This deadly chart shows you how to perfectly make 38 types of COFFEE

If you can't live without your daily cup of coffee, we feel you. But sometimes you might get bored of your usual milky latte or espresso fix, right?

So, if you want to change up your regular coffee, feast your eyes on this new (and ah-mazing) infographic. 

The chart illustrates just about every coffee you can think of, and many more. We're sure you probably haven't even heard of some of these either. 

The handy graphic, created by Follygraph, maps out the exact measurement of ingredients and style and size of cup/glass needed for all 38 drinks. 

It's also interesting to see the subtle differences between each coffee, which allows you to figure out just what kind of coffee kick you need. There's also some pretty cool styles, like the Spanish cortado or the Vitenamese ca phe sua da.

Click on the image to launch a larger view of the chart and enjoy all of your new coffee experiences: