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Just Eat, Ireland’s leading food ordering and delivery app, today launched details of this year’s Just Eat National Takeaway Awards, encouraging consumers to nominate their favourite local restaurant for a chance to win a media support package worth €20,000. Reimagined as a fully-digital event, supporting independent restaurants that have been disproportionately impacted as a result of COVID-19, customers have until 15th of November to nominate their favourite neighbourhood takeaway at nationaltakeawayawards.just-eat.ie. All those who vote in this year’s awards before the deadline will also go into a draw to win FREE takeaway for a year*.

Focused on helping those most at risk within the distressed restaurant sector, Just Eat has introduced a wide-ranging series of measures to enable new and existing restaurant partners across the country to deliver their food to more people, in more areas, with the winner of ‘Best Takeaway Ireland’ in this year’s Just Eat National Takeaway Awards to benefit from a media budget worth €20,000.

Ireland’s restaurant industry has shown great resilience and innovation in response to the challenges of 2020, with three new categories including Community Hero, Best Takeaway Cocktails and Best Takeaway Dessert added to this year’s Just Eat National Takeaway Awards ballot paper in recognition of those efforts.

Spotlighting local Just Eat restaurant partners across Ireland who have gone the extra mile to serve those most in need during the pandemic, nominees for this year’s special Community Hero award will be considered based on their contribution to the local area. Whether it’s delivering care packages to those most vulnerable in our society, supporting local charity efforts or just lending a helping hand to others, Just Eat wants to celebrate them.

Speaking at the launch of this year’s National Takeaway Awards and commenting on the new categories, Amanda Roche-Kelly, Just Eat Ireland Managing Director said; “There has never been a more important time to get behind your local takeaway restaurant, so we’re delighted to host this year’s awards as a fully-digital initiative, shining a spotlight on the standard of service, the quality of delivery but also on the resilience through innovation that our new and existing restaurant partners have shown during this unprecedented time. While we believe all our restaurant partners are heroes for weathering this storm, it was important for us to include a special Community Hero award this year to give our customer the chance to celebrate those who’ve inspired them during these difficult times.

“We’ve seen a real shift in customer behaviour this year as the home continues to be our main hub for dining, entertainment and socialising, with our real-time business intelligence helping our network to respond to these demands. Many of our new and existing restaurant partners are now offering an extensive wine and cocktail menu as customers crave a sense of social normality, while an increased demand for dessert – up 117% on 2019, has seen the expansion of our sweet treat offerings. As we continue to invest our time and expertise in supporting the business of our restaurant partner, we’ve also introduced the Best Takeaway Cocktails and Best Takeaway Dessert to acknowledge those adapting their business model to meet the needs of those within their local area.”

Now in its seventh year the event is a celebration of the diversity and choice available in the sector, with a total of 28 accolades being awarded to those continuing to deliver great tasting quality food to their customers during these difficult times.

The shortlist of nominees will be announced on Wednesday 18th November with consumers given the chance to vote for their final winners, to be announced on Friday 27th November. To find out more or to cast your vote visit nationaltakeawayawards.just-eat.ie.


One of our favourite pastimes has to be ordering a takeaway for dinner.

I mean, when you are on a first-name basis with the Deliveroo guy, it says a lot.

But your wallet and your waistline might suffer from this habit, which is why we have gathered these tasty and easy recipes so you can get all the flavours of a great Asian takeaway, only much cheaper and healthier!

1. Salmon poke bowl

2. Five-spice noodles with mixed vegetables

3. Vegetarian pad thai

4. Classic sweet and sour chicken

5. Chilli beef and pepper stir fry

6. Teriyaki salmon

7. Asian chicken salad



Anyone who's tasted Wowburger's delicious fast food is about to hear the best news of the day: You can now order Dublin's tastiest burger exclusively on Just Eat, and we are SHAKING with anticipation.

This is not good for our bank balance, but it's a total treat yourself mood and we're oh so grateful for this glorious gift.

Ireland's leading food ordering and delivery service has confirmed an exclusive partnership with everyone's favourite, Wowburger, so you won't have to leave your gaff to taste heaven.


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Hungry fans can now choose from a wide range of mouth-watering WOW burgers, delicious free toppings and sides to be delivered straight to your front door, office or…just anywhere, really. We have no shame when it comes to Wowburger.

Named amongst the best burgers in Europe; the fresh Irish beef burger, flavourful WOW Vegi, garlic butter fries, creamy milkshakes and crispy onion rings are also available on Just Eat's menu.

Whether it's a Friday cheat treat, a hangover cure with friends or a workplace pick-me-up- Wowburger will bring the feast to you.


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Available seven days a week, Tallaght's branch of Wowburger will be the first to launch on Just Eat, with restaurants in Ranelagh, Parnell Street and Wexford Street also joining the platform over the next few weeks.

