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In this day and age, it's not surprising that there's an app for friendships.

At first glance, it seems a bit ridiculous. There are countless ways to makes friends, right? But then again, aren't there countless ways to meet a potential partner?

When I was a kid, my four next door neighbours/best friends moved away, and while I was crying at their doorstep, my mam told me that "everything changes."

While it seemed like a pretty obvious thing to say to me at the time, I never realised how much it would stand to me as I grew older.

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Friends that I thought would be in my life forever have long gone. And friends that are still in my life are constantly busy… and that's OK.

We have jobs. We're in college. We fell in love. We moved abroad… We moved on.

But, it's when you want to go for a cocktails or a walk along the seafront, and get replies along the lines of 'I have no money!' or 'I need to study' or [insert quickly made-up excuse here], you realise not as many people are there for you as there used to be.

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In Ireland, statistics from Eurofound’s Quality of Life survey saw that 35 per cent of people feel lonely in this country. So, in theory, it's kind of genius to make an app that appeals to those people.

Hey! Vina is a Tinder-esque service for finding friends which a writer for Stylist tried out. When she met up with a potential BFF, by the end of the night, the same thing ran through her head; Everyone moves on.

"She clutches a suitcase for the full duration of the evening, which seems an ominous reminder of what drove me here in the first place: the aforementioned transience of modern life."

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Even though this app, which has recently been rolled out worldwide, might be grand for a random coffee; friendships need time to bloom, and meeting with strangers just doesn't do it for me.

You need a bond. You need to understand them. You need to be there for the other person through everything.

Can an app do that?


Taylor Swift might have Calvin beat in the rebound department, but that doesn’t mean the Scottish DJ has been missing from the world of dating since their drama-filled Summer split.

And while the This Is What You Came For hitmaker has been linked to numerous women over the past couple of months, it seems he’s now set his sights on Mexican actress Eiza González.

After the 32-year-old record producer was seen leaving a friend’s party in LA with the 26-year-old singer on Saturday night, PEOPLE reported that the pair have been “talking and hanging out”.


Who's READY? #fromdusktilldawn is almost here !!! #santanicopandemonium

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But before we all jump to conclusions and start calling Eiza Calvin’s BAE, a source told Us that the pair’s relationship is still “very new” and that they had “wanted to keep it low-key for a while” until pictures of them together surfaced and pretty much scrapped any chance of that happening.

The source also claimed Calvin and Eiza – who has previously been linked to Liam Hemsworth and Cristiano Ronaldo – are “both happy” but suggested that neither star is getting carried away with the romance right now.



One of my favorite moments with my custom made @jcobando amazing dress for @vanityfair  love your creations Juan Carlos!

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Will Eiza and Calvin become an item?  For now, we'll just have to wait and see.


It’s been a tough year for Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry and it looks like things aren’t about to get any easier as her husband Javi Marroquin appears to be seeing another woman.

This summer the former couple – who share a two-year-old son named Lincoln together – admitted that they were headed for divorce after months of struggling to deal with the miscarriage of Kailyn’s third child.

And now it seems Javi has moved on from the reality star as he is reportedly seeing a woman named Nancy Gisell.

According to Blasting News, the young dad – who recently returned from a six month stint with the United States Air Force in Qatar – has admitted that he has “lots of love” for Nancy.

And while the reality star has insisted that the pair are not yet in a committed relationship, he did introduce Nancy to baby Lincoln during a recent holiday in Myrtle Beach.

For now Javi is keen to play things cool with his potential love interest, but he has admitted that he and Nancy were deployed together.  



All I need

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The pair have also been spotted looking pretty couply on Snapchat.


There is no ideal way to cope with a breakup, but for newly single star Iggy Azalea it seems dusting herself off and moving on is the best approach.

Last month the rapper split with her fiancé Nick Young after it was revealed that he had been cheating on her.  Iggy then subsequently learned that Nick’s ex was already pregnant with his second child before she had even called off the wedding.

But thankfully the Aussie singer has decided not to let her breakup hold her back as she has been spotted getting cosy in a club with Khloé Kardashian’s ex French Montana.

According to E! News, Iggy and French went to see J. Lo’s All I Have show at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas together before moving on to the Jewel nightclub where they were spotted partying long into the night.

After spending the night dancing with each other, the celebrity pair were then seen leaving the club together.

On Saturday, the star posted a pretty striking belfie on Instagram to mark her trip to Vegas.  She was in the city preparing to perform at the Jewel nightclub when French and his crew arrived.




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Last month, Made In Chelsea fans wept as they watched one of the show’s longest-lasting couples end their long-distance relationship.

But it seems reality star Louise Thompson may already be over boyfriend of two years, Alik Alfus as, according to the Daily Mail, she has been spotted getting close to her personal trainer while holidaying in the French Riviera.

The petite brunette – who has been working out with fitness model Ryan William Libbey since the beginning of the year – was reportedly seen engrossed in conversation with the ripped Mayfair man.

Yesterday, Ryan shared a picture of the pair on his Instagram account with the caption: “Until next time Cannes, it’s been real!”

Three weeks ago Louise – who is in France filming Made In Chelsea’s summer special – also joked about “admiring the wisteria” in a picture which featured Ryan.

In May, Louise’s ex Alik – who she met while filming a MIC special in New York – tweeted: “At the end of the day you can’t force someone to love you in the same way that you might love them.”


Admiring the wisteria

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“Maybe one day, if we’re truly meant to be, we’ll end up together.”

The pair had been struggling to maintain their relationship since Alik moved back to the States to be part of his family’s leather business and broke up in a dramatic episode of the show which saw Alik fly to the UK to convince Louise they were meant to be.




Ugh – break ups are just the WORST. THINGS. EVER. And the getting over it and moving on stage isn’t much better. We wish it only lasted a couple of days – or even a couple of weeks – but no, a 2009 study found that it takes about 18 months to get over a failed relationship. However, this obviously doesn’t apply to everyone. We don’t think there really is a set amount of time in which you are officially over it and ready to start afresh. You just gotta ride that wave out in your PJs or your ex’s old t-shirt, and make sure you have your pockets stuffed with tissues along the way.

A Chicago-based cartoonist called Corinne Mucha has a new autobiographical graphic novel out called Get Over It!, and it’s filled with perfectly honest comics about dealing with heart break.

We love it.



If you’ve recently broken up with someone, and you’re finding it exceptionally hard to move on, you could be an ‘exaholic’.

Therapist Dr. Lisa Bobby explains: “An exaholic has a very difficult time moving on. They’re hooked into the relationship, and it’s difficult for them to heal and move on. They will use words like devastation and talk about the loss — they tend to think fairly obsessively about their ex and have trouble in day-to-day life as a result of that.”

If this sounds like you, don’t worry. Dr. Bobby has created a 12 step program for sufferers hoping to recover. And if you think she’s being a bit overly dramatic, then listen up: “Getting over the loss can be one of the most traumatic and difficult challenges you’ll face. To others this might sound overly dramatic. To such judgmental people, serious problems include such things as a cancer diagnosis, getting laid off at work, and other ‘real problems’ and ‘real life challenges.’ But what you go through is certainly very real!”

So there. She’s got a point too, break-ups are HARD, even if it was your decision. Check out the website exaholics.com if you’re feeling like you could do with some help!