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If you suffer from serious nail envy, you’re not alone.

While you may rock a stunning manicure after investing in a professional treatment, your nails probably leave a lot to be desired when left to their own devices, right?

It’s easy to assume that the friend or co-worker with the stunning hands regularly treats herself to salon treatments, but it’s actually much more likely that she makes a habit of caring for her own nails from the comfort of her own home.

When it comes to enviable hands, regular DIY treatments are the holy grail of nail care.

And here, ladies, are just nine things every woman with incredible nails does on the regular.

1. Wears gloves

Protecting your hands from the elements is vital if you want to avoid dry or chapped skin.

Our hands take a real battering on a daily basis, so ensuring they’re wrapped up and warm is the first step in properly caring for them.

2. Moisturises

You can’t moisturise enough when it comes to your hands, and slapping on the odd drop every now and again just won’t cut it if you want hands worthy of a photoshoot.

Like brushing your teeth, you should moisturise your hands at least twice a day, but there’s nothing to prevent you from topping it up throughout the day.

3. Removes old polish

Many of us are guilty of painting over old nail polish instead of starting from scratch, but the ladies with the truly stunning nails know this is never the way to go.

Properly removing nail polish is so important as it gives your nails time to breathe, and provides you with the perfect platform for a brand-new treatment.

4. Invests in the right products

If you want a salon-finish without the price tag, you need to do your homework on the best products for at-home manicures.

Thankfully, Sally Hansen have an incredible array of products which protect, condition and strengthen the nails without breaking the bank.

5. Considers cuticles

No matter how on point your polish game is, raggy cuticles are a dead giveaway that you’re a mere novice when it comes to nailcare.

Tend to your cuticles after the shower as they will be at their softest, apply oil and gently push them back with the help of a cuticle stick

6. Files (the right way)

Filing back and forth is a massive no-no when it comes to caring for your hands as it splits and ultimately weakens the nails.

You need to file in one direction to prevent damage using the ‘rough grit’ side of the emery board before finishing off with the ‘fine grit’ side.

7. Uses a Base Coat

Unless you want discoloured fingernails, it’s vital you always use a base coat before applying your desired colour.

Not only does it act as a barrier, it actually aids the application of your main colour and results in a smoother texture.

8. Opts for multiple thin coats

If you’re guilty of slapping on a thick layer of polish in an effort to get the job done quicker, you need to stop now.

Multiple thin layers is your only man when it comes to a salon-quality manicure.

9. Has patience

You can’t expect a salon-quality finish if you only invest five minutes in your at-home job, can you?

Like the professionals, you need to take your time on the treatment, and ensure you’ve ticked off each step before moving on to the next.

When it comes to nail care, Sally Hansen’s wide range of products guarantees a salon-quality finish … at a snip of the price.

From treatments to polishes, the range is exactly what you need when you want to make nailcare a priority without breaking the bank.

You can find out more information, here.

Available in pharmacy and grocery stores nationwide with prices ranging from €6.99 to €10.99.



We all know the deal, we fork out 30 quid to get our nails done so they can last a little while and within a day… there's already a chip.

We hate when that happens here in Shemazing! HQ, so we were delighted to find out that Sally Hansen has created a new nail polish that promises to be stronger than ever.

Coming in in five shades, you'll have no worries with this polish, bringing you from day to night and week to week. 

If you think this sounds great then it's your lucky day because we're giving away FIVE of Sally Hansen's new polish.

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*Competition closed – Congrats to Sarah Leddy*


Hurrah! The weather is finally getting a bit warmer and we're gradually transitioning into a spring wardrobe.

So say goodbye to dark and dreary colours and say hello to big, bright hues and pastels – for your nails, that is.

Many of us let our poor nails go over winter with the weather making them brittle and sore. But, with Sally Hansen's new Complete Salon Manicure nail polishes your nails will look better and stronger than ever.

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**Competition Closed**

Winner: Sandra Newman

Summer's en route, and to celebrate we're giving away this selection of Sally Hansen goodies, so you can be sure your skin and nails are in great shape.

As well as the Sally Hansen 18K Gold Hardener to lock in moisture and strengthen nails, you'll also win the Gel Shine 3D Top Coat and the brand new Airbrush Sun Gradual Tanning Lotion.

The lotion only hit shops this month, and offers that gorgeous Airbrush Sun glow in a gradual tanning formula that lasts for up to seven days, leaving you with streak-free, smooth and radiant skin.

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Good luck!



Another Monday, another competition!

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We’re giving you the chance to win a great collection of Sally Hansen products, so you can give yourself a manicure from the comfort of your own couch!

If you want top notch nails, Sally Hansen is the obvious choice. The nail experts have a wide range of colours and polishes, as well as tonnes of nail care products to ensure you have the healthiest, prettiest nails around.

Along with a selection of nail varnishes, the hamper also includes Cuticle Rehab, Nail Rehab and Insta Dri Anti Chip Top Coat.

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And make sure to check out our How to Apply Lasting Nail Polish beauty tutorial using covetable Sally Hansen products – perfection.