Edel Kinane, Commercial Director at Just Eat Ireland expressed her excitement for the new partnership;

“With locally sourced quality produce serving up those big signature flavours, this popular American-inspired diner is the latest addition to our expanding portfolio, which now features over 2,100 restaurants and a choice of over 40 cuisine types.”

Order Wowburger from 12pm on Just Eat's app, seven days a week with just a single tap.

This is absolutely lethal, we're going to have to stage an intervention to separate us from this app…It's too damn tasty.

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If you think about it, no one knows you better than your Deliveroo man. 

He knows about that celebratory Chinese when you finished your exams and he knows that your 'treat yourself Thursday' often spills over into the rest of the weekend. 

So it's not surprising that Deliveroo knows exactly what kind of takeaway meals make the top five when it comes to our capital's preferences. 


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When 8pm on a Saturday night (the most popular time to order) rolls around, there are a few takeaways Dubliners love most.

Taking the top spot is the family meal from Eddie Rockets, comprising of two burger meals and two kids meals, so a true family favourite.

At number two there is the humble but mighty Boojum burrito, the ideal hangover food. 

At number three, Aussie BBQ takes the crown for their pulled pork and bacon fries. *drools*


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The number four spot is held by another family favourite from Beshoff Bros, the haddock fish and chips family meal for four. 

And last but not least, the capital's notions come to life with salmon sashimi from Aoki Sushi. 

The delivery service also looked into the eating habits of Co Cork, and they are distinctly different to those in the capital. 


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Cork residents prefer something a little spicy when they order in, with Yuan Ming Yuan's Hung Sung Pa Aromatic Duck taking the top spot. 

Ramen's Pad Thai came in second, with Tung Sing Crispy Chilli Chicken a close third. 

Burritos were again featured, this time it was Burritos & Blues Deliveroo Special in fourth place.


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And proving that you can't beat a takeaway classic, in fifth place is Uncle Pete’s Burger Meal for two. Romantic AF.

Now we're craving a takeaway dinner…


There is nothing better than heading out for brunch with the girls every Sunday, or sharing dinner and drinks with your partner, but all that fanciful feasting can add up.

A new survey has revealed how much the average Irish person spends eating outside the home every month, and it tots up to a grand total of about €100.00.

Around 55 per cent of people spend over €100.00 to eat out each month, while only 7% spend less than €50.00.

The survey by Taste of Dublin also showed that almost four out of ten of us eat out at least once a week.

Irish women are also more likely to eat out weekly, with 40 per cent of us paying the brunch bill once a week, when compared with Irish men.

The lads were just behind us in the polls however, with 35 per cent enjoying a meal out each week.


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Only 8 per cent of frugal foodies eat out less than once per month or rarely. 

The survey also portrayed  the importance of bar and restaurant reviews to food fans, who make sure to look up public opinion of a venue before sinking their teeth in.  

84 per cent of people say they are more likely to head to a well-received restaurant, with only 3 per cent saying they don’t read reviews. 


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'Most of us are spending over €100 each month eating out, which reflects the demand for tables we are seeing in Irish restaurants and matches the anecdotal stories we are hearing from our expert chefs and restaurants,' said Taste of Dublin Managing Director Avril Bannerton.

Now we're hungry…


Thai food is the best food, and free Thai food is even better. 

To celebrate Thai New Year, asian eatery Saba and Saba To Go on Baggot Street will be giving away free takeaway lunches.

On Wednesday, April 12 (aka tomorrow) the restaurant will be giving away 100 of the free mini-feasts on a first come, first served basis.

The lunch options include a delicious serving of chiang rai noodles or chicken massaman curry.

To celebrate the Thai new year further,  head chef Tao at the eatery will be creating a special Thai New Year menu, which will run from April 13-17, in case you don't manage to get down there at lunch time tomorrow. 


Hey, we've all been there: a serious case of the late-night munchies when you feel you could consume half the chipper menu and STILL have room for a round of buttered toast when you get home. 

But even we are feeling somewhat overwhelmed by one offering from Aarons takeaway, in Kilsheelan Co Tipperary. 

Spanning a metre in length and filled with chicken, chips, kebab meat, sausages and salad, a total of NINE white wraps were needed to complete the monstrosity. 

Sharing a snap on its Facebook page over the weekend, the eatery revealed that it had whipped up the feast for a hungry local customer, Jamie Cornin, who parted with €30 for the privilege. 

The same takeaway gained notoriety on Friday evening when it created an unreasonably GIANT burger.

Consisting of 850g of fresh beef mince and 125g of chicken topped with cheese and salad, (we're frankly pretty horrified by the size of it) it costs €14.

The burger is also in the market for a name, with the winner being gifted with a €25 voucher for Aarons (that's almost enough for a giant wrap!).

