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Getting ready for a big night out can often be the best part of the entire night.

Getting the girls around for 'a few' pre-drinks while everyone primps and preens themselves over a glass of gin & tonic is where the goss is divulged, and sometimes leaving the house for the club gets pushed back later and later thanks to the catch ups 

I'm usually a no fuss, no frills kind of girl, and if my hair gets brushed before hitting the bar, I consider myself made up. 


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Dry & Fly Blow Dry Beauty Bar, nestled on the second floor above L'Occitane on Wicklow Street, is designed with the sole purpose of bringing women together for some quality time, all while getting pampered ahead of a night out. 

I went along to see exactly what pre drinks pampering was all about, and to get a sneak peek of what is destined to be one of Dublin's buzziest salons. 

The city centre space is, for want of a better term, Instagram-worthy, with a modern but feminine aesthetic, assisted by the paint washed exposed brick, pink neon signs and copper accents.

Steven, the giant dog statue, who looks like a piece of art, is actually a speaker imported from France for the sole purpose of bringing the ultimate ladies night playlist to Dry & Fly's clients, adds to the ambience. 

The blow drying stations are positioned specifically so that groups of gal pals can get their hair and nails done as a group ahead of an event, and the salon offers each client a glass of Glendalough gin and tonic garnished with blood orange and rosemary (delish) or a glass of Prosecco to get the party started. 

The beauty bar even boasts a DJ booth, where local DJs spin tracks on Friday and Saturday nights while clients enjoy their luxurious blowdries.

Andrew O'Neill, one of the founders and visionaries behind the salon, sought to create a cool, collective experience for women to go straight from the salon to their destination, freshly made up and ready to take the town. 

Big, bouncy blow outs are the aim of the creative stylists at Dry & Fly, and and their look book features all the classics, from the sleek and straight glossy blow out to Hollywood waves. 

For those feeling a little more experimental, the salon stylists are also well versed in festival braids, dramatic pony tails and up-dos. 


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The salon deal exclusively with Kevin Murphy hair products, a staple in the beauty arsenals of both beauty bloggers and professional hair stylists across the country. 

Gin in hand and after a quick flick through the salon's look book, I settled on the Ty Twist blow dry, a beachy, bouncy look that gave life to my long and admittedly lifeless locks.  

I opted for the full experience, getting my hair washed in one of the salon's comfy basins, with a full view of the painted letters on the ceiling, which read 'relax, you're not cheating on your hairdresser.' 

You can also come in with your hair washed and just go straight for a dry blow out. 

I sat down in one of the socially set-out chairs to have my hair and nails done simultaneously, feeling like I was one pink silk robe away from a backstage Victoria's Secret moment. 

The salon seats, laid out so that friends can face each other and chat, were ideal for receiving both treatments at once.

Having two stylists working on my hair and nails seemed like the ultimate pinnacle of having notions, but hey, who doesn't want to feel like they're working with a Kardahian-esque glam squad at least once in their lives? 

The salon is open until 10pm on Friday and Saturday for those pre-night out blow dry sessions, and from 7am to 7pm through the rest of the week.

Check it out for yourself at www.dryandfly.com.



As most people are home chilling with friends and family for Easter, there is probably a lot of relaxing TV and cups of tea going on around the country. 

If you're felling a combination of bored and creative right this second, you could try your hand (literally) at one of these gorgeous Easter nail art designs.

There are nail art themes for every festivity, and Easter is clearly no different according to Instagram. 

From adorable bunnies to intricately painted eggs, the possibilities are endless.

Here are a few of our favourite Easter nail art looks from Instagram:  


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Feature image: Instagram / Jofoge

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Brown Thomas has just unveiled their first ever Beauty Lounge, and it looks as sumptuous, secluded and serene as you could imagine. 

The stunning new beauty boutique features a living wall covered in plants, as well as luxurious pink velvet furnishings.

Not only does the new lounge look amazing, but the beauty treatments available are giving us life. 


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"We are delighted to introduce the first ever Brown Thomas Beauty Lounge on Dublin’s Clarendon Street," reads the BT website.

"Dedicated to the best beauty services, the luxurious lounge will house Ireland’s first blowdry bar from Aveda and manicures, pedicures, brows and lashes from Nails Inc."

The new beauty bonanza of a boutique is open from 7am, so if you have a big event right after work, you can get your blow dry and your mani before you head to the office for the day. 

The price list is astonishingly affordable, with eyelash extensions coming in at €30.00 and brow tinting costing €10.00.

Their braiding bar charges €19.00 for plaited styles, so get booking before festival season!


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We're also extremely intrigued by the Unicorn Manicure, which sounds absolutely amazing.

The salon is also promoting a 15 minute Need for Speed manicure, which definitely suits our mad schedules. 

