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There are always plenty of odd Instagram beauty trends doing the rounds online, and the latest involves a set of very bold brows. 

Feather eyebrows have taken the online beauty community by storm, with tonnes of posts in the hashtag showing off the daring look.


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The response has been very love-hate, with some hailing it as the ultimate festival eyebrow, and others hating on the face-framers entirely. 

Talented makeup artist Stella Sironen started the trend, after posting an up-close photo of her feathery brows to Instagram.

"So i'm starting this new brow trend please recreate it and wear it everyday, " she jokingly captioned her Instagram post.


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The MUA gave full credit to her pal who accidentally stumbled upon the look while brushing her brows

The look has since spread all over the internet, with multiple MUAs recreating the feather brow. 


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While the look is pretty cool, unusual and artistic, it may have to be reserved for the uber-cool festival fashionistas, rather than being a day-to-day brow.

Kudos to these MUAs for their creativity.

Feature image: Instagram / Stella Sironen

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As makeup artistry has gotten more and more popular, the phenomenon of the self-taught MUA has become more visible. 

No longer is the title of makeup artist applied to seasoned, brand endorsed applicators, but anyone with a fully-stocked makeup kit and flair for a dramatic winged liner look can cash in on their beautifying talents.

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This well-contoured revolution has let to an influx of MUA pages across social media, as people take to the sites to show off their skills and book clients.

However the MUA acronym has been secretly baffling the uninitiated for months now, who thought the three letters stood for something entirely different. 

To the less makeup savvy, the acronym seemed to spell out the word "mwah," a term once popularised through Bebo mails and scrawled at the bottom of 14-year-old birthday cards.

We can kind of see where they're coming from, despite the lack of "w."

Others believed that the makeup lovers were plotting to take over the world, and thought that the acronym represented the sound of a drawn-out, evil laugh. 

While some MUAs may be inspired by Disney villains for their dramatic Halloween looks, this isn't the case. 

Some even thought that Conor McGregor could be part of the MUA squad, as they believed that the letters represented a branch of MMA training.

A MUA's lip liner may kick ass, but the acronym doesn't quite stretch that far. 

So if you had no clue what the lash-loving MUA term stood for, you weren't alone. 



Ireland is full of amazing talent, and now one Dublin-born MUA is baking the faces of top models like Kendall Jenner, Lindsey Wixon and many more.

Aidan Keogh, from Cabra in North Dublin, has been working in New York for the past decade, making his mark on the beauty world one famous, fashionable face at a time. 

His work has been featured on high end runways, and his looks have made it onto the cover of Vogue. 


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The MUA started out at M.A.C on Grafton Street before branching out on his own, and now he counts Victoria's Secret models and the Kardashians among his many clients.

"Kendall has always been so good for me to work with," he told The Sun. 

“She knows what she likes, is pleasant and professional and is naturally beautiful so it’s a bonus she continues to ask me back.”


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The Dubliner puts his success down to his Irish roots, saying: "Nobody handed anything to me and there’s been rejection, like in any industry."

"I guess being from Cabra and a middle child of seven siblings gave me thick skin.”

Kudos to Aidan for getting the A-list recognition his makeup looks deserve. 

We wonder if he's given Kendall any ideas to come to Ireland any time soon? 



As much as we know that they're no good for us, we definitely all have a penchant for fizzy drinks (or minerals if you're feeling fancy).

But incorporating them into our beauty routines has never been on our radar.

That was until we spotted one makeup artist over on the famous Huda Beauty Instagram utilising some fizzy drink bottles to create a killer cut crease.


A video posted by Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty) on

Makeup artists and beauty lovers keep coming up with more nifty and novelty ways to make makeup application that bit easier.

The cut crease eye shadow look can be tricky to pull off, but YouTuber Juliana Leme is tacking the trend. 

Using the cap off a Coke bottle, the MUA uses its circular shape to guide her eye shadow brush to create the perfect crease.


A photo posted by  JULIANA LEME  (@julianaleme_) on

Following the line of the bottle cap means that the cut crease will be symmetrical and even every time.

It's also a pretty nifty way to recycle old bottle caps if you're feeling eco-friendly.

We might just have to try out this novelty method for ourselves.



"You'd be so much prettier without all that gunk on your face" is something that only, I repeat, only our mothers can say to us, not trolls on instagram.

Some makeup artists get bombarded by haters telling them they wear too much make up, attempting to shame the maquillage mavericks into ditching their carefully crafted faces.


A photo posted by Amy (@agentsometime) on

One MUA, Miami-based Amy who shows off her unique makeup looks on Instagram at @agentsometime, defied the haters and proved to her followers that makeup shaming simply isn't ok.

Spelling out a very colourful message, the MUA posted a snap of some achingly sharp liquid liner, along with the word "NOPE" outlined above it. 

The makeup fan is clearly fed up of people pointing out that they prefer a natural look and she should tone it down. 


A photo posted by K i r a S e y m o u r  (@kizzabruh) on

Other makeup artists have followed Amy's example,a nd posted responses of their own to makeup shamers.

Making the most of the popular meme slogan "cash me outside, how bou dat," another MUA outlined the phrase on her eyelids as a reply to her highlight haters. 


A video posted by  Karen  (@glamntrashy_xo) on

Clapping back at people who shame the level of makeup others wear has become something of a movement in the makeup community, with hundreds of Twitter and Instagram posts on the subject.

