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Tiffany Watson has come under major fire for body shaming her Made In Chelsea co-star. 

The Ibiza series of the show is currently on screens, and in the series, Tiff and boyfriend Sam Thompson are on a break.

Sam hooks up with newcomer Mimi Blanchard, prompting Tiffany to brand her a 'dumpling' when she finds out. 


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'I came out here and he's in a relationship with a f****** dumpling,' Tiffany spits in a rage, after being informed of Mimi and Sam's hook up. 

Mimi then took to Instagram to share a video response to Tiffany's comment, and highlighted how it's truly unfair to comment on someone elses body. 

'I wanted to make this video in light of tonight's episode,' she said in the snap.

'I want to talk about body-shaming and why you should never do it. Because what you say to somebody might have an effect on them more than you think.'

'If I got a comment like I did in tonight's episode five years ago, it would've affected me in a different way.'

'I would have cried all day about it. I am so happy in the body I am in.'

'Although I don't look like a 6-foot model, I don't have to look like everybody else. The beauty in being you is beauty in your uniqueness.'

'What someone says about you says more about them,' she concluded. 

In the caption on the video, Mimi said: 'I really wanted to use this platform of mine to shine some light on body shaming. I know a lot of you following me are young girls.. and that is exactly why I filmed this video.'

'Sometimes when you're feeling insecure it's easy to talk negatively about others, or "tease" others, to make yourself feel better. I'm sure we've all done it in our weakest moments!'

'But teasing somebody (especially knowing they will hear what you say) about their height, weight & appearance is really messed up. You don't know how your words can effect someone else.'

'Be the bigger person, and also work on yourself enough to not let comments from unimportant people effect you massively.'

'I know it's tough, but you always have a decision to either reject or allow someone's words to affect you. You're YOU and that is your power.'

Tiff received a huge amount of backlash after the episode aired, as fans of MIC were outraged at her comments. 

The reality TV star then reached out to fans via Twitter to explain herself.

'Definitely do not agree with or condone body shaming but in the heat of the moment we all say things out of anger,' she tweeted. 


Her summer split with Alex Mytton hit headlines across the UK and Ireland, but former Made in Chelsea star Nicola Hughes admits that she's is making the most of her newly single status.  

Indeed, it was widely rumoured earlier this year that she was healing her broken heart in the arms of none-other than Jean Bernard Fernandez Versini. 


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Speaking to SHEmazing! in Dublin earlier this week in her capacity as an Instyler ambassador, the Sandyford native insists she’s not actually "dating” Cheryl Cole’s ex-husband. 

However, Ms Hughes did playfully mention that she and the dashing French businessman have certainly “talked since” being pictured leaving a London nightclub together in June.

That said, it seems even Jean Bernard won’t be tempting the 26-year-old away from her life as a singleton any time soon.

“I actually love being single,” she reveals. “I never thought I would say that in my life, but I do. I don’t think I’d date anyone any time soon in the public eye. 

"I kind of want to take a break from all of that drama and everyone knowing your business.”



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The Dublin model furthermore explains why she chose not to film her Made In Chelsea breakup with Alex, detailing the benefits of regaining her freedom from the hit E4 reality show.

“I didn’t want to fly to France and film the breakup. I didn’t see the point,” confesses Nicola. “I joined that show more or less for Alex… It was all on his terms and for the first time it was my terms.”

Despite describing her time on the series as an “amazing opportunity”, Nicola remains adamant that she will not be returning to the reality genre any time soon. Instead, she'll be turning her attention towards TV presenting and designing her new clothing line.

“It’s nice to have my freedom back… You don’t really have much of a life [when filming]. You’re theirs, so it’s nice to have a break from it.”


Pity you had to leave so soon @tiffanyc_watson  We'll make the most of it next time

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It's a point Nicola’s friend and former co-star Tiffany Watson, who joined her in the capital on Tuesday to promote InStyler’s new Straight Up Straightening Brush, very much agrees with.

Sadly, Tiffany’s hectic filming schedule meant she could only stop off in Ireland for the InStyler shoot.

The star’s work commitments also cut her recent birthday trip to Iceland with boyfriend Sam Thompson notably short.

“We’ve just been to Iceland for my birthday last week. We couldn’t get any more time off from filming so we just went for two days and one night,” she explains.

But even brief romantic getaways appear welcome, as Tiffany’s once tumultuous relationship seems to have entered a more positive, drama-free phase.

“I think [Sam and I] have gotten really good at speaking about everything and understanding that certain things are not how they would be if we weren’t on the show,” she says.

“I really trust him and I think [the show is] a test of your relationship. If you can get through, it must mean you’re good together.”


Happy birthday to a beautiful set of ears @tiffanyc_watson you make me

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The InStyler Straight Up Straightening Brush is available from instyler.ie for €69.99.


You know that sinking feeling you get when you lose one of your belongings while off travelling?  Well imagine how bad it would be if you got back to your summer accommodation to find “armfuls” of your stuff had been stolen.

Made in Chelsea stars Tiffany Watson and Louise Thompson discovered that very feeling recently when they returned to their luxury villa in Cannes to learn they had been targeted by thieves while out filming for the latest instalment of the hit reality series.

A source told The Sun the girls were left feeling vulnerable when they found Villa La Mailane had been ransacked: "Tiffany, Louise and Sam were looking forward to a relaxing break with lots of champagne and sunbathing at their villa, so the burglary really upset them."


"The items can obviously be replaced but it was disturbing for them to think that intruders had been able to get in.  It made them feel a little bit vulnerable."

The source stressed that the emotional impact of the event is what affected the TV personalities the most.  They said: "The thought of what could have happened if one of them had confronted a burglar as they were raiding the place is also very unpleasant."

"They all tried their best to put it behind them and carry on but it wasn’t easy to pretend on camera they were having the time of their lives."



Unfortunately for the Chelsea natives, the drama didn't end there.

Just days after finding their villa had been raided, Louise’s car was also broken into and her Prada handbag and Dior sunglasses were taken.

Thankfully the stars did not let the break-ins totally ruin their trip as they continued to share perfectly styled pictures online for the remainder of their visit to France.



Sundowners  #wanderlust

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It's been a rocky few weeks for Made In Chelsea couple Tiffany Watson and Sam Thompson, but things really came to a head in last night's episode of the show.

The drama started for the couple last month when Sam admitted he had shared a bed with his MIC co-star Fran Newman-Young after a party, although he insisted nothing happened. Tiffany, who joined the show at the beginning of this series, finally agreed to take him back, but last night another scandal emerged.

Tiffany's friend Binky was the one to break the news that Sam had cheated again, and that this time there was proof. "At your birthday I think you guys went your separate ways… Lonan told me he 100% saw Sam with another girl. Full on kissing," she told a devastated Tiffany.

Sam initially claimed the whole thing was a lie, but he later changed his story and admitted to pal Josh Shepherd that he had indeed kissed someone else. 

The cheating was made all the more painful for Tiffany by the fact that her and Sam had recently begun to discuss plans for the future. "The other day he was like 'I can see us being together for years'. Why say that then do this?" she told a friend.

Despite love rat Sam's pleas for a second (well, third) chance, Tiffany unceremoniously dumped him at the end of the episode.

"I don’t want to hear you’re sorry," she told him. "You're only upset because you got caught. I'm glad it happened now because now I know what type of person you are and I don't have to associate with people like you."

Sam took to Twitter to express his regret, but we reckon it's too little too late:

Hopefully Tiffany sticks to her guns!