The new Beauty Lounge sounds completely dreamy and we can't wait to see it for ourselves!



With the SHEmazing Awards on the horizon, we've been trawling Instagram in search of our favourite Irish nail artists, and during our search, we unearthed some of the craziest nail art trends from the past few months.

From fur nails to wire nails, these trends are best left to the professionals. 

Image result for nails kardashians

If you have a particular place you LOVE to get those digits done, now is the time to nominate your nail technicians for our Nail Salon of the Year Award. 

Whether they’re performing a simple file and polish or providing a full-set of extensions, a good nail salon deserves some recognition. 

Until then, have a little look at these mental nail trends: 

5. Fur nails


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4. High heel nails

3. Holographic nails


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2. Metal nails


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1. Wire nails

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If you suffer from serious nail envy, you’re not alone.

While you may rock a stunning manicure after investing in a professional treatment, your nails probably leave a lot to be desired when left to their own devices, right?

It’s easy to assume that the friend or co-worker with the stunning hands regularly treats herself to salon treatments, but it’s actually much more likely that she makes a habit of caring for her own nails from the comfort of her own home.

When it comes to enviable hands, regular DIY treatments are the holy grail of nail care.

And here, ladies, are just nine things every woman with incredible nails does on the regular.

1. Wears gloves

Protecting your hands from the elements is vital if you want to avoid dry or chapped skin.

Our hands take a real battering on a daily basis, so ensuring they’re wrapped up and warm is the first step in properly caring for them.

2. Moisturises

You can’t moisturise enough when it comes to your hands, and slapping on the odd drop every now and again just won’t cut it if you want hands worthy of a photoshoot.

Like brushing your teeth, you should moisturise your hands at least twice a day, but there’s nothing to prevent you from topping it up throughout the day.

3. Removes old polish

Many of us are guilty of painting over old nail polish instead of starting from scratch, but the ladies with the truly stunning nails know this is never the way to go.

Properly removing nail polish is so important as it gives your nails time to breathe, and provides you with the perfect platform for a brand-new treatment.

4. Invests in the right products

If you want a salon-finish without the price tag, you need to do your homework on the best products for at-home manicures.

Thankfully, Sally Hansen have an incredible array of products which protect, condition and strengthen the nails without breaking the bank.

5. Considers cuticles

No matter how on point your polish game is, raggy cuticles are a dead giveaway that you’re a mere novice when it comes to nailcare.

Tend to your cuticles after the shower as they will be at their softest, apply oil and gently push them back with the help of a cuticle stick

6. Files (the right way)

Filing back and forth is a massive no-no when it comes to caring for your hands as it splits and ultimately weakens the nails.

You need to file in one direction to prevent damage using the ‘rough grit’ side of the emery board before finishing off with the ‘fine grit’ side.

7. Uses a Base Coat

Unless you want discoloured fingernails, it’s vital you always use a base coat before applying your desired colour.

Not only does it act as a barrier, it actually aids the application of your main colour and results in a smoother texture.

8. Opts for multiple thin coats

If you’re guilty of slapping on a thick layer of polish in an effort to get the job done quicker, you need to stop now.

Multiple thin layers is your only man when it comes to a salon-quality manicure.

9. Has patience

You can’t expect a salon-quality finish if you only invest five minutes in your at-home job, can you?

Like the professionals, you need to take your time on the treatment, and ensure you’ve ticked off each step before moving on to the next.

When it comes to nail care, Sally Hansen’s wide range of products guarantees a salon-quality finish … at a snip of the price.

From treatments to polishes, the range is exactly what you need when you want to make nailcare a priority without breaking the bank.

You can find out more information, here.

Available in pharmacy and grocery stores nationwide with prices ranging from €6.99 to €10.99.



We're loving all of the Beauty and the Beast merch that's being released in the lead up to the release of the new live action flick.

From beauty serums to Juicy Couture collabs, we could be decked out in Disney in two seconds flat.

The latest addition to the Beauty and the Beast bonanza are these divine nail wraps that we're more than a little bit obsessed with. 

Pic: Jamberry

The wraps take their inspiration from the original film, depicting the Disney cartoons china pattern and rose theme.

The wraps are by a company called Jamberry, and our favourite set has to be the white manicure which pays homage to one of the cartoons cutest characters, Chip. 

The stained glass theme of the Disney movie also features, on a set of wraps complete with a classic Beauty and the Beast rose motif. 

Pic: Jamberry

Another set of wraps in the collection showcases the heroine Belle, depicting the classic scene in which she wonders how she can get out of her small-minded little town. 

We cant wait to get our hands on these wraps in time for the movies release on March 17, to create a manicure that's definitely Disney princess worthy. 



There are always one or two nail trends doing the rounds on Instagram, and the Unistella Nail Trend page is where nail art lovers can find the beginnings of most of them.