Meanwhile, there is sadly no word yet on whether Jamie managed to polish off his personal, meat-filled banquet. If he did – we just hope he's OK. 


Dublin City Council are going to publish a new plan for O’Connell Street which will outline the future use and redevelopment of properties- including Clerys department store.

The draft of the plan is designed to encourage appropriate commercial activity while also protecting the area’s cultural, civic and historic character.

Areas included in the plan aside from O’Connell Street are: Henry Street, North Earl Street, middle Abbey Street, Westmoreland Street and D’Olier Street, reports the Irish Times.

What does this mean?

While the scheme is not granting permission to the council to shut down any shops already in existence, certain types of shops will not be opening there any time in the future.

Amusement arcades, bookmakers, fast-food outlets, mobile-phone shops or “adult entertainment” shops will all be refused permission to open according to the plan.

“It is an objective of the scheme of special planning control to protect such uses that contribute significantly to the special character of the area.”

We thought curry cheese chips have their own ‘special character’? Apparently not enough for the new and improved city centre.

While there are plenty of fast food establishments already open in the area, for anyone who had hopes of In-N-Out Burger making a glorious return this is just another nail in the coffin.

However, the scheme is available for public consultation and submissions for another eight weeks. So if you have any suggestions perhaps now is your chance.

The final plan will need to be approved by city councilors before any changes will come into force.


We've all been there: we arrive in from school, college or work – we're absolutely exhausted, fed-up and oh-so tempted to order food from the chipper or Chinese.

The only issue: take-aways are hardly good for your health, waistline OR your pocket.

But there ARE amazingly simple and delicious recipes that take just ten minutes (or less!) to prepare.

We've kept these six meal ideas veggie – but you can easily add in the likes of pre-cooked sliced chicken if you feel you'd rather a meat-hit too.

1) Breakfast taco

Lightly oil a pan and then stick it over a medium-high heat.

Scramble three egg whites, a small handful of spinach leaves, and a tablespoon of drained and rinsed black beans (from a can is fine). Season with salt and pepper.

When the mixture has set, remove from the heat.

Wrap it all up in a whole-wheat tortilla and top with some salsa.

2) Cold pizza

Great for hitting the spot when you've a craving. Toast two bits of thickly-sliced whole-grain bread and brush with a garlic clove. 

Top with two tablespoons of ricotta or torn mozzarella, a large basil leaf, tomato slices, a drizzle of olive oil, and salt and pepper.

Pop under the grill for five minutes – then eat.

3) Mediterranean pita

Split open a whole-wheat pita and spread one side with hummus.

Grill a red pepper (sliced) and then add to the pita. Also throw in a sprinkling of crumbled feta, some black olives, and five slices cucumber.

Top with mixed salad; then it's ready!

4) White bean sandwich

Mash around a quarter can of rinsed and drained white beans with some olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Toast two bits of thickly-sliced whole-grain bread and then spread with the bean mixture.

Top with slices of red onion, cucumber, and avocado.

5) Loaded Sweet Potato

Prick one small-to-medium sweet potato with a fork around five times.

Microwave on a piece of kitchen paper or a microwave-safe plate for five minutes.

Split open lengthwise and top with a couple of spoonfuls of Greek yogurt, a drizzle of honey, and two tablespoons of drained and rinsed black beans.

Top with a pinch of paprika.


In the movies, Valentine's Day is always full of rose petals, swanky hotels and champagne on ice.

In real life, that's all just a bit too much effort, we reckon. If your plans this Valentine's night involve a cheeky takeaway, a bottle of wine and some Netflix bingeing, then you're in good company!

A new survey by online takeaway ordering service JUST EAT reveals that a whopping 66% of Irish couples are planning a cosy night in this February 14th, with 42% saying a Chinese takeaway is on the menu.

As any happy couple knows, Valentine's is all about getting some quality time with your loved one, and what better way to do that than snuggling up on the couch with some good food and a great movie?

Of course, not every couple likes a toned down Valentine's Day – the survey also found that smug couples and irritating Facebook statuses will be two of the most common things grinding our gears on the day.

If you know a couple that you think deserves a cosy night in on V-Day without any cost or hassle, JUST EAT are asking you to nominate them to win the ultimate night in! Each prize pack will include a Takeaway Twosie (who needs onesies?!), roses from Flowers.ie and a €50 JUST EAT gift card.

If your chosen couple wins, you'll also receive a €50 JUST EAT voucher to use yourself. To get started, simply follow JUST EAT on Twitter and Facebook, where details on how to enter will be revealed next week.


According to the video us Irish love a bit of champ (potatoes mashed with scallions and chives). I’m not sure where you’d find that after stumbling out of a club at 5am…sounds good though. Let’s start a petition!