‘It’s boring’ Selena’s approach to Instagram is as un-celeb as it gets


At a time when a celebrity’s social media game is almost as important as the talent which brought them to public attention in the first place, it’s refreshing to know that not every Hollywood heavy-hitter buys into the whole process.

Having recently become Instagram’s most followed person, you’d be forgiven for thinking Selena Gomez has a team of social media consultants who edit, tweak and ultimately OK her contribution to social media, but it’s not the case.

With a staggering 89 million followers, 23-year-old Selena, who says Instagram is her favourite social platform, has kept the public captivated with a selection of candid shots and selfies – all devoid of outside influence.



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Explaining her approach to photography and Instagram as a whole, she confides: “It comes in a moment when I capture something happening, and I go, 'Oh, that would be great for Instagram. I should post it.”

“I know it's boring, but that's genuinely what I do,” she says when commenting on her rise to the top of the Instagram charts.


Got you Edmonton, Canada

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“I'm not sure there's a method to my madness,” she admits before revealing she had no intention of becoming the network’s most followed person.

“I try to find a good balance of just being 100 percent myself and knowing when to post a really good selfie with good lighting.”


restock the bus -grocery shopping in Saskatoon

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With that kind of approach, we’ll be following in Selena’s footsteps in no time.