In the movies, Valentine's Day is always full of rose petals, swanky hotels and champagne on ice.

In real life, that's all just a bit too much effort, we reckon. If your plans this Valentine's night involve a cheeky takeaway, a bottle of wine and some Netflix bingeing, then you're in good company!

A new survey by online takeaway ordering service JUST EAT reveals that a whopping 66% of Irish couples are planning a cosy night in this February 14th, with 42% saying a Chinese takeaway is on the menu.

As any happy couple knows, Valentine's is all about getting some quality time with your loved one, and what better way to do that than snuggling up on the couch with some good food and a great movie?

Of course, not every couple likes a toned down Valentine's Day – the survey also found that smug couples and irritating Facebook statuses will be two of the most common things grinding our gears on the day.

If you know a couple that you think deserves a cosy night in on V-Day without any cost or hassle, JUST EAT are asking you to nominate them to win the ultimate night in! Each prize pack will include a Takeaway Twosie (who needs onesies?!), roses from and a €50 JUST EAT gift card.

If your chosen couple wins, you'll also receive a €50 JUST EAT voucher to use yourself. To get started, simply follow JUST EAT on Twitter and Facebook, where details on how to enter will be revealed next week.