A first glance of MAC’s new July collection!


Mac has given us an exclusive look at their new nail transformations and Moody Bloom collection which are set to be released this July.

Former forensic scientist, Marian Newman has collaborated with MAC to create a new collection of nail lacquers and topcoats which are designed to give your nails a stylish twist.

The nail polishes come in six topcoats from shadow, blue, pink, green and gold and will transform the look of your lacquers into totally new shades.

MAC is also releasing its new collection of lipgloss, eyeshadow and blusher through it’s new Moody Bloom collection. The Moody Bloom Collection comes in a variety of colours from Venomous Violets, Intoxicating Ivy and poisonous Nightshade Glow.

And if that wasn’t enough, a selection of your favourite MAC products are also now available in handy travel-ready sizes, and are the perfect size for your make-up kit!