We are VERY excited about MAC’s September collection!


Just because the weather is getting kind of dull, doesn’t mean your make-up has to! MAC’s September collection looks brilliant – we can’t wait to get our hands on some of these products.

The Simpsons Collection
The Simpsons are celebrating their 25th anniversary, and MAC have decided to celebrate along with them by bringing out their Simpsons inspired make-up! Don’t worry though – it isn’t yellow paint!

Their Lipglass (top right) comes in four colours:

  • Nacho Cheese Explosion: a bright neon lime yellow
  • Grand Pumpkin: bright creamy orange
  • Red blazer: bright fuchsia
  • Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy: electric blue violet

You could also try their eye shadows and blush which all have equally Simpson-esque names such as Beehive Blue (eye shadow) and Sideshow You (blush).

A Novel Romance
If you were never really a fan of The Simpsons anyway, you might find something from their A Novel Romance collection: "a colour collection teeming with luscious shades that will have you feeling overwhelmed with desire", apparently. And we have to agree, check out these fab nail polishes and eye shadow collection:

Matchmaster Concealer
The thing we're most excited about though, has to be their Matchmaster concealer. It comes in 12 different shades and contains vitamin E which moisturises your skin while the concealer gets to work covering up blemishes and under eye circles. What more could you want?

Studio Sculpt
To top it all off, they have their new Studio Sculpt products. The Defining Powder offers "sheer coverage with a barely-there finish, immediately correcting uneven tones, leaving skin smooth and sculpted without looking powdery or cakey" – sounds good to us! And their mascara, Superblack Lash now comes in a "deep, rich shade of carbon black". Impressed? So are we. We may just plan a little shopping trip come the 4th of September when all this is available!