bratwurst and black pudding lovers out there, to pay homage to their favourite, protein-rich food. 

What else could it be referring to, right? 

ASOS sausage choker, €20.00

This could very well be the most confusing fashion item in ASOS history.

Or even general history, come to think of it.

It's right up there with the Topshop knee window jeans and Mulberry's duvet dress

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Hey, we've all been there: a serious case of the late-night munchies when you feel you could consume half the chipper menu and STILL have room for a round of buttered toast when you get home. 

But even we are feeling somewhat overwhelmed by one offering from Aarons takeaway, in Kilsheelan Co Tipperary. 

Spanning a metre in length and filled with chicken, chips, kebab meat, sausages and salad, a total of NINE white wraps were needed to complete the monstrosity. 

Sharing a snap on its Facebook page over the weekend, the eatery revealed that it had whipped up the feast for a hungry local customer, Jamie Cornin, who parted with €30 for the privilege. 

The same takeaway gained notoriety on Friday evening when it created an unreasonably GIANT burger.

Consisting of 850g of fresh beef mince and 125g of chicken topped with cheese and salad, (we're frankly pretty horrified by the size of it) it costs €14.

The burger is also in the market for a name, with the winner being gifted with a €25 voucher for Aarons (that's almost enough for a giant wrap!).

Meanwhile, there is sadly no word yet on whether Jamie managed to polish off his personal, meat-filled banquet. If he did – we just hope he's OK.