Shaming for any reason really isn't nice behaviour, never mind over something as personal and creative as someone's makeup application. 

However, it seems like the hate is just one more reason to create spectacular makeup looks in the cosmetic community.

Keep doing you, girls.  


Ladies, it's always comforting to know that there are experts at the helm of our favourite beauty brands, and Yves Saint Laurent is definitely an example of that. 

Related image

YSL Beauté recently named Tom Pecheux as their new Global Beauty Director, and we are so excited about it. 

Why are we so excited?

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Well, Tom is not your typical corporate director… he happens to be one of the most sought after makeup artists in the world… so we trust him. 

All you have to do is flick through the pages of Vogue, Vanity Fair and Harpers Bazaar and you’ll see his brilliant work staring back at you.

Related image

Tom will create new looks for YSL Beaute’s advertising campaigns while also collaborating with YSL Beauté’s key colour cosmetics creators, in order to develop innovative products.

Using his expert eye, he hopes to create new makeup to excite and inspire.

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As YSL Beauté’s new ambassador, Tom will be inspiring YSL Beauté customers with his vision and expertise.

He will be informing the world about the latest YSL Beauté makeup innovations while also communicated with consumers via social media platforms. 

Image result for Tom Pecheux

We are so excited to see what the future holds for Tom Pechaux.



She already has quite the profile as a kick-ass MUA. But Dubliner Megan Burke is a woman of many talents, because she is also the MOST amazing singer. 

In fact, she has over the last couple of years compiled some pretty expert renditions of a load of hit songs, including Christina Aguliera's Fighter, James Brown's I Feel Good, and Maroon5's Sunday Morning.


A photo posted by Megan Burke (@megan_makeup_music) on

And now, Megan has teamed-up with her sister, Sallyanne, to record a stunning selection of Beyonce's hits.  

Posting the video to the Megan Burke Facebook page, it has already notched up some 55K views. 

"So myself and my sister decided to do a video together," the makeup artist wrote in the accompanying caption. "We obviously wanted to sing our favourite Beyonce songs."

During the five-minute long clip, the Swords-based duo nod to the likes of Crazy In Love, Soldier, and Hailo

Watch their incredible talent below:




Considering MAC smash everything from lipstick lines to special collections it is no great surprise that the brand's cosmetic counters are always buzzing.  

But have you ever wondered what kind of juicy insider secrets you would learn while working for the makeup giant?

Buzzfeed Style recently rounded up a long list of MAC employee secrets, so we've picked out our favourite eight just for you:


1. MAC staff get a pretty decent discount:

As anyone who’s ever worked a retail job will know, people are always mad to know what kind of discount you get and for MAC employees, it’s pretty hefty indeed.  MAC staff can reportedly get up to 60 percent off the brand’s products as well as a monthly allowance to spend in store. 


2. And once a year they can get whatever they want for FREE:

MAC’s annual gratis is a time when staff members can order a selection of their favourite products for free.  The actual dream.


3. But in fairness you’d want a helping hand if you had to wear makeup ALL of the time.

There’s no taking a makeup free day if you work at MAC because the MAC MUA’s are expected to wear a full face of makeup all of the time.  If you’re working in-store and aren’t seen to be wearing enough product, you will be asked to apply more.


4.  So how do they keep themselves fresh faced on the floor all day?

A good spritz of Fix + is how.  MAC’s must have refreshing mist is a bit of a cult beauty product as this lightweight water-based spray helps keep the face hydrated while giving fading makeup the boost it needs. 


5. Which must have product is impossible to get hold of?


#lovethiscombination #macsoar #macbrave #mac #maccosmetics Snap: son_gulumm

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The brand's most in demand product is the Soar lip liner thanks to Kylie Jenner.  Back before Kylie Cosmetics began breaking the Internet on a daily basis the reality star also recommended MAC's Whirl liner. 


6. Six MAC empties do equal a free lipstick.



So be sure to hold on to those bad boys.


7. They know their stuff:


You can't just wander in off the street and land a job in MAC – you've got to earn those benefits.  While some staff members were trained by MAC and others learned their trade elsewhere, everyone working in MAC is a qualified makeup artist.


8. Oh, there is one more perk…


My new MAC chains  #rosegold #gold #mac #macnecklace #myartistcommunity #myartistcommunitymidatlantic #macchain  #MUA

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When MAC artists move up the ranks they are awarded a MAC necklace to mark their achievements.  Nice!


Between smashing her current Revival tour and becoming the proud owner of the most liked photo on Instagram, it’s happy days for Selena Gomez. 

And it seems those at camp Gomez are getting in on the good vibes as the star’s makeup artist Melissa Murdick has released a new makeup tutorial in which she demonstrates one of the singer’s best Revival looks.

The informative video was posted to the Revival Tour Instagram account this evening and explains to viewers how they can recreate Selena’s copper smoky eye.

The step-by-step clip states that you should apply a medium copper eyeshadow to the lid and into the crease of the eye in an elongated shape, before applying a deeper shade to the outer corner and inner crease.

Melissa then applies a thin line of black liquid liner along the lash line.  She explains that for extra drama false lashes can also be added at this stage.

The celebrity MUA then advises viewers to add definition to the eye by applying a brown shadow below the lower lash line and finish the look by filling in the brows.  Ladies, it’s that simple.



Selena's Makeup Artist, Melissa, walks us through her eye shadow look for the #RevivalTour. Tag us as you recreate this look!

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