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As much as we know that they're no good for us, we definitely all have a penchant for fizzy drinks (or minerals if you're feeling fancy).

But incorporating them into our beauty routines has never been on our radar.

That was until we spotted one makeup artist over on the famous Huda Beauty Instagram utilising some fizzy drink bottles to create a killer cut crease.


A video posted by Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty) on

Makeup artists and beauty lovers keep coming up with more nifty and novelty ways to make makeup application that bit easier.

The cut crease eye shadow look can be tricky to pull off, but YouTuber Juliana Leme is tacking the trend. 

Using the cap off a Coke bottle, the MUA uses its circular shape to guide her eye shadow brush to create the perfect crease.


A photo posted by  JULIANA LEME  (@julianaleme_) on

Following the line of the bottle cap means that the cut crease will be symmetrical and even every time.

It's also a pretty nifty way to recycle old bottle caps if you're feeling eco-friendly.

We might just have to try out this novelty method for ourselves.


Beauty trends are something we are sort of obsessed with, and the latest one to hit the Internet is no exception.

Eye shadow looks that are inspired by galaxies and space are the latest makeup trend, and we love them.


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The looks are achieved using dark shades of blue and purple, mixed with shimmer and glitter eye shadows.


A photo posted by Jackie Vega (@jackievbear) on

The colours have the amazing ability to make your eyes pop, and can really polish off your party look.


A photo posted by E L L A R I E (@ellarie) on

This really takes the classic smokey eye to the next level.


A photo posted by Titan Tyra (@titantyra) on

Plus, what self respecting lady doesn't LOVE glitter?  

We can't wait to try this look out! 


We've all experienced it: That terrifying moment when you glance in the mirror and realise your eye liner has travelled half way down your face.

Whether it's due to humidity, sweat or oil eyelids, running eye liner can often feel like a losing battle – but it doesn't have to be. 

So, before you throw your beloved liner out, read these useful tips to make your cat-eye stay in place all day. 

Step One: Prep and prime

To ensure staying power, your first step is to begin with a clean slate. Wipe your lids with an oil-free make-up remover as excess oil can build up in your creases during the night. 

Next, apply an eye shadow primer, followed by transparent powder to prevent your liner from transferring. 


Step Two: Choose a waterproof formula

Opt for a waterproof eye liner pencil as it will glide right on for a smooth application and won't smudge or fade as the day goes on. 


Step Three: Set with eye shadow

Once you finish blending or smudging your liner in place, set it with an eye shadow of the same colour. 

You can skip this step though if you're using a gel or liquid, as the prepping beforehand should hold the formula in place. 



Odette took a trip to her local chemist to pick up an eye palette on budget. The one she took home…Maybelline’s ‘Big Eyes by Eye Studio’.

Watch as our beauty expert shows just how amazing this little palette is and it just might become a permanent fixture in your handbag!



A recent poll found that the average woman will spend more of her life with make-up on than without it.

Shocking, we know.

A survey conducted by health brand Beurer found that a typical woman spends about 11 minutes each morning painting her face and keeps the make-up on for a full 13 hours before taking it off.

With foundation, concealer, mascara and eyeshadow being the most popular items worn by women, this just goes to show the lengths women go to for a confidence boost.

Two thirds admit they would leave it on even longer if they were expecting guests over and nearly one in five women said they wouldn’t open the door with a bare face.

It’s not right, but we can relate.