So VEGAN Smurf lattes are a thing and they look absolutely AWESOME

While many people don’t understand why anyone would want to go vegan, most of us can admit that the movement has led to the creation of some very inventive foods.

And as impressive as Vegan Chocolate Lasagne and No-Bake Peanut Butter Bars are, they aren’t quite as mesmerising to look at as the vegan Smurf Latte.

According to Refinery 29, Smurf Lattes are a beautiful blue beverage made from E3 live blue algae powder, lemon, ginger, agave and coconut milk.

This striking blue beverage's unique colour comes from the naturally derived superfood blue algae (rather than any artificial substance) and is available from Matcha Mylkbar in Melbourne.

The café’s owner Nic Davidson told Mashable that the drink has a “sweet and soury” kind of taste due to the agave and lemon ingredients and since the Smurf Latte was first featured on Instagram requests for the beverage have been flying in. 

Given that it looks this cool, we aren't surprised.






Testing out the colours of the rainbow lattes #smurflatte @matcha_mylkbar #tumeric #bluealgae #beetroot #matcha

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