We noticed a new style emerging on the Unistella page, and we're kind of obsessed with it. 

Dubbed the high heel nail by the nail salon, these gorgeous and wonderfully simple nails are the stuff of minimalist dreams.

The concept is pretty simple, the nails have a thick stripe in the centre, usually with negative space on either side to mimic a high heel. 

Some styles do the opposite, with a strip of negative space sandwiched between pillars of colour. 

Some of the nail artists at Unistella have also incorporated the wire nail trend into the look, blending the two trends in the coolest way.

This look is best left to the professionals, but if you're dying to get the high heel nail look, try using masking tape or contouring tape to cover up the areas that you want to be negative space, and paint the rest.

When you peel off the masking tape, you should be left with clean lines just like the ones at Unistella.

Here's a few more of our faves: 





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Kim Kardashian has had a triumphant return to social media, now regularly updating her Snapchat and Instagram with photos of her life.

One thing she often shares is her glam routine, and a certain set of elaborate nails really caught our attention recently.

The star uploaded a video showing off her freshly pierced nails, each complete with two or three gold hoops.

The pierced nail look definitely isn't new, but Kim's extreme take on the style is pretty note worthy.

The reality TV queen has been a little obsessed with piercing lately, regularly wearing a fake diamond hoop on her lower lip. 

However, we can't help but think of all the things that would suddenly be a major struggle if we adorned our finger tips with jingly hoops.


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Buttoning up a shirt would be extremely inconvenient, as would running your fingers through your hair or applying fake eyelashes.

And there's no way you would be able to do something finicky like put in actual hoop earrings.

While the look is pretty cool for a fashion show or a photo shoot, it might not be all that practical for real life.


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However, some of the pierced nail looks dotted around Instagram showcase a more subtle take on the trend, one that we could consider getting behind.

Although some of them remind us of those phone charms everyone used to add to their old Nokias, the look is cute if impractical.

Here's a few of our faves.


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Stand out nail art is one way to spice up your beauty routine, and from fur nails to knitted nails, there are plenty of trends to choose from.

However if you prefer a more pared back look but want to add a flash of creativity, look no further than the flip manicure. 

The flip manicure involves rocking some fancy af designs on the flip side of your nails, which, admittedly, is pretty bizarre, but a great way to add a pop of colour to a usually muted manicure.

 Painting painstaking designs to the back of your nails is definitely the territory of a professional nail artist, but adding another colour or even a pop of glitter is definitly DIY-able. 


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The trend was started by R'n'B songstress Ciara all the way back in 2014, but it's only starting to catch on amongst us mere mortals. 

Here's a few of our favourite flip manis from Instagram.


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We've never really considered embellishing the underside of our nails, but now that we know about this trend it's going to be pretty hard to resist. 

Mentally adding it to our beauty regime list. 



The perfect winter night in involves Netflix, a great glass of vino and a cosy knitted sweater.

This season, cosy knits are no longer reserved for jumpers, scarves and cosy cardigans, the seasonal texture is now the prettiest nail pattern Instagram has to offer.

 Cable knit nails are trending, and the 3D design has captured our hygee-loving hearts. 

The raised texture might be a little hard to replicate if you're doing a DIY job, but if you bring photos to any good nail salon they can achieve the look using a 3D gel polish.

 The results are pretty amazing, and look very Insta-worthy when wrapped around a steaming mug of festive hot chocolate.

If you;re looking for more likes this Christmas, these nails could be the way to go. 


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From unicorn makeup brushes to unicorn beanie hats, the mythical equine characters are certainly having a moment.

Our most recent obsession? Unicorn nail art.

The magical trend is taking over Instagram, with the site boasting almost 15,000 tagged snaps of pink, sparkly fabled fingertips.

The look involves creating a feature nail with a raised spiral design, just like a unicorn horn, before layering on the glitter and pastels.


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These nails are the perfect remedy to winter's dark and subdued nail shades.

The results include an amazing set of envy-evoking nails and an influx of Instagram likes – what's not to love?

We're dying to try the trend. 


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OK so while the actual Christmas season is not yet in full swing, there is definitely something in the air.

The perfect way to ease yourself into the BEST time of year is with a metallic manicure.

Golds, silvers and other shiny shades are the perfect festive nail, without being over the top.

Check out our top 6 metal manicures, and get ready to be inspired…

Rose gold

This season’s hottest colour… why not?


Rose Gold @christina_fearon

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Green with envy

Nothing is more festive than metallic green! We’re obsessed.

Gold member

It's like jewellery for your nails! 


Fresh  #chromenails #gelnails #newnails #mummytime #rosegold

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Chrome baby

One of this year's hottest manicure trends! We love it.

Holographic nails

How futuristic are these bad boys? Perfectly festive, yet not too in your face.