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One of our favourite pastimes has to be ordering a takeaway for dinner.

I mean, when you are on a first-name basis with the Deliveroo guy, it says a lot.

But your wallet and your waistline might suffer from this habit, which is why we have gathered these tasty and easy recipes so you can get all the flavours of a great Asian takeaway, only much cheaper and healthier!

1. Salmon poke bowl

2. Five-spice noodles with mixed vegetables

3. Vegetarian pad thai

4. Classic sweet and sour chicken

5. Chilli beef and pepper stir fry

6. Teriyaki salmon

7. Asian chicken salad



With the mid-week slump hitting us right in the face, it can be tempting to get on your phone and order dinner from your favourite takeaway. 

While we have nothing against a cheeky food delivery, making your own takeaway would probably be a cheaper and healthier option. 

So why not try one of the tasty recipes below? They won't take you long to make and will certainly please your family! 

1. Crispy orange chicken

2. Chinese dan dan style noodles

3. Korean fried dumplings

4. Chinese Szechwan supper

5. Pork chow mein with vegetables

6. Singapore rice

7. Asian noodle soup with prawns

8. Classic sweet and sour chicken

9. Pork with black bean and noodles