Fine Gael TD files complaint over senior member’s ‘online abuse’


Kate O'Connell, a Fine Gael TD for the Dublin Bay South constituency, has lodged a formal complaint against a non-elected senior party figure, who she claims is engaging in online abuse.

It's reported that the man in question has used slurs and offensive language against women on social media, with a particular emphasis on the topic of the Eight Amendment. 

According to The Irish Examiner, concern around his behaviour was raised at the weekly party meeting last night as Kate O'Connell highlighted the severity of his actions by circulating a five-page print out of his offensive tweets.

It's understood that the member is a non-elected official who holds an important role in the party.

Fine Gael candidate, Stephanie Regan, added: “I don’t think he has respect for women. I think it certainly has to be addressed by the party.”

She continued: “I was thinking, ‘Does he realise that in every second tweet he is using the word bitch?’ I think that he has an unfortunate lack of awareness about how he comes across and maybe how he feels about women.”

After making the formal complaint to general secretary Tom Curran, Ms O'Connell asked her party colleagues for their support.