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The most colourful event on Ireland's festival calender has just released even more acts for their stellar line-up, as well as the day by day breakdown and day ticket sales.

Love Sensation is being organised by the team who gifted us with Mother and Pride Block Party, purely to create a music festival for the LGBTQ+ community and their many rainbow-themed allies.

Even more hype was generated after some incredible headliners were announced, and artists like Lily Allen, Gossip, Clean Bandit, MØ, Daithí, Naomi Smalls, Kelis and Pillow Queens will be taking to the stage. 


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Love Sensation have now announced even more acts, and we're overwhelmed by the sheer talent.

With Queen of Ireland Panti Bliss hosting, it's set to be a glittery, energetic extravaganza. Drag is an important aspect of Love Sensation's atmosphere, which prides itself on fun and inclusion.

Names like Le Galaxie, Jenny Greene, Sink the Pink DJs, Shirley Temple Bar, Sing Along Social, Drag Aerobics, Miss Kate, Regina George, Paul Ryder and Phil T Gorgeous have been added to the musical ballot.

Love Sensation will take place at Royal Hospital Kilmainham on the weekend of August 17 and 18. It's the premier event in music for the queer community, so we're not surprised that they've secured such legendary artists to support them.

Summer has never seen such colour, we cannot WAIT for all the Drag Race alumni to blaze a trail on the Irish queer festival stage.

Day tickets are priced at €65.70 (including booking fee) are currently on sale online, as of Wednesday, May 22 at 9am. 

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Legendary talk show hosts Graham Norton and Alan Carr have signed on to be celebrity judges on RuPaul's Drag Race UK this year, and we're GAGGING with excitement.

The pair will appear as rotating resident judges every week, and will join RuPaul, Michelle Visage and a celebrity guest judge.

Both iconic hosts are major fans of the iconic show, which has been a global worldwide hit since it first aired back in 2009.

Let's not forget that Norton actually appeared on the original version of All Stars season two back in 2016.

He said he has been a fan of the show forever; "Becoming part of the Drag Race family makes me ridiculously happy! I can't wait to see what the UK drag queens bring to the party, but they better werk!" 

In the video announcement on Twitter today, Graham joked "maybe this is what the UK's good at."

For the Drag Race UK grand finale, both Norton and Carr will appear on the judging panel.


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Alan Carr met Ru-Paul when he appeared on his chat show Alan Carr's Chatty Man but has been a fan for years of the pop culture phenomenon.

"Wow! To be sat next to Michelle Visage and Mama Ru as a guest judge on possibly one of my all-time favourite shows EVER is a dream come true," he said.

"I can't wait to see what the UK Queens have got in store – it's going to be sickening! *does death drop*"

The Emmy award-winning show will be coming to BBC Three this year, it was announced in December.

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Queens, listen up! Pre-drinks are about to get a lot more interesting as two of the most outrageous elements of popular culture combine to make the ultimate party game. 

Cards Against Humanity is no stranger to the odd unofficial spin-off. From Harry Potter to Disney the bad-mannered card game has undergone a few makeovers over the past few years – though we think this latest one might just be our favourite yet. 

Introducing Cards Against Rumanity. 

And yes, that is a RuPaul's Drag Race version of the beloved game. 

The cards feature various words and phrases used throughout the series such as  'Backrolls?', 'Fine art drag', 'A sequins dress', 'Voguing the house down', 'Puppets', and 'One hundred thousand dollars' – so we can only imagine all the hilarious combinations just waiting to be had. 

A set costs $29.99 (€24.79), and are available on amazon. However, as they don't currently ship to Ireland, you might have a hard time getting your hands on them. 

But never fear. There is an alternative. 

A similar, and much more affordable, set is available on Etsy for just £4.50 (approx €5.11). 

This option allows you to download a digital PDF version of the cards and print them out at your leisure. 

And while that might sound like a lot of effort – we can guarantee it'll all be worth it in the end! 


A 10-year-old boy in the US is making headlines after setting up the first ever drag club specifically for children.

Desmond Napoles, a self-professed 'drag kid' from New York, says he wants to create a “positive and safe place” for kids who wish to express themselves through the art of drag and hopes to spread the message that it's OK to “just be yourself.”

According to The Independent, Desmond realised he was gay at a very young age.

As a toddler, he would wrap long towels around his head and strut around the house in high heels belonging to his mother Wendylou.

Speaking to Out, Wendylou explained how her son's obsession with feminine clothing led her to believe he may have been transgender.

“When we was younger, we thought that maybe he was trans because of his strong preference for girls’ toys and wearing girls’ clothes,” she said.

Desmond has made quite a name for himself in the LGBTQ community, and has become somewhat of an icon ever since he wowed the crowds in a flamboyant rainbow dress at the NYC Pride Parade in 2015.

Now with over 15,000 Instagram followers, his work is inspiring people all over the world.

“We get messages from people, like in Colombia, saying, ‘We’re not allowed to be outwardly [in] drag or gay and it means a lot to see somebody that is’,” Wendylou told Out

Determined to put his growing social media presence to good use, Desmond created 'Haus of Amazing' – a safe haven for the LGBTQ kids of New York city.

“People should be able to be free and let themselves express how they want, whenever they want,” he said.

“Let them be [his or herself], and if you don’t like how people are, you don’t like yourself.”


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The club has received a hugely positive response online with many Instagram users showing their support for the cause.

“Keep it going darling. You are truly amazing,” wrote one follower.

While another said: “Just discovered you recently but already so proud of you and i can't wait to see what's in store for you in the future xo.”

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The wonder of make-up never ceases to amaze us, and as we all know, it can transform us completely at times.

But one drag queen decided to transform into 90s cartoon characters, and the results are unbelievable.

Phi Phi O'Hara has taken to Instagram to share a project 365 Days of Drag, where a new look is uploaded every single day.

Using make-up, wigs and prosthetics, Phi Phi changed into everything from The Rugrats to The Powerpuff Girls.

Here's some of our faves: 


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[ 38/365 ] #365DaysOfDrag "90S CARTOONS!" FIRST UP…..#DARIA!

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