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Kendall Jenner has opened up to Allure about her self-esteem issues surrounding her acne and skincare routine since she was 14-years-old.

She only revealed to the world last month that she is a long-time sufferer of the skin condition which plagues mainly young teens around the world.

Taking to Instagram back in January, she wrote to her fans; "While there are much bigger problems happening in the world, suffering from acne for me was debilitating. It’s something that I’ve dealt with since I was a young teen and has caused me to feel anxious, helpless and insecure."


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She continued; "As humans, I don’t think we share our insecurities enough because we live in a time where being “perfect” is the standard. We curate our life online and pick the pretty moments to post. I’d like to show a younger generation that not everything is perfect."

Jenner's goal is to create a conversation surrounding image and insecurity; "I didn’t think I’d see the day where I would feel confident posting a makeup free picture. My goal is to open up a dialogue around skin positivity.

Now, she has stated that the online haters as well as her acne has made her cry for days in the past. We've all had a bit of a sob when a massive spot surfaces on the exact day you have an important event on, it's so cruel.


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She revealed more about her young life to Allure;

"I've always struggled with a bit of acne since I was around 14. It killed a lot of self-esteem and I had to really work past that." She is also a person who detests when her pimples are pointed out to her, as we all are.

A break-out at the Golden Globes caused her endless stress, saying, "I was feeling good about myself, and then when people say mean things I'm like, 'I know I have a zit. I know I'm breaking out. You guys don't have to keep pointing it out. I obviously see that, but let me live.'"


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Those people are legit the worst. Rude, much?

She admitted; 

"I have cried endlessly for days because of things people have said to me, and I've had to become stronger through it. I mean, don't get me wrong: I am not superhuman. I definitely feel, and the things people say online are very hurtful."

We're happy for her that she's found a great skincare routine that works for her, and is starting the conversation. Young women are under such pressure to look picture perfect 24 hours a day.

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Kate O'Connell, a Fine Gael TD for the Dublin Bay South constituency, has lodged a formal complaint against a non-elected senior party figure, who she claims is engaging in online abuse.

It's reported that the man in question has used slurs and offensive language against women on social media, with a particular emphasis on the topic of the Eight Amendment. 

According to The Irish Examiner, concern around his behaviour was raised at the weekly party meeting last night as Kate O'Connell highlighted the severity of his actions by circulating a five-page print out of his offensive tweets.

It's understood that the member is a non-elected official who holds an important role in the party.

Fine Gael candidate, Stephanie Regan, added: “I don’t think he has respect for women. I think it certainly has to be addressed by the party.”

She continued: “I was thinking, ‘Does he realise that in every second tweet he is using the word bitch?’ I think that he has an unfortunate lack of awareness about how he comes across and maybe how he feels about women.”

After making the formal complaint to general secretary Tom Curran, Ms O'Connell asked her party colleagues for their support.


X Factor hopefuls Bratavio have been hit with death threats and homophobic abuse as they progress to the talent competition’s live shows.

Bradley Hunt and Ottavio Columbro enraged fans of the long-running programme when they were named among Louis Walsh’s final three acts for The X Factor’s group category.

According to The Mirror, viewers believe the singers’ ability to progress to the live shows demonstrates how The X Factor has lost credibility in recent years.


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The lads – who have received much recognition for their colourful costumes and love/hate relationship – have been attacked online by angry trolls from both the gay and straight communities.

Sharing a picture of Bratavio, one Twitter user wrote: “What the fook is this all about…and we ask our self…why do gay people get beat up…theses 2 make me look straight and I am a drag queen…get them off my TV (sic).”

While others have encouraged the band to “kill themselves”.

As well as fans of the duo jumping to their defence, Bradley and Ottavio have replied to some of their haters.

Acknowledging Louis Walsh’s role in the controversy, Ottavio tweeted: “Calm down, we don’t make the decisions and we have dreams too.”



Fame and fortune may come with many perks, but not being able to venture past your own front door without undergoing an hour’s worth of intensive contouring isn’t one of them.

And while many celebrities give in to the superficial expectations of their respective industries, earlier this year singer-songwriter Alicia Keys chose to ditch the slap in favour of a freer life.

The 35-year-old’s decision – the details of which she outlined in a post on Lenny Letter – initially received widespread praise, but unfortunately for Alicia – and women in general – she has since been subject to a lot criticism online.



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On Sunday night the best-selling author stunned in a bohemian style full-length dress at the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony in New York but despite looking amazing, the star’s critics quickly came out in force to shame her makeup-free face.

Examples of the comments written about at the singer include: “I understand Alicia Keys wants to do the ‘no makeup’ thing but baby girl at least get some concealer and lashes.”

And: “Fill in the brows and a little bit of tinted lip balm.  And she’ll be straight.”



Beautiful night

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Meanwhile, the mother of two was also accused of straight up lying about the fact she went au naturel. 

