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Made In Chelsea stars Louise Thompson and Ryan Libbey have announced their engagement. The lovebirds revealed the big news to OK! Magazine.

Louise showed off her beautiful engagement ring as she posed alongside her new fiance.

Ryan popped the question during their trip to LA. The fitness fanatics were on a hike when the personal trainer got down on one knee.

It’s safe to say Louise was stunned by the surprise proposal: “I cried solidly for three days.”

“I had to catch my breath because I thought I was going to faint,” she added.


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Louise may have been shocked by the romantic gesture, but the duo admitted they’ve always planned on getting married: “Ryan and I have known that we want to spend the rest of our lives together for quite a long time,” she shared.

28-year-old Ryan proposed to Louise on his birthday. The reality stars were taking a break from their hike when he asked Louise to marry him.


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“I said something like: ‘I’ve had the best birthday ever, but there’s one more birthday wish that I’d like. Will you marry me?’’ he told the publication.

The groom-to-be revealed he had been planning the proposal for four months: “’I've been on a secret mission for so long with this ring hidden in my backpack for weeks. Every time we were going through airport security I weed myself.”


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The happy couple first met in 2016 and started dating shortly after. Their relationship has featured heavily in reality show Made In Chelsea.

We are thrilled for Ryan and Louise.


Modern Family star Sarah Hyland has hit back at a defamatory article which insinuates that she has a drinking problem. 

The article, which was published in OK! Magazine, used comments made by the pretty actress out of context and alleged that the star has a drinking problem. 

According to the article, Sarah loved being at home with "a glass [of wine], or maybe two bottles. All I want is pizza and wine. Correction. More wine."

The piece went on to claim that the star was seen downing four glasses of wine over a lunch in the city of Brentwood, California. 

How many of us have joked with friends over needed several glasses of wine? All of us, we bet. 

The 25-year-old has hit back at the article in a jokey way, tweeting "Hahahaha the most ridiculous thing about this article is me having lunch in Brentwood. #dominosathome."

Yep, Domino's at home. And wine. She sounds like our kind of girl (and also like every girl we have ever known.) 



We knew Lily Allen wouldn’t let Katie Hopkins get away with her cruel comments yesterday and Lily as ever, didn’t mince around her words.

Katie felt the need to comment on Lily’s video of her dancing in spanx calling her “short-a**e mother in big pants.” Lovely as ever Katie.

Ok! magazine then tweeted the comment to Lily Allen, who was quick to respond and criticised the magazine, as well as Kate.


Lily didn’t stop there and went onto call the magazine:  “Fat shaming, woman hating, moral high ground f***tards. Just stop your pathetic existence, you do nothing… for anyone, srlsy.”

Lily then went on to tweet Katie and reminded her of her infamous liason in a field back in 2007.

Of course, Katie immediately added fuel to their Twitter row fire: “I may have dined al fresco, but least I didn’t film myself doing it & I had someone else to hold my arse in for me.”

Lily then responded with : “@KTHopkins sure, I bet those paps were just hanging out in some suburban field and happened to stumble upon your ‘romp’.”

Of course, Katie decided to reply to that  by sending an  unflattering picture of Lily holding her boobs in public.


Ouch, we doubt these ladies are ever going to kiss and make up!