‘Need to get rid of the fat’: MIC’s Louise slammed as ‘irresponsible’

Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson has had a major body overhaul in recent months.

The petite designer has grown some serious muscles, and her Instagram account is rife with gym selfies, foodie posts and snaps with her personal trainer boyfriend.

However, fans were less than impressed with something the fitness guru said in a caption on a recent picture.


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"Muscles are there, now need to get rid of the fat over the top," she added to a caption on Instagram.

Fans were outraged by the stars use of the word "fat" to describe herself, as the image shows a seriously lean Louise.

"I get what is meant by this comment but as someone who people look up to it is a very irresponsible comment. You are clearly tiny and now young girls especially will think they need to lose weight and fat to look like you" 

"As someone who has suffered an eating disorder this upsets me because people need a healthy amount of fat to function," said one Instagram fan.


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"Wtf fat?! Uh you're tiny," commented another user.

Some fans rushed to Louise's defence, claiming that if the star wants to burn whatever body fat she has left, then that is her right. 

"It's fine to have self motivation and be healthy, but to project the unrealistic expectation on 90,0000 followers that your shape isn't good enough, or even unhealthy, is irresponsible," said another.


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Louise has not responded to the criticism, and continues to post fitness and workout videos with her boyfriend to her Instagram. 

Couples who train together, stay together, right?