One Twitter user wrote: “Alicia Keys is wearing makeup.  JUST SAYING”.  While another said: “We all know you wear bb cream, sis.  Also, how does no makeup correlate to this haggard look you’re running around with.”

Yesterday the American activist addressed her critics on social media by sharing a photo of her makeup free self blowing a kiss at the camera along with the caption: “Ya’ll, me choosing to be makeup free doesn’t mean I’m anti-makeup.  Do you!”  




So far the post has been retweeted 58,000 times and has received 100,000 likes.

It’s pretty clear the No One singer is more than happy with her new beauty regime as she has already vowed to maintain her natural look for the upcoming series of The Voice.

You go girl!



TOWIE star Lauren Goodger has become the victim of online trolls after her Victoria’s Secret-inspired photoshoot.

While we certainly won’t be posting any of the trolls' cruel taunts here, let’s just say people were less than nice to Lauren about her shoot. The situation got so bad that she actually removed photos and videos of her VS Angel look from her Twitter and Instagram accounts. How awful!

Lauren wore lingerie and even a pair of white wings for her big magazine shoot. She told new! magazine that she had great fun doing it, saying: “I love Victoria’s Secret, I love the wings and the catwalk. I just wanted to have fun with this shoot and I like to take the pi** out of myself.”

The TOWIE star also spoke about wanting a baby, admitting that she had thought she would be a mum by now: “I’ve always loved children. I thought I’d have a baby by now, but it’s not my time and it’s not meant to be.” Lauren was in a long-term relationship with her co-star Mark Wright, but the pair split in 2012 and Mark is now engaged to be married to Michelle Keegan.

We hope Lauren ignores the haters and keeps her head up – nobody should have to endure such cruel online abuse.



If you’ll excuse the mouthful, trolling couldn’t be more of a trending topic right now. We’ve heard the tale again and again of many different public figures receiving horrific anonymous hate online – and another recurring theme seems to be that social networks are unwilling to take much (if any) direct responsibility for this kind of messaging.

Leanne Woodfull, one of Ireland’s biggest blogging success stories, has had to deal with some horrific personal slurs from trolls. I had a chat with her about dealing with negative backlash, her thoughts on karma and how trolls are allowed to let loose online…

What runs through your head when you get trolled, and how do you cope with the constant threat of it re-occurring when social networks such as Twitter can’t be relied upon to shut down abusive accounts?

It genuinely makes me worry about the human race… and my own generation. It's like people have become completely blind to general human guidelines and morals; the internet has blurred a line that is crossed far too often.

It usually goes over my head now and I block instantly and try and forget about whatever was said but when there is a mob going at you, sometimes you literally just need to step away and switch off from it all.

I like Twitter, but there are far too many loopholes in their terms of service that actually serve to accommodate trolls. The block button does virtually nothing bar letting someone follow you. They can still see all of you tweets, photos etc. if you're not on private. 

What has made the link between blogging and online bullying such an issue here? Is this a case of old-fashioned Irish begrudgery?

I honestly think Ireland is a nation of begrudgers, it's an old saying but it's true. People hate seeing others in their age range do something not only for themselves, but also something different. Now don't get me wrong, a lot of people are mature and nice enough to congratulate or at least ignore you if they dislike you, but a large minority of people love nothing more than to hop on the hate bandwagon to be honest. It's really sad to see and experience, especially when we're such a small country – it's too small for the negativity it seems to produce. It obviously happens all over the world but it seems to be extremely apparent here.

Recently, the story of Alanah Pearce reporting trolls to their mothers has gone viral. What do you think of this approach? Is it realistic?

I think it depends on the person to be honest. I'm sure if the parents of some Irish teens saw some of the things said about me in regards to my surgery and depression, they would be absolutely devastated upon finding out that someone they brought up is capable of such viciousness.

However, I'm a huge believer in karma. Sometimes I think it's best to let things blow over – in Alanah's case I believe it was sexual verbal abuse, so that's another thing altogether. When it comes to the regular "X and Y is a bitch, she's ugly, she's yada yada yada" it's best to block and ignore. If you end up hunting down their parents to show them what they say, you're only digging a deeper hole and putting some bad karma out there.

Realistically, businesses and companies have blacklisted many people already due to public trolling – especially in Ireland. Media/ journalism students for example should be aware of the "internet footprint" and that everything you say online, stays online – if you publicly post abuse and your full name/ photos and college is on your website, well, you've kind of already walked yourself into something anyway.

Karma works wonders and to be honest, it helps me sleep at night knowing that because I know people who put out such anger and hate, always get it returned to them in some way or another!

Deirdre Foley is a history grad, sceptic, wearer of red lipstick and self-confessed 'beauty maniac'. She is also the co-founder of fabulous Irish beauty blog, Viva Adonis.

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