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Just months after her sister Kim Kardashian was robbed at gun point in Paris, it has been reported that Kendall Jenner was targeted by jewellery thieves in her home.

According to TMZ, the robbers entered her house in broad daylight, however there was no sign of forced entry.


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When the supermodel arrived home, she realised items were missing and reported that €187,000 worth of diamonds were stolen from her room.

In the upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim will speak about the Paris robbery, and we'll see an insight into the aftermath of the ordeal.

It hasn't been an easy few months for the family.


You know that sinking feeling you get when you lose one of your belongings while off travelling?  Well imagine how bad it would be if you got back to your summer accommodation to find “armfuls” of your stuff had been stolen.

Made in Chelsea stars Tiffany Watson and Louise Thompson discovered that very feeling recently when they returned to their luxury villa in Cannes to learn they had been targeted by thieves while out filming for the latest instalment of the hit reality series.

A source told The Sun the girls were left feeling vulnerable when they found Villa La Mailane had been ransacked: "Tiffany, Louise and Sam were looking forward to a relaxing break with lots of champagne and sunbathing at their villa, so the burglary really upset them."


"The items can obviously be replaced but it was disturbing for them to think that intruders had been able to get in.  It made them feel a little bit vulnerable."

The source stressed that the emotional impact of the event is what affected the TV personalities the most.  They said: "The thought of what could have happened if one of them had confronted a burglar as they were raiding the place is also very unpleasant."

"They all tried their best to put it behind them and carry on but it wasn’t easy to pretend on camera they were having the time of their lives."



Unfortunately for the Chelsea natives, the drama didn't end there.

Just days after finding their villa had been raided, Louise’s car was also broken into and her Prada handbag and Dior sunglasses were taken.

Thankfully the stars did not let the break-ins totally ruin their trip as they continued to share perfectly styled pictures online for the remainder of their visit to France.



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