Remember the last time a male athlete was described simply as someone's husband in a headline announcing a recent win? Yeah, us neither.

And yet reducing a woman to nothing more than her marital status is an all too frequent occurrence in the media, and it looks like Twitter is officially OVER it.

Slamming the Chicago Tribune for their coverage of Corey Cogdell's bronze in Rio, Twitter users questioned why the athlete's identity was linked only to her husband.

The headline 'Wife of a Bears' lineman wins a bronze medal today in Rio Olympics' was met with outage from social media users who demanded the newspaper explain their choice of headline.

"Isn't awful that she was born nameless and without an identity of her own," wrote one Twitter user while another highlighted the disparity which exists between reporting on male and female athletes.

Sharing a photo of Michael Phelps, another Twitter user wrote: "Son of middle school principal Debborah Sue wins Olympic gold' before adding the hashtag TweetLikeTheChicagoTribune.

Doing their job for them, another irate member of the public took the opportunity to edit the Tribune's tweet before sharing it with followers, writing: "SHE HAS A NAME. Congrats to amazing markswoman and all-around BAMF, Corey Cogdell"

Wife of Bears' lineman? Seriously?