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Ed Sheeran seems extremely down to earth so it's no surprise that he took that approach when trying to woo his new rumoured love interest Nicole Scherzinger. 

It has been reported that Ed captured her attention with low-key nights involving Pizza Express takeaways and orange squash.

Apparently the pair are spending a lot of time together since Ed invited Nicole to one of his sell-out shows in Wembley Stadium last month. 

A source told Heat magazine: "Ed's a man of simple pleasures. After the gig, he ordered Pizza Express takeaway for him and Nicole and they drank supermarket brand vodka mixed with Fruit and Barley squash. It doesn't sound like much but she loved it."

The unlikely couple are reportedly in the early stages of dating after they were friends for a long time. 

Nicole broke up with long-term boyfriend Lewis Hamilton back in February after they dated on and off for seven years. 

We think this may just be the perfect match for Nicole as she spoke before about wanting to settle down in the UK. "I do feel like an honorary Brit. I could see myself having a home here, definitely. I love the people here. I get a warm feeling from them," she said.

"Settling down is definitely in the picture for me, but everything at the right time."

According to The Sun the former X Factor judge accompanied Ed to his local pub in Framlingham, Suffolk and the pair were seen drinking G&Ts and eating pork belly. 

We're sure this would also work perfectly if we ever bumped into Ed. 


Well this is some relationship news that we really were not expecting to hear.

Reportedly, Nicole Scherzinger, 37, and beloved ginger Ed Sheeran, 24, are spending an awful lot of time together, enough that there are now rumours the pair are something of an item.

According to The Sun, the two are said to be “in the early stages of dating”.

Nicole and Ed have been friends for some time now, but apparently things started to take a different turn when she split up from long-term boyfriend Lewis Hamilton in February this year.

It was Ed’s songs that helped the former X Factor judge get through her heartache, apparently. The Daily Mail reports that Nicole joined the singer backstage at one of his Wembley Stadium gigs.

 Just days later he apparently whisked her off to his home town in Suffolk where they visited his favourite local pub.

A source has told The Sun, “As far as he’s concerned they were in the early stages of dating and he’s been open about it with close friends and colleagues.”

Since his break-up from long-term girlfriend Athina Andrelos, Ed has been linked to a number of stars over the last few months.

This included Irish model Louise Johnston, but he quickly out those rumours to rest when he said that his love life had been “non-existent” since he broke up with Athina.



Two months ago she was spotted at a West Hollywood eatery with her life coach… and now Amanda Bynes has emerged once again.

And while back in May she certainly appeared noticeably happier and healthier – yesterday, the 29-year-old actress positively shone at an LA fashion event.

Wearing a tight white lace dress, she completed her outfit with leather stilettos and a small leather shoulder bag. She also had on oversized sunglasses and her trademark long, blonde wig.

Ms Bynes was attending the launch party for Project Runway star's Michael Costello's capsule range in Los Angeles – seemingly the first bash she’s been a guest at since her much-publicised breakdown and mental-health issues.

Also attending the same soiree were former Danity Kane members Shannon Bex and Abrey O'Day, as well as singer Nicole Scherzinger.

Earlier this year, a spokesperson for the star said: "Amanda is doing great. She appreciates all of the love and support she receives from family, friends and fans."

Legal representatives for her parents, Lynn and Rick, also said at the same time: "She is doing great, working on her fashion design and staying focused on living a balanced and healthy life."

It has been furthermore reported that Ms Bynes has made sufficient health improvements to move out of her parents’ home and into her own apartment.

It is believed that Amanda’s relationship with her mum and dad, which at times has been hugely strained, has also improved significantly since late last year.

As recently as last October, the star was being treated in a psychiatric facility.

In 2012, she was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, and two years ago she was involuntarily hospitalised because of her erratic behaviour.

Two sets of hit and run charges against her were dismissed when she made financial settlements out of court.

She has also been caught shoplifting and in a series of worrying tweets, she made several incredible accusations – including that she had been sexually abused by her father.

It was a comment she later retracted, saying that a "microchip made her say it".

The former Nickelodeon star remains under the temporary conservatorship of her parents. 


It's been four months since Nicole Scherzinger called a halt on her relationship with Lewis Hamilton, but we reckon the pair could be on track for a reunion, if Lewis' latest Instagram post is anything to go by.

The Formula One driver took to social media this morning to wish his ex a happy birthday, and he couldn't help but get a little soppy while he was at it. "Dear friend, Through the years we shared alot," Lewis wrote, sharing a picture of himself and his former flame. 

"I wouldn't have changed a thing All the experiences made me the man i'm proud to be right now. The Memories together will never be taken away no matter how old we get and I'm thankful for the time we had. I'm wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays, and may God continue to Bless you in all that you do," he continued, adding the hashtag #waayyyupstayblessed.

​Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole ended the seven-year relationship back in February, with friends saying she couldn't cope with Lewis' lack of commitment.

Relations between the pair had been notoriously rocky in recent years, and it seems Nicole felt things couldn't go on. "They’d been fighting for months but things had got much worse,” a source revealed at the time. "They spend so much time apart that things just became untenable." 

Since the split, Lewis has been linked to Kendall Jenner  eleven years his junior  among others, even hosting her and a host of family and friends at the Monaco Grand Prix last month.

As for Nicole, she wasn't letting her relationship history get her down on her birthday weekend, as she relaxed with friends on the sunkissed island of Mykonos in Greece.

If she's missing Lewis, she's not letting on, that's for sure.


Nicole Scherzinger was left momentarily unconscious when she was dropped on her head whilst practicing an extreme skating routine on the new show I Can Do That!

Joe Jonas, one of the stars, explains how the new show works. “Here are six celebrities who are in a contest together. And each week we are in pairs of two and we are presented with a new challenge, typically a variety act or a performance and we need to learn it in a week.”

According to the Jonas brother, “then the audience judge at the end of the show its bragging rights.”

It was during the rehearsal for one of these episodes that Nicole took a terrible tumble.

She was attempting to do a move called ‘the headbanger’ that involved a professional skater lifting her up and swinging her around at an incredibly fast pace. Unfortunately, the skater lost his grip and Nicole landed hard on her head.

The 36-year-old former Pussycat Doll was rendered briefly unconscious, while Joe Jonas runs over to her and can be heard saying “when she landed she hit her head.”

Before attempting the stunt, the 24-year-old explained how he had conversations with Nicole making sure that she wanted to attempt the daredevil move. He admitted that “this has just become a very scary act.”

Luckily, the former girlfriend of Lewis Hamilton did not suffer any serious injuries, and sure enough, she gave the stunt another go, performing it for the live show and… she totally nailed it!

Nicole even received a well-deserved standing ovation after delivering the head-spinning performance.

We seriously have to admire he courage of getting back up there after such a scary experience. 



Nicole Scherzinger has reportedly been dropped by her record label as a result of disappointing album sales.

The former Pussycat Doll  released her second album, Big Fat Lie, in 2014. The album only managed to spend a dismal two weeks in the UK’s top 100.

A source told The Sun that “there is a feeling that Nicole didn’t get the support she needed on the release to make it a success. “

They also explained that “fans have been grumbling that they didn’t think the right singles were released by the label.”

The former X Factor judge has been having a tough year, following her split from on/off again beau of seven years, Lewis Hamilton.

Things got even worse for the 36-year-old recently when her ex was rumoured to be dating 19-year-old Kendall Jenner after a flurry of photos surfaced of the pair at the Grand Prix in Monaco.

Hopefully things will start to look up for Ms Scherzinger soon. The source also said that “it’s unlikely Nicole will be out of a record deal in the UK for long and she is still signed to Epic in the US. “


Lewis Hamilton has been linked to several women since splitting in February from his on-off ex, Nicole Scherzinger – most prominently of all, BFFs Gigi Hadid, and Kendall Jenner.

However, now the rumour-mill is in overdrive relating to yet another model. 

And this time, it seems that Lewis has upped his game – being linked with none-other than the ultimate queen of the supermodels herself, Naomi Campbell.

The Formula One driver was spotted enjoying an intimate catch-up with the Londoner as they attended a Louis Vuitton fashion event in her native city last night.

The pair looked seriously cosy as they posed-up for pictures together.

Lewis himself took to Instagram to share a snap of the duo at the LV party. "Last night catching up with my beautiful big sis @iamnaomicampbell at the Louis Vuitton party in London. #blessed #goodtimes," he wrote.

Naomi attended the event in a Victorian-inspired lace dress pair with nude sandals and her long locks were straightened.

Lewis also looked extremely stylish, dressed in a graphic black and white t-shirt with tweed trousers and a black fedora hat to top off his look.

The racing driver has recently returned from winning the Canadian Grand Prix and just weeks before that was spotted partying with Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid in the south of France following the Monaco Grande Prix.

It's rumoured that Kris Jenner thinks Lewis Hamilton is "perfect" for her daughter Kendall. The 59-year-old showbiz matriarch is said to be very keen to see the 19-year-old catwalk model and Lewis get together as she reckons he's a true gent – and that he'd help her daughter's image too. 

Kendall's pal, Hailey Baldwin, last month shared a shot of a huge group of them partying, which Kris later posted herself.

An insider revealed: "She really wants Kendall to date him. Lewis and Kris have become friendly in recent months and she thinks he's perfect for her daughter."


