So, pole dancing could become an Olympic sport in the near future

It's safe to say the world of pole dancing has undergone somewhat of a transition over the past few years.

Once associated with seedy dance floors and risqué entertainment, the activity has since gone on to prove itself as a pretty decent workout routine, and has now been declared as a sport in its own right.

The Global Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF) has recognised the physical exertion and skill involved and have given it 'observer status'. 

According to The Daily Mail, the declaration comes 11 years after Katie Coates, president of the international pole sports federation, started a petition to get pole dancing into the Olympics.

Speaking to the paper, Katie said: “In the early 2000s people started doing it as fitness and taking away the sex stigma, so no high heels and making it accessible for average people.”

“Pole dancing is not like everyone thinks it is, you need to actually watch it to understand.”

“I feel like we have achieved the impossible, everyone told us that we would not be able to get pole dancing recognised as a sport,” she added.

Given its new status, the federation for pole dancing can now apply for national sports recognition through the Department for Digital, Culture and Sport as well as British Olympic Committee and UK Sport memberships.

Patrick Baumann, President of GAISF told The Times: “We will do everything within our remit to help them realise their full potential and… one day, maybe become part of the Olympic programme”.