Lauren Goodger faces cruel ridicule following photoshoot


TOWIE star Lauren Goodger has become the victim of online trolls after her Victoria’s Secret-inspired photoshoot.

While we certainly won’t be posting any of the trolls' cruel taunts here, let’s just say people were less than nice to Lauren about her shoot. The situation got so bad that she actually removed photos and videos of her VS Angel look from her Twitter and Instagram accounts. How awful!

Lauren wore lingerie and even a pair of white wings for her big magazine shoot. She told new! magazine that she had great fun doing it, saying: “I love Victoria’s Secret, I love the wings and the catwalk. I just wanted to have fun with this shoot and I like to take the pi** out of myself.”

The TOWIE star also spoke about wanting a baby, admitting that she had thought she would be a mum by now: “I’ve always loved children. I thought I’d have a baby by now, but it’s not my time and it’s not meant to be.” Lauren was in a long-term relationship with her co-star Mark Wright, but the pair split in 2012 and Mark is now engaged to be married to Michelle Keegan.

We hope Lauren ignores the haters and keeps her head up – nobody should have to endure such cruel online abuse.