Nicole Scherzinger has spoken out about her break up with on/off boyfriend of seven years, Lewis Hamilton.

The former X Factor judge opened up just days after Hamilton has been linked to both Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

In an exclusive interview with People, Nicole explained about how people can become complacent in relationships:

“Sometimes people stay in relationships because they get complacent, because it’s comfortable for them, because they don’t want to be alone.”

The former Pussycat Doll gave advice to other newly singles saying it is important to “focus on yourself”.

“If relationships or people in your lives are meant to be, then they will come back around, but that shouldn’t be what’s holding you back.”

Meanwhile, ex-Lewis has been getting cosy with the Kendall-Gigi clan. Swarms of pics of the group surfaced from the Grand Prix in Monaco last week.


We love you @lewishamilton. Everyone knows you da champ. #TEAMLH

A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on


Reports suggested that the Formula 1 star and Gigi were getting close at the racetrack but now an insider has told the Mail Online that Kris Jenner has given the 30 year old the okay to date her daughter.

As we reported earlier this week, there may be trouble in paradise for Kendall and Gigi. Is a feud over Lewis Hamilton brewing too? 




Lewis Hamilton is best known for being a world famous Formula One driver and the ex-bae of Nicole Scherzinger.

The 30 year old was racing in the Monaco Grand Prix over the weekend and was spotted getting cosy with supermodel Gigi Hadid. 

Although there is a ten year age gap, Hamilton was seen hanging out with Gigi and her model friends, which include Kendall Jenner, although as we mentioned earlier, there may be trouble in paradise between these BFFs. 


The crew is here!! @kendalljenner @gigihadid @bellahadid @haileybaldwin #MonacoGP

A photo posted by Lewis Hamilton (@lewishamilton) on

Both Hamilton and Hadid took to instagram to show the world the new 'crew' but Nicole Scherzinger, who previously dated Hamilton for seven months, was far from the Grand Prix as she touched down solo in Los Angelus.


Crew Love GO HAM @lewishamilton

A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

​Gigi recently split from boyfriend Cody Simpson but seems loved up posting a video showing her support for Lewis in Monaco.


We love you @lewishamilton. Everyone knows you da champ. #TEAMLH

A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

Are these guys the new cute couple on the block in Hollywood or are these simply rumours? Only time will tell, but we will be keeping a close eye.



He has enjoyed plenty of success in the sporting world, as the Formula One World Champion, but it looks like Lewis Hamilton is about to make a major career change.

According to reports, Lewis is a bit of a budding rapper, and has set his sights on making it in the music industry!

This isn’t just a pipe dream for the star either, with sources claiming that his buddy Jay-Z is interested in signing him to his Roc Nation record label.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Lewis has been talking to a few music industry figures about his music, including Jay-Z’s Roc Nation team. It’s early days but it looks more and more likely that he will release some of the songs.”


A photo posted by Lewis Hamilton (@lewishamilton) on

We wonder what Lewis’ ex-girlfriend, singer Nicole Scherzinger will have to say about this? Could we have an awkward chart battle of the exes on our hands in the near future?

The source added: “Lewis spends a lot of his time in the studio, works with big name collaborators and take it all very seriously. Formula One is still his number one priority but don’t be too surprised if Lewis tried a pop career too.”

What are you waiting for then, Lewis? Let’s hear some music!



Nicole Scherzinger’s boyfriend Lewis Hamilton has admitted that he is under major pressure to pop the question!

Thankfully for the Formula One driver, the pressure is coming from his own family members rather than from his on-off girlfriend of seven years, as he told E! News: “I’m certainly feeling pressure, heat from family members. But Nicole’s massively focused on her work the same as I am. We’re just happy the way we are.”

As much as we would LOVE to see a Scherzinger-Hamilton wedding, if they are happy the way they are then we’re sure they know which direction they would like their lives to go in. 

The couple have been dating since 2007, but split in 2010 before reuniting and ending things a further three times and getting back together last March. We reckon this time it’s for keeps – they are so cute together!

The former X Factor judge is currently taking on the lead role of Grizabella in Andrew Lloyd Webb's Cats in London's West End which will run until February 2015. 

Nicole has been sharing lots of photos of her time on the West End through her Instagram page.  



Nicole Scherzinger had a scary experience when she fell ill in a limo she was riding in last Thursday while in London.

The singer began to feel sick and opened the door of the limo before it had stopped. When the driver went to help her, he accidentally left the limo in gear, causing it to rear end another vehicle.

A source told The Sun: “She screamed at the driver to pull over, but it was impossible to stop. She must have been really disorientated because all of a sudden she opened the door.”

The former X Factor judge’s second album, 'Big Fat Lie', was released two days ago, perhaps she is feeling the pressure of promotional work!

We're glad she's ok and that nothing more serious came of